Hollywood loves the handsome and charming actor Chris Pratt, one of the best-paid movie stars. Fans are aware of his personal life and career history, but little is known about Chris’s siblings. And today, this article is about his older sister, Angie Pratt, who is also involved in the entertainment industry.

Angie Pratt works as a director, writer, and producer. She produced the 2017 short documentary Roll Over and Die.

Angie Pratt’s Family Background

Angie Pratt was born to parents Kathleen Louise and Daniel Clifton Pratt in Virginia, Minnesota, U.S. She grew up beside two brothers named Cully and Chris Pratt. Angie’s mother used to work in a supermarket, whereas her father was a miner who later worked as a house remodeler.

Chris Pratt (L) with Kathleen (M) and Cully Pratt (R)
Image: Chris Pratt (L) with Kathleen (M) and Cully Pratt (R).
Source: Today

Angie’s birth date is April 11, but her exact birth year is unknown. Her father had English, Swiss-German, and French-Canadian ancestry, while her mother is of Norwegian descent. In 1982, the Pratt family moved to Washington.

Angie Pratt’ Is The Sister Of Chris Pratt

Angie’s brother, Cully, has served in the U.S Army. He currently works as the Public Information Officer at the Solano County Sheriff’s Office in California.

Angie Pratt (m) with her brothers, Cully (L) and Chris Pratt (R)
Image: Angie Pratt (m) with her brothers, Cully (L) and Chris Pratt (R).

Meanwhile, the most popular of Pratt’s siblings is the youngest, Chris. Currently, he is a global superstar, but before his fame, Pratt was homeless. He used to live in a van and tents. Over the past few years, Chris has appeared in several blockbuster movies.

Is Angie Pratt Married? 

When it comes to relationships and marriages, Angie is known to hide personal matters from the public. Her privacy wall has made people wonder about her romantic attachments.

Unlike her brother Chris, Angie is not so famous on social media. It seems that the talented writer and director Angie wanted to halt her career. Some online sources claim that she is married and has two kids, but the information is not authentic.

Aunt of Jack Pratt

Angie’s younger brother Chris shares a sonJack Prattwith his first wife, Anna Faris. On July 9, 2009, Anna and Chris married in Bali, Indonesia. Three years later, in August 2012, the couple was blessed with a son Jack. Jack was born prematurely and weighed just 3 pounds 12 ounces.

Anna Faris with son Jack Pratt and then-husband, Chris Pratt.
Image: Anna Faris with son Jack Pratt and then-husband, Chris Pratt.
Source: Film Magic

Looking at her brother’s social media posts, Angie is a loving aunt to young Jack and is also very close to the Pratt family.

After nearly eight years later, Angie’s brother and sister-in-law separated, finally divorcing in 2018. Currently, Chris lives with her second wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, an author. Chris and Katherine tied the nuptial knot on June 8, 2019, in Montecito, California.

Chris Pratt married his second wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, in June 2019.
Image: Chris Pratt married his second wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, in June 2019.
Source: Instagram@prattprattpratt

Chris has appeared in movies like; Avengers: Infinity WarAvenger: Endgame, and Jurassic Park’s sequels. 

Jurassic Park was completed with a budget of $170–187 million and collected over $1.309 billion at the box office. The movie is a science fiction adventure film directed by Spanish director J. A. Bayona. Similarly, Avengers: Infinity War grossed over$2.048 a billion.

What Might Be Angie’s Net Worth?

Angie’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. As a film producer, she might have earned an average salary of $65,773.

Similarly, as a film director, she reached as much as $87544 yearly on average. As Angie has used her writing talents only in the budget films, she had probably made an average salary of $60,000 in a year.

Till now, Angie is credited only for the Roll Over and Die. It is a 2017 short documentary film based on the biography of Richard Ellett

Angie and her brother might be star celebrities in Hollywood, but they are also known to be a philanthropist. Once, her brother Chris donated $1,000 to Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign.