Get ready to meet Caroline Konstnar, the talented star who does it all! She’s famous for her fun YouTube videos, catchy songs, and acting skills. You might have seen her in shows like “It’s Prom” and “CornCast.”

But there’s more to Caroline than just being a star. In this article, we’ll learn about her age, school life, and love for ballet. We’ll also talk about some tough stuff she’s been through, like dealing with ADHD and facing antisemitism.

So, get comfy, and let’s explore the amazing world of Caroline Konstnar!

When was Caroline Konstnar Born? Age, Wiki, Early Life, College

Caroline Konstnar was born in 2003 in Florida, USA. She’s turning 21 on August 4th, 2024. Caroline’s American but has a mix of backgrounds from her parents: Jewish, Czech, and Swedish.

Growing up, Caroline moved from Florida to New Jersey, where she lives with her family, and now calls New York home. For schooling, she was homeschooled through Laurel Springs School, an online K-12 private school.

Later, she studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts, and there’s buzz she’s also exploring psychology. So, whether it’s her birthday or her studies, Caroline’s always making moves!

Her Mother Works in a Welfare Organization

Caroline Konstnar’s family holds a special place in her life. Her mother, Liz Grossman, is dedicated to promoting equality through her work as an executive director of a welfare organization. Her father is Seth Grossman.

Liz has also passed down her love for ballet to Caroline. However, information about her father is scarce online. As for now, he is known that he follows Judaism.

Caroline has two older siblings: a sister named Talia, who has chromosome 18q syndrome, and a brother named Joey, who has autism.

She Is Bisexual

Caroline Konstnar, a talented artist and internet star, prefers the name Konstnar because it means “artist” in Swedish, which perfectly reflects her creative personality. Despite her last name being Grossman, she feels a strong connection to the word Konstnar.

Caroline is also proud to be bisexual, meaning she’s attracted to both men and women. She openly talks about her experiences and uses her platform to support LGBTQ+ rights. Caroline’s honesty and positivity inspire her fans to be true to themselves.

Is Caroline Konstnar Dating Anyone? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

As of now, Caroline Konstnar is single. There have been rumors about her dating Schuyler Wijsen, a ballet dancer, and Anthony Potero, known as Anthpo on YouTube, with whom she has collaborated on videos.

Caroline Konstnar is single.
Caroline Konstnar is single. Source: Instagram/@todayfriendsbest

However, Caroline has addressed these rumors with her trademark humor and laid-back attitude, dismissing them. Additionally, she’s open about her bisexuality.

She Is a Ballet Dancer

Caroline Konstnar loves ballet and has achieved a lot in it. She won a gold medal in a ballet competition in South Africa in 2016 and generously donated her prize to a dance school.

At just 14, she moved to New York City alone because it was too far to travel from her family home in New Jersey to her ballet school. Her parents helped her with rent.

Caroline also trained other ballerinas at two prestigious schools in New York. She’s not just talented but also brave and caring, showing that with determination, you can achieve your dreams.

Acting Career

The multi-talented Caroline has also successfully started her career as an actress. She has been in many movies and TV shows. Here are the lists of her acting credits according to her IMDb.

  • Stinky Dragon Adventures (2023) – Voiced Noseless Lady
  • A Halloween Portrait (2023) – Played by Patricia
  • Caroline Konstar: I Just Sh*t Myself in Public (2023) – Portrayed Caroline
  • The Detour (2016) – Played Amber
  • Boardwalk Empire (2014) – Played Young Mabel Jeffries
  • Blue Bloods (2013) – Played Janie
  • Louie (2012) – Played Spiteful

Music Career

Caroline Konstnar isn’t just about acting and dancing; she’s also a talented songwriter and singer. Her music can be found on Spotify, where she’s released several songs. In 2019, she dropped an EP titled “The Underwhelming at Best.”

Some of her tracks include “The Jellyfish Song,” “The Birthday Song,” “Dead Dad Date Night,” “I Pissed Myself,” and “I Sh*t Myself.” Known for her humorous style, many find her songs downright hilarious.

She is Popular on YouTube

Caroline Konstnar’s online journey began on Twitch, where she showed her artistic talents through illustrations and comedic parodies. Her content gained popularity not only on Twitch but also on Instagram @caroline_konstnar, with followers of over 336k.

Caroline Konstnar currently appears on the YouTube content of Best Friends Today's content.
Caroline Konstnar currently appears on the YouTube content of Best Friends Today’s content. Source: Instagram/@todayfriendsbest

On August 9th, 2018, she launched her YouTube channel, which has since garnered over 1.1 million subscribers. On YouTube, Caroline shares her skits, expanding her audience even further.

In addition to Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube, Caroline Konstnar is also active on TikTok. Her TikTok boasts over 144.9k followers.

Does Caroline Konstnar Has ADHD?

Caroline Konstnar does not have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but she did experience bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder differs from ADHD in that it’s episodic and categorized as a mood disorder, while ADHD is a lifelong condition affecting neural development.

Caroline received her bipolar disorder diagnosis at the age of 17, prompting her to take a break from creating and uploading videos. She faced a challenging time, including being hospitalized after a manic episode. However, with the support of her family and medical treatment, she gradually regained stability.

During the Covid-19 period, Caroline returned to her parents, which played a crucial role in her recovery.

She Received Hate For Being Jewish

Caroline Konstnar started sharing her art and funny videos on Instagram. People loved her humor, but sadly, some criticized her for being Jewish.

Some of her posts got taken down because of this hate. It’s really sad that even today, people spread such negativity.

Despite this, Caroline didn’t give up. She moved to YouTube, where she’s doing amazingly well. It’s proof that talent is what matters, not someone’s background. Caroline’s story teaches us to stand up against hate and appreciate everyone for who they are.

Why Did She Delete Some of Her YouTube Videos?

Caroline Konstnar deleted and privatized many of her YouTube videos in 2020 because she felt embarrassed watching her old content. She explained that she didn’t want potential colleges to see it.

However, her fans disagreed, expressing their love for her humor and sarcasm. Despite Caroline’s reservations, her fans enjoyed her content and encouraged her to embrace it.

After the deletion, some fans re-uploaded her deleted videos, but Caroline asked them to refrain from doing so. Additionally, in November of the following year, she deleted a video from her “Advice From the Series” list, stating that she wasn’t satisfied with it and promised to create better content in the future.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Caroline Grossman’s estimated net worth as of 2024 is $3 million. She has amassed a significant portion of her wealth through her successful careers in YouTube, acting, ballet, and illustration.

Caroline’s diverse talents and hard work have contributed to her booming total assets. Similarly, know the net worth of other social media personalities like Devanne Villarreal and Laurence Bedard.

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