Adriana Durst is the daughter of the eminent American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and film director Fred Durst. Adriana is a celebrity kid, and presently she is on the topic of the media. Moreover, her father is popular for being the lyricist and frontman of the Nu-metal band Limp Bizkit.

Is Adriana Durst Single?

Our intense research found that there are no available details regarding Adriana in the media now.

In the same vein, her father Fed also hasn’t spoken anything about his daughter. Consequently, it seems that Fed wants to be her daughter far away from the limelight. However, in Fed’s relationship, he had some boisterous times in his marital life.

Adrina Durst with her father
Adrina Durst with her father
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So, without ado, let’s move to his gripping romantic life. The star Fred married Rachel Tergesen in 1990, and in the same year, they had a daughter Adrina Drust on June 3, 1990. However, the couple divorced in 1993. Later on, Fred wedded Ester Nazarov in 2009 and separated after three months of marriage.

Similarly, he again tied a knot with another woman named Kseniya Beryazina, a make-up artist, in 2012. Similarly, the couple divorced in 2019. Fred holds his relationship with her partner no longer in the three marriages and eventually becomes a single person. However, he has two kids to live after.

Adrina Durst Net Worth

Despite being the daughter of the famous man, Adrina is away from the public and media. So, it is hard to found about her wealth. However, being the famous person’s child, we can assume her fortune as her father’s. As of 2021, Fred Durst has a net worth of $20 million.

Adrina Durst parent's
Adrina Durst parent’s
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His main source of income from a music career, and he has earned millions of dollars from it. Likewise, he earns enormous money from his performance as a vocalist of the Limp Bizkit band, the most eminent band in the world. The band has sold millions of their albums copies over the world.

In addition, Fred has also been on the list of the highest-paid musician globally, holding a worth of $46 million roughly. Recently, Fred had bought a home in West Hollywood, California, for $3 million. If Fred gives continuity in his work with dedication, then it is obvious that he will gain more fortune than now.

Fred Durst Musical Career As A Lead Artist

From 1997 to 1988, Fredd released his three songs album Three Dollar Bill, and songs are Counterfeit, Sour, and faith. After that, he has released other songs like Nookie, Re-Arranged, Crushed, N 2 Gether Now”, Break Stuff,” and Take a Look Around.”

Singer Fred Durst
Singer Fred Durst
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Meanwhile, As a lead artist, she had twenty-five songs, including Ready to Go, Thieves, Shotgun, Bittersweet Home, Behind Blue Eyes, Eat You Alive, Fame, Boiler, My Way, My Generation, Build a bridge and Rollin. We will keep you guys updated if any facts regarding Adrina Drust are publicized.

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