Alexia Wawrinka grew up in the spotlight. She is the daughter of Stanislas Wawrinka, a professional Swiss tennis player. He is a well-known player and three-time Grand Slam champion.

Stan dropped out of the Top 200 upon his recovery from knee surgery and earned the 18th rank on October 12, 2020. Further, in January 2014, he achieved a career-high ATP singles rating of world No. 3.

Relationship of Father and Daughter, Alexia and Stanislas

Alexia is the first child of Ilham Vuilloud and Stan Wawrinka. Her mother, Ilham, is a former model and Swiss television representative.

Alexia has a special bond with her father and is seen by his side, assisting and motivating him during games. She enjoys watching her father’s match and showing her support for him. Stan also enjoys her company.

Second Time Split Between Wawrinka’s Parents

On December 15, 2009, Wawrinka’s parents married at the Lausanne Palace Hotel in Switzerland but discontinued their marital affair in 2015.

Stan packed his belongings and departed their home after the first divorce. He stated that he left because he wanted to focus on his work, but they reconciled in 2011 for their daughter. Read More: Amber Meesey

They then divorced in 2015, according to Ilham Vuilloud, since Stan repeatedly cheated on her sentimental, making her lose trust and belief in him.

Alexia Wawrinka, Ilham Vuiloud, and Stan Wawrinka had a family photo.
Alexia Wawrinka, Ilham Vuiloud, and Stan Wawrinka had a family photo.
Photo Source: Citigist

In 2010, The couple’s split was their second divorce, as the pair had already taken a brief break. When Ilham became pregnant with Alexia, Stan left his family home and remained in a motel.

The star pair married for approximately ten years, implying that they dated for four years before marriage. The reasons for their divorce differ, with Stan citing work and family life conflict and Ilham citing infidelity.

The Tennis Player’s Relationship With His Ex-Girlfriend, Donna

Stan, Alexia’s father, was in a healthy relationship with Donna Vekic. Donna is a professional tennis player as well. In 2012, she made her professional debut. You may like to read about Claire Hosterman

Stan and Ilham began dating after Stan’s divorce from Ilham. The couple dated for four years before splitting up in 2019. They hadn’t had any children together.

Stan’s match against Nick Kyrgios, the Rogers Cup was held in 2015. Kyrgios claimed that Australian tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis slapped his girlfriend, Donna Vekic. Somebody captured it on microphones.

Stan’s Daughter, Alexia’s Net Worth

Alexia is a celebrity kid. She is still a sweet baby girl and has just started to study. So her every financial problem is watched out by her parents. She hasn’t discovered her net worth yet.

Her father’s net worth, on the other hand, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is estimated to be around $20 million. He also makes money through a variety of products and endorsements.

Alexia Wawrinka
Alexia Wawrinka and Stan Wawrinka pose for a beautiful daughter-father photo.
Image Credit: Twitter @Danielle

Her mother, Ilham, had made a fortune and a name for herself via her job. She has made a lot of money as a TV personality, reporter, and fashion model.

Her major sources of income are hosting, reporting, and modeling. Ilham Vuilloud‘s monthly salary is roughly $750k.

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Stan Wawrinka Father
Ilham Vuilloud Mother
Jonathan Wawrinka Uncle
Isabelle Wawrinka Grand Mother
Wolfram Wawrinka Grand Father
Naëlla Wawrinka Aunty
Djanaée Wawrinka Aunty