Angela Marie Bettis is an American actress and producer. She is popular as Janet Webber in the drama film Girl, Interrupted (1999). Bettis is also a director, famous for Roman in 2009 and The ABCs of Death in 2012. Moreover, she is the Best Actress on 12 Hour Shift; she earned a Critics’ Choice Award nomination.

Does Angela Bettis Have Boyfriend?

Despite participating in films, this gorgeous actress has kept her relationships private while expressing various other feelings. Her single status, on the other hand, is no secret. However, rumors have circulated that she is a former wife of People Are Dead director Kevin Ford.

Dexter actress Angela
Dexter actress Angela Bettis
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Even though she likes appearing in front of a huge audience and is frequently surrounded by cameras, this talented director feels uneasy in social circumstances. This lovely producer is presently concentrating on her profession and allowing the world to find her a suitable match.

Net Worth Of Angela Bettis

As of November 2019, Angela’s net worth is around $3 million. However, the information has yet to be validated. Her fortune is primarily derived from her work as an actor. According to ZipRecruiter, In the United States, the average yearly salary for an Actress is $91,401. Also, know about Harry Elfont.

American Horror actress Angela
American Horror actress Angela
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Angela is a dedicated Actor, Director, and Producer. As a result, her net worth and income are virtually likely to increase in the next years. She isn’t very active on social media. Bettis has acquired riches via her various sources of income, yet she prefers to live a simple life.

Carrie Actress, Angela Bettis

At 18, she made her acting debut as the lead in Franco Zeffirelli’s romantic tragedy Sparrow. She starred in a film called The Last Best Sunday before appearing in Girl, Interrupted, and Bless the Child, both of which she co-wrote with Winona Ryder.

Furthermore, this gorgeous actress appeared on Broadway in 2002 as Abigail Williams in a production of The Crucible starring Laura Linney and Liam Neeson.

Her title character in McKee’s 2002 film May earned her a cult following. After, she has since featured in McKee’s Masters of Horror episode “Sick Girl,” and provides a voice-over for his film The Woods.

Angela on the movie May with the doll
Angela on the movie May with the doll
Image: Pinterest

Bettis featured as Carrie White in Carrie, a made-for-TV replica of Brian De Palma’s 1976 masterpiece, and Tobe Hooper’s Toolbox Murders, an in-name-only adaptation of an obscure 1970s horror film.

This beautiful director also appeared in the crime drama Scar. Moreover, she appeared as Emily Birch, JordanChase’ss first victim, in the fifth season of Dexter’s TV program.

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Kevin Ford Husband
Mary Lynn Guthrie Mother
Richard Joseph Bettis Father
Joseph Bettis Brother