To mark your name in Hollywood is not an easy job. However, the rising star Alexa Swinton is breaking that wall already. The American actress Alexa has already made her name big thanks to her incredible acting talent. Also known as Alexa Skye Swinton is an American actress, singer, and songwriter.

The rising star Alexa is famous after appearing in a lead role as Piper in the 13-episode ABC prime-time series called Emergence. Through this role, Alexa had a massive breakthrough in her career. Likewise, Alexa’s other role in M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller film, Old (2021) made her gather more popularity.

The Old (2021) actress Alexa was born on September 5, 2009 (age 13) in New York City, U.S. Alexa was born to parents Rolfe Swinton and Inna Idelchik. The born talented Alexa has Caucasian ethnicity and Scottish – Russian Jewish roots. Alexa has two talented siblings just like her. Her brother Maxim Swinton is an actor, stand-up comedian, and singer, and her sister Ava Swinton is a singer and musician. Continue reading to know more about Swinton’s relationship status, career, and net worth.

Is Alexa Swinton Dating Anyone?

The American-born actress Alexa is happily single and focusing on her career. Swinton is in her early teenage, so more than giving priority to romantic relationships, she is focused on her education and professional acting career.

The Old (2021) actress Alexa Swinton is single and busy with her blooming acting career.
The Old (2021) actress Alexa Swinton is single and busy with her blooming acting career.
Source: Instagram @alexaswinton

Moreover, besides Alexa’s successful career, the actress is still young and growing. Therefore, Alexa is better focusing on her personal and professional growth, as well as increased success in her chosen field. The talented star has found her happiness more in her career.

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Continuously, it’s a crucial time for Alexa, who is in the massive limelight. As for now, a successful acting career is a happiness and fulfillment for rising star Alexa Swinton. She has found joy in pursuing her passion for acting and building her career, without the added pressure or distractions of a romantic relationship.

Alexa Swinton’s Net Worth

There is no wonder Alexa not being a million-dollar actress. With a successful career on one hand and a great acting talent, Alexa has been earning an incredible amount of net worth. Despite her young age, Alexa has been adding a notable amount of wealth.

Alexa Swinton with Paul McGuigan, the director of the Emergence series.
Alexa Swinton with Paul McGuigan, the director of the Emergence series.
Source: Instagram @alexaswinton

Similarly, Alexa has an estimated amount of $1 million as net worth. All of her net worth sources are her movies project and endorsements. The significant success in Alexa’s career leads her to become financially well-off already at a young age.

Moreover, Alexa is actively working as a childhood actress since 2012. Besides being an actress Alexa is also a songwriter and singer. She also adds her wealth from her song’s revenue. The thirteen years old actress has blown many audiences through her talent. Her future is already bright thanks to her talent.

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Additionally, Alexa debuted her first original single You, Me and My Purple Docs in July 2020 and followed up with a second single Happy As I Wanna Be in August 2021. Similarly in 2022, Alexa made a comeback with a new single What Would I Change It To.

Alexa Swinton with the cast of And Just Like That... (2021).
Alexa Swinton with the cast of And Just Like That… (2021).
Source: Instagram @alexaswinton

All of Alexa’s songs are available on major music platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. It’s exciting to see Swinton exploring different avenues of creativity and expanding her artistic range beyond acting.

Who Are Alexa Swinton’s Parents?

The 5-foot-3-inch (161 cm) tall height Alexa’s parents are very supportive of her passion for acting. Despite the popularity of all the children in entertainment, Alexa’s parents prefer to stay away from public scrutiny.

Alexa Swinton with her parents, Rolfe Swinton, and Inna Swinton, and two siblings.
Alexa Swinton with her parents, Rolfe Swinton, and Inna Swinton, and two siblings.
Source: Instagram @innaswinton

In accordance with IMDb, Alexa’s father Rolfe Swinton is the 36th head of the Swinton clan, becoming the Swinton family as one of the oldest families in Scotland. Likewise, Rolfe is a technology and data entrepreneur. Though he is not involved in the entertainment field, Alexa’s father is a backbone, who is always there to support Alexa.

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Moreover, Alexa’s mother is a Russian Jewish. The actress’s mother, Inna Idelchik is originally from Riga, Latvia. At the age of nine, her mother immigrated to New Jersey and now has American citizenship. Moreover, Inna Swinton is an actress, lawyer, and author. She has acted in Law & Order, A Killing on Brighton Beach, etc.

Alexa Swinton Career

The all-rounder Alexa has been involved in the entertainment business from a quite young age. Alexa’s first television debut was in 2012 when she was just three years old. She made a debut in the television series Mythos (2012) as an Ellie in four episodes. Likewise, her movie’s debut was River of Fundament (2012).

Alexa Swinton in Emergence (2019).
Alexa Swinton in Emergence (2019).
Source: Instagram @alexaswinton

Similarly, Alexa appeared in various shorts Little Brain Surgeries, Speed of Light, I’ve Lost Her, BeLoved, and Reverb. In 2015, Alexa appeared in Flesh and Bone.

Furthermore, Swinton starred as Chole, in this NBC science fiction drama series Manifest (2019). And finally, after appearing in Emergence (2019), Alexa attract massive public attention. Since then she has appeared in And Just Like That … (2021) and later on, Swinton had a recurring role as Eva, the daughter of one of the main characters, in this Showtime series, Billions (2019).

Alexa Swinton with the cast of theatre Plays Madeline's Christmas at Lion Theatre.
Alexa Swinton with the cast of theatre Plays Madeline’s Christmas at Lion Theatre.
Source: Instagram @alexaswinton

Moreover, Alexa’s theatre career started with Annie Warbucks (2016) at Signature Theatre. Some of Alexa’s theatre plays are Madeline’s Christmas (2017 ) at Lion Theatre, Kooky Spook (2017 ) at Duke Theatre, Santa Doesn’t Come to the Holiday (2017 ) at Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Department Party (2017 ) at Playwright Horizons, and Make Believe (2018 ) at Hartford Stage.

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