Heide Bezuidenhout is famous as the mother of Jana Bezuidenhout and ex-wife of Errol Musk.

Jana Bezuidenhout is a well-known model and media personality and has worked for numerous local brands. Further, she is the stepdaughter of Errol Musk. Errol Musk is the father of a Multi-billionaire son Elon Musk.

Most Importantly, Elon Musk is one of the richest people in the world. Currently, he is the most influential personality in the world. Further, Jana’s stepbrother Elon is the founder and CEO of an aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company, SpaceX.

Heide loves her daughter, Jana, unconditionally. Meanwhile, she made great sacrifices for her care. Also, Heide spends her whole life grooming her, raising him, and making her the best. Moreover, this mother-and-daughter duo shared an affectionate relationship where their unconditional love remained the same as time passed.

Heide’s daughter Jana had a previous relationship with many partners. However, she did not succeed in going lifelong with the one. Moreover, it is shameful for Errol to have a baby with his stepdaughter, who is 42 years younger than him.

Heide Bezuidenhout is undoubtedly one of the biggest celebrity mothers. She is frequently googled on the internet right now, but how much do you know about Heide Bezuidenhout’s networth and personal details?

Who Is The Husband Of Heide Bezuidenhout? Is She Married To Errol Musk?

Heide Bezuidenhout is a married woman. She had many emotional affairs in her life. However, she got married twice in her lifetime.

She tied the knot to a businessman in 1985. She also had three children from her first husband, who passed in a car accident in 1992. The names of their children are Jana, Jock Jr and Harry.

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Heide Bezuidenhout is famous as the mother of Jana Bezuidenhout.
Heide Bezuidenhout is famous as the mother of Jana Bezuidenhout.
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After the death of her first husband, she fell in love with Errol Musk and soon tied the knot in 1992. The couple had two daughters from the marriage: Asha and Alexandra.

However, the couple didn’t mean to be together for a long time and finally separated after 18 years of marriage.

Net Worth: So How Rich Is Heide Bezuidenhout?

The estimated net worth of Heide Bezuidenhout is never revealed. The information related to her profession is also never known.

However, she is a caring and supportive mother who has completely devoted her life to her children’s future. Moreover, she enjoyed a lavish life with her ex-husband’s net worth, Errol Musk.

Heide Bezuidenhout controversial daughter, Jana Bezuidenhout.
Heide Bezuidenhout’s controversial daughter, Jana Bezuidenhout.
Photo Source: Instagram

Besides, Heide’s stepson, Elon Musk, is a Multi-billionaire. Elon had a very successful career which let him earn massive wealth.

Also, Elon Musk is the richest person in the world, with a net worth of more than $235 billion. Moreover, this famed entrepreneur rose fastest to the top of the rich list in history.

Jana Bezuidenhout Controversy

Jana Bezuidenhout is a controversial person. She grabbed the media’s attention when she gave birth to her son Elliot Musk. Jana conceived Elliot Rush Musk during a sexual relationship with her stepfather Errol Musk.

Previously, Jana’s ex-husband was claimed as the father of Elliot. However, it was shocking to know that his stepfather is the father of Jane’s son Elliot. Elliot’s father’s identity was disclosed through the paternity test.

Jana was only four years old when Errol first got to know her. Errol had a long-standing connection with Heide Bezuidenhout, Jana’s mother. Errol’s behavior with his stepdaughter was also not particularly annoying or rude.

However, Errol, Jana’s stepfather, did not make her feel at ease. She had previously been somewhat impolite to his stepfather Errol. Furthermore, it is common for stepparents to lose it when their stepchildren treat them disrespectfully.

Age, Wiki, Young, Early Life Of  Heide Bezuidenhout

Heide Bezuidenhout is running in her 50s. She was born in Somerville, Massachusetts, to her mother and father. Further, the celebrity mother had always lived a normal life and was completely silent on the internet.

Her early life shows that she belongs to a well-educated family. However, she has never revealed information about their parent’s profession and early life.

Jana Bezuidenhout is a controversial person.
Jana Bezuidenhout is a controversial person.
Photo Source: Instagram

Further, her zodiac sign is Taurus. By nationality, Heide had citizenship in the United States. Likewise, she belongs to the white ethnicity.

Further, she used to practice Christianity religion. Additionally, she was a beautiful woman with a dashing personality. Moreover, she has a great look and with great physique.

Heide Bezuidenhout is the gorgeous mother. The Billionaire’s mother is the proud mother of five children. She shared a good bond with her, and they had a good memory.

Being an ex-wife of a renowned personality put her in the limelight, but she had been able to maintain a normal lifestyle.

Physical Appearance And Social Media Presence

Regarding her physical appearance, Heide Bezuidenhout’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches, and her weight is 60 kg.

Likewise, she has brown hair, and her eyes are blue. The physical measurement of Heide Bezuidenhout is not revealed. Moreover, he always had a well-toned body and a bright look.

Similarly, Heide’s fitness and diet routines ensure that she maintains a physically beautiful body. Meanwhile, she is stunning.

She’s so active that numerous women are keen to know her secret. Furthermore, Heide has been God-gifted beauty and regularly works out her health. She mentioned her way of life is fitness and her exercise craze.

Heide Bezuidenhout was a lovely wife of Errol Musk. She has always been there for Errol, which shows her love for him. Meanwhile, their respect for each other can be the reason behind the strong bond. Moreover, the couple had a blissful marital relationship for almost 18 years.

Despite being a renowned personality, she prefers to maintain a low profile. Also, Heide Bezuidenhout is hardly found on various social media accounts. It seems like he is very much private and has a limited friend circle to enjoy life.

However, Heide loves to enjoy life. She makes time to nurture positive relationships with her friends and family. She often went on special outings and spent quality time with her near ones.

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