Aniya Wayans is a celebrity child. In addition, she came to the spotlight as her father is an actor and comedian. And, he is none other than Damon Kyle Wayans Jr. Further, the actor has played in different movies like- My wife and kids, New Girl, Happy Endings, The Twilight zone, Hoops, and Kenan. Her mother, Aja Metoyer, is a reality star.

Is Aniya Wayans Dating Anyone?

Aniya Wayans is currently running her eighteen. So, till now, she is living a single life and depending on her parents for everything. There haven’t been any rumors and controversies regarding the date of the teen girl. However, her sister came to the highlight after knowing her date with LeBron James’ son Bronny. When Aniya reaches the age of dating, we will then update you with that information.

Relationship of Aniya Wayans Parents, Damon Wayans Jr. And Aja Metoyer

Aniya, Aja Metoyer, is currently single though she is the mother of two children. Further, the reality star came to the highlight after the spread of rumors and controversies of the romantic affair with Damon Wayans Jr. Further, Damon Wayans Jr. is the son of Damon Wayans, comedy legend, and Lisa Thorner. The ex-lovers have two daughters- Aniya and Amara. Moreover, Damon Wayans Jr. married Samara Saraiva in 2016.

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The two children are mostly seen with their father and grandfather. However, they share joint custody with their mother. The reports say that the Wayans family is persuading to get full custody of their children. Further, they think that Aja hasn’t been able to afford her children’s education. In conclusion, the ex-lovers are not having a good relationship with each other. Aja also has her son, Xavier Zechariah, from her second boyfriend, Dwayne which they welcomed on November 10, 2013.  

Net Worth Of Aniya Wayans

Talking about the net worth of Aniya Wayans, she is still studying and pursuing her career towards education. She hasn’t started working yet. Her major source of dependency is her parents’ income. According to the celebritynetworth, the net worth of Damon Wayans is $9 million. You may also like to know the relationship and net worth of celebrities like- Tamika Hendrix, Anna Dylan, and Taylor Dearden.

The celebrity child Aniya Wayans
The celebrity child Aniya Wayans
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The net worth of Aniya Wayans is $1.19 million. The major source of her income is her profession as a reality star. We are still updating the net worth and financial information of the celebrity child. We will soon let you know after we gather all her information. But we are quite sure that she also will be following the path of her father and grandparents.

Dad And Mom Of Aniya Wayans

Aniya Wayans is the daughter of the actor Damon and the actress Aja. She was born on October 24, 2004. She is currently enjoying her teenage with her sister. Further, she, along with her sister, is living with her mother under physical custody. However, soon she will be shifting to her father’s house. She is often seen with the family member of her father. Till now, she has stayed afar from all the controversies and rumors.

Social Media Presence Of Aniya Wayans

The celebrity child is staying away from the presence of the crowd and spotlight. She even has kept her Instagram account private. She hasn’t been active on her Twitter post also. We will soon update you with her other social media accounts after we get this information.

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Damon Wayans Jr. Father
Samara Saraiva Mother