Paul Wernick

Canadian screenwriter Paul Wernick is popular for co-writing Deadpool (2016) and sequel Deadpool 2 (2018) alongside Rhett Reese. Without a doubt, the success of both the movie gives a new height of popularity to Paul in Hollywood.  Deadpool Screenwriter Married Life With Wife Paul is married to Rita Hsiao, a screenwriter and famous for movies like Mulan and Dinosaur. The couple tied the knot […]

Marysol Estrella Ortiz Norena

Marysol Estrella Ortiz Norena is a singer who performed on stage programs and nightclubs. But besides this, Marysol is also a daughter (hija) of a Mexican singer, musician, and occasional actor late. Jose Romulo Sosa Ortiz aka Jose Jose and his ex wife Ana Elena Norena.  The rising singer and celebrity daughter Marysol was born […]

Sarita Sosa Salazar

Sarita Sosa Salazar is a celebrity kid who is the famous youngest child of Legendary Mexican Singer Jose Jose. Like her father, Sarita also enrolled in music and aspired to become a great artist like his dad. Sarita Married Life With Jimmy Ortiz Sarita is married to Guatemalan-born church singer and activist Jimmy Ortiz in a Christian temple […]

Yanet Garcia

A Mexican model turned TV host, Yanet Garcia is still known as the hottest weather-girl among her fans. Although she quit her job on the Mexican TV show Hoy, her fans don’t seem to forget her curvaceous body. She moved to the United States to embark on her new career. Yanet Garcia was born as Yanet Cristal García […]

Sarah Keith-Lucas

Sarah Keith-Lucas is a weather meteorologist and weather presenter on BBC. She is active in the field of journalism since 2009 and is quite popular among the daily audience of the weather forecast.  Sarah Keith-Lucas Current Relationship Status Although being a public figure, he knows how to keep his personal life secret. Today in the […]

Naga Munchetty

Are you familiar with the UK’s most popular breakfast news program, BBC Breakfast? If yes, then Naga Munchetty must be a familiar face. She is a British TV presenter and journalist who previously worked for BBC World News and BBC Two’s program, ‘Working Lunch.’ Naga Munchetty Married To A Television Director Naga is married to […]

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