Jamie Sue Gangel, professionally famous as Jamie Gangel, is an American TV news personality and journalist.

Furthermore, she is a CNN (Cable News Network) reporter and former national contributor to the NBC News broadcasting show, Today. Moreover, she served on several popular TV programs, including NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, Today, and Dateline NBC.

Daniel Silva Wife, Jamie Gangel

Well, Jamie has all media had an eye on her. So, people are curious about her personal life, questioning, ‘Whom did she marry?’ Rigorously, Gangel is a married woman, and in addition, she has two kids. Also, read about other celebrities such as Laura Linney and Alex Wagner.

Gangel exchanged the vows with Daniel Silva, a renowned journalist and author, specifically thriller and soy novels, to open up. Silva and Gangel married in 1988 privately. According to the Gangel words, they married in a synagogue.

Jamie Gangel and her spouse, Daniel Silva
Jamie Gangel and Daniel Silva
Source: Instagram

The couple first met in a CNN booth where they both were special correspondents of the Middle East. They fell in love, started to date, and later tied their knot. After the marriage, Silva vowed to convert from Catholicism to Judaism, his wife Gangel’s religion.

Subsequently, Gangel gave birth to twin children named Lily and Nicholas. The parent of children hasn’t talked about their kids and kept them far away from the spotlight.

However, Silva and Gangel often share pictures of their two sons on Instagram. Moreover, Silva usually takes their sons on his research trips. The family currently resides in Florida.

How Rich Is Jamie Gangel?

Another most volume curiosity of the Gangel is her fortunes and financial state. We love to elaborate on the reporter’s riches in this article, so make sure to read fluently till the end.

Jamie is one of the most famous TV news reporters in the U.S., and at the same time, she is also the wealthiest among them. So, how much does she earns?

Well, Gangel currently receives a salary of $61,847 as a special correspondent for CNN. Previously, as a national correspondent for the NBC News Today show, she received approximately $83,275.

Moreover, she earned roughly $75,307 as a contributor to the weekly American TV reality show Dateline NBC and $67,212 annually from MSNBC.

Jamie Gangel Mansion at Florida
Jamie Gangel Mansion in Florida
Source: Twitter

Through excellent and jam-packed endeavors, Gangel certainly, garnered a large and generous amount. Therefore, American TV reporter, Jamie Gangel, amassed a whooping net worth of $1.5 million approximately in 2022.

Journalist Gagel accumulated considerable wealth through her successful career as a Journalist.

On the other hand, her husband, Daniel Silva, holds an enormous net worth of $5 million. He added most of the riches through his writing, and he wrote 21 spy novels which became top-selling novels.

Presently, the Gangel relishes with her husband and her kids in Florida. She bought a villa in Florida for a couple of thousand dollars in the mid-2000s.

Jamie Gangel Early life, Education, and Career

Gangel grew up in New York City with her parents, Richard I. Gangel and Phyllis Gangel-Jacob. Moreover, her mother is a former State of New York Supreme Court attorney. Her mother raised her after her parents divorced when she was 11 months old. She had a Jewish fate from childhood.

Gangel graduated from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service with a Bachelor of Science degree.

In addition, she studied International economics at Harvard University. After completing her education, she began pursuing her dream and working in broadcast journalism as an assignment editor for WJLA-TV.

Jamie Gangel speaking at the Matrix Awards, Ner York City
Jamie Gangel speaking at the Matrix Awards, New York City
Source: Instagram

Simultaneously, she also served CBS Broadcasting, Inc. Later on; she became a general assignment journalist and co-reporter for the WPLG-TV in Maimi, Florida.

Meantime, Gangel was the reporter who provided the first news broadcasting reports of the horrible September 11, 2001 attacks in the Pentagon, New York City.

Many famous personalities had words in her interviews, including Frank Zappa and former Presidents George W. Bush, Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter.

On August 23, 2015, she joined CNN as an exclusive reporter and began a new phase of her professionalism. Consequently, Gangel received several accolades, including Edward R. Murrow Award, Gracie Award, and Clarion Award.

Jamie Gangel Spouse, Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva is a renowned American novelist and journalist. Furthermore, he was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the U.S.

Later, he relocated to Merced, California, along with his parents and had massive faith in Catholicism. Moreover, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the notable university, California State University, Fresno (Fresno State).

Subsequently, Silva was associated with San Francisco State University for the graduate program and joined UPI as a journalist in 1984.

In his initial days, he had to work on the DNC, the Democratic National Convention. The following year, he was appointed to a permanent position in his profession of Journalism at a UPI.

Novelist Daniel Silva
Novelist Daniel Silva
Source: Instagram

After one year of serving as a reporter, he later transferred to the Washington, D. C. headquarters. Moving to the Gangel writing career, the author wrote his first novel, Unlikely Spy, in 1994.

Meantime, his book got colossal recognition and became the best-selling novel, also listed in the New York Times best-selling list on January 26, 1997.

Till now, Silva has written 23 spy fiction novels such as The Cellist, Portrait of an Unknown, The Kill Artist, The English Spy, The Other Woman, The Order, House of Spies, The Heist, A Death in Vienna, The Black Widow, The Confessor, The English Assassin, Moscow Rules, The Secret Servant, The New Girl, The Defector, and The Unlikely Spy.

Likewise, Prince of Fire, The Messenger, The English Girl, The Fallen Angel, Portrait of a Spy, The Rembrandt Affair, The Mark of the Assasin, The Marching Season, Daniel Silva Gabriel Allon, and October are the other remarkable novels written by the brilliant novelist, Daniel Silva.

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