Vivek Deora is an entrepreneur and businessperson by profession. In addition, he is a celebrity spouse. He came to the spotlight because he married a television personality and renowned chef Maneet Chauhan.

Not to mention, Maneet has appeared as a judge on Chopped on the Food Network and The Next Iron Chef on The View on ABC.

Vivek Deora’s Relationship With Maneet Chauhan

Vivek Deora married TV personality Maneet Chauhan on May 29, 2007. Regarding their love and relationship, Maneet and Vivek first met at the university as the lovers were both studying at Manipal University.

After knowing each other at the university, they dated for fewer years and finally married in 2007. The couple further has two children- Shagun and Karma. Additionally, the couple is living happily with them.

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There haven’t been any controversies or allegations against the couple. They have been the perfect epitome of marital life. The couple recently shared their posts celebrating their 14th anniversary on different social media posts like- Instagram and Facebook.

Net Worth Of Vivek Deora

Deora has a net worth of $5 million, similar to Jessica Gadsden. Vivek Deora has founded 23 restaurants and has worked in 8 different countries. He, along with his wife, has founded Morph Hospitality Group. As a businessman, he has been making big money from his ventures.

Being an intelligent and versatile businessman, Vivek has been running other hospitality projects to make a good fortune. The Indian couple is not only popular in the hospitality sector but also in the entertainment sector.

Vivek Deora with Maneet Chauhan
Vivek Deora with Maneet Chauhan
Source- Instagram@ManeetChauhan

On the other hand, his wife, Maneet Chauhan’s net worth is $1 million. Maneet makes an annual salary of $99,500. As a social media personality, she also makes $670 per post on Instagram. Maneet, however, has multiple sources of income like- writing, culinary and business projects.

When we combine the couple’s income, they make more than $6 million. Deora’s family has been living a luxurious life with their family. We are still reviewing their financial information of Deora like his bank balance, cars, and houses.

More Information About Vivek Deora

Deora is an Indian businessman. He was born on November 1 and recently celebrated his birthday with his family. In addition, he has captured the spotlight as he is the spouse of the well-known television personality Maneet Chauhan.

Vivek is a successful businessman a supportive husband, and a caring father to his family. He is a restauranteur and running in his forties. Moreover, he graduated with a Hospitality Management degree from Manipal University.

Vivek Deora with his wife, Maneet Chauhan
Vivek Deora with his wife, Maneet Chauhan
Source- Instagram@Deora_Vivek

Vivek Deora’s exact date of birth and the name of their parents have not been revealed. However, we know that Vivek’s father is a doctor.

Moreover, as a businessman, Vivek is busy with his business projects. So, we rarely see him in the media, unlike his wife, Maneet. He is one of the Indians who has successfully gained name and fame in India and worldwide.

Social Media Presence Of Vivek Deora

Vivek Deora is not as active on social media platforms as his wife, Maneet. However, he has 1.6k followers on Instagram. We will update you with other information about Vivek if he activates himself on different social media platforms.

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