John H. White

John H. White is a popular American photojournalist. In addition, in 1982, John also had received Pulitzer Prize. Furthermore, John is one of only six colored photojournalists who have become successful in bag individual Prizes. Moreover, John had won the prestigious Prize for collecting rare pictures over the years. In addition, the journalist was honored for […]

Michael Zabonik

Michael A Zabonik, aka Mike Zabonik, is an American car Mechanic and welder. Additionally, Mike has appeared in the reality show “Iron Resurrection,” which made him well-recognized. Moreover, Michael has been working as a mechanic who repairs vehicles like- cars and trucks. Relationship Of Michael Zabonik Michael is currently a single man. However, it’s not […]

Jacqueline Ray

Jacqueline Ray is a former American actress and model. During her career, she was able to gain the attention of the audience because of the movies like “In Like Flint (1967)“, “The Killings at Outpost Zeta (1980),” and “Beyond the Universe (1981). Moreover, Ray also has appeared on the popular TV show “Unfabulous” in 2006. In addition, the actress […]

Aimee Osbourne

Aimee Rachel Osbourne is an English singer and actress. Since her childhood, she came to the limelight as her father, Ozzy Osbourne, was the lead vocalist of Black Sabbath. Aimee is the lead vocalist in the ARO band. In addition, her parents and her siblings had been on the MTV reality series “Тhе Оѕbоurnеѕ.” However, Aimee […]

Shelby Nelson

Shelby Nelson is an American reporter and multimedia journalist. In addition, Shelby has come to the limelight because of her performance on KESQ News channel 3. The journalist is also an active contributor as a freelancer for KPIX, San Fransisco. Further, Shelby has a great contribution to journalism, and her determination has surely paid off […]

Alvin Martin

Alvin Edward Martin is a former English footballer and defender. During the 1980s, the defender played for England 17 times and he also had a great contribution in the 1986 World Cup. Further, Martin, during his soccer career played for West Ham United scored 34 goals in his 598 games. The footballer came to the […]

Magno Scavo

Magno Scavo is a popular fashion influencer in the world of the fashion industry. Further, Magno is a Spanish fashion blogger for males regarding fashion wares and styles. Apart from that, Magno is a social media personality controlling millions of followers on different social media platforms. His creative styles have brought him to the limelight and inspired thousands […]

LaSaundra Gibson

LaSaundra Gibson is an American TV personality, reporter, and actress. In addition, she is a talented anchor and versatile actress. Furthermore, Gibson is a multi-faceted personality as she is good at writing, acting, singing, communicating, and public speaking. Moreover, LaSaundra has also worked in numerous top movies and high-rated TV shows. LaSaundra Gibson’s Relationship Status Talking […]

Tinglan Hong

Tinglan Hong is a former Chinese restaurant hostess. In addition, she came to the spotlight because of her lovey-dovey relationship with the actor Hugh Grant. At the time of her relationship with the actor, there were talks regarding their unconfessed love throughout the media. Moreover, Tinglan used to work as a hostess at a Chinese […]

Angela Chen

Angela Chen is an American Reporter and Anchor. Further, Angela is currently serving for KESQ News Channel 3 as a Morning Anchor. In addition, the journalist has worked at KRIV-TV Fox 26 News as a reporter which brought her to the limelight. Chen’s talents and determination have surely rewarded her to be an Emmy-nominated journalist […]

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