In this article, we will talk about Anne Fuller, the wife of famous American architect Buckminster Fuller. I hope this piece will help you learn more about her personal life.

A popular public figure’s wife has come into the limelight since her husband rose. Anne Fuller is the wife of an American architect, designer, futurist and author Buckminster Fuller.

The Fuller couple. Source: Find a Grave.

Furthermore, Buckminster is the son of Richard Buckminster Fuller and his mother, Caroline Wolcott Andrews.

Furthermore, Buckminster is the son of Richard Buckminster Fuller and his mother, Caroline Wolcott Andrews.

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Who is Anne Fuller?

Born on January 9, 1896, Anne Hewlett Fuller grew up in Lawrence, Nassau Country, New York, USA. Anne is the daughter of James Moroe Hewlett and mother, Anna Willets Hewlett.

Moreover, Anne is popular as the wife of architect Buckminster Fuller. While Anne grew up along with five siblings. They are James A Hewlett, Anglesea Hewlett, Willets, Laurence, Arthur Thomas and Hester Hewlett Stearns.

Besides her identity as a spouse of Buckminster, Anne is also famous for being the daughter of popular architect James Monroe Hewlett.

James is one of the renowned architects of his time. He is popular for his excellent architectural works.

About Husband Buckminster Fuller

As I have already mentioned, Buckminster is one of the successful authors and architects based in the United States of America and was born and raised in Milton, Massachusetts, USA. He even got a machinist’s certification from Milton Academy.

In the picture, Buckminster Fuller. Source: Wikipedia

From 1959 to 1970, Fuller joined Southern Illinois University Carbondale as a professor. Later he and John McHale inaugurated the World Design Science Decade at the International Union of Architects conference, which was organized in Paris.

Educational Qualification

Anne belongs to one of well-educated family background. Taking about her academics, she has completed her primary level of schooling at a private school in the United States of America. However, there is little Detail about her higher educational qualification.

While Anne’s partner Buckminster Fuller enrolled in her architectural master’s at one of the prestigious universities, Harvard College, during in Harvard Fuller used to work as a mechanic.

Architect Buckminster is a designer of the Dymaxion car. That car was first showcased at the Century of Progress World’s Fair in Chicago in 1933. It was made as an Omni-medium transport for land, air and water.

Buckminster suffered from Depression

Buckminster is a victim of Depression and epiphany. From 1922 to 1928 has been a tough phase of life for him and his wife, Anne. The primary reason for his dep[session is his daughter Alexandra’s untimely demise.

Alexandrea was suffering from polio and spinal meningitis. Later, on her fourth birthday, her daughter of, Anne, passed away at the age of four.

In 1927 he was fired from his job as the president of Stockade. At the same time, he was resulting in his family’s financial challenges. Buckminster even tries to commit suicide by drawing in Lake Michigan.

Anne and Buckminster’s marriage

The Fuller couple tied a knot in the year 1917. While it is said that Buckminster had a good connection with Anne’s father as both belong to the same profession. However, James was an admirer of Buckminster’s work and talents.

It is said that Anne’s parents were too strict when it came to Anne’s personal life. Anne and Buckminster had to convince their parents a lot to make them together.

Anne and her husband, Buckminster Fuller. Source: Pinterest

While talking about their marriage relationship. The ceremony was held in the United States of America in the presence of their few close friends and family members.

Anne Fuller: mother of two daughter

Later, the couple shared two beautiful daughters, Alexandra and Allegra Fuller Snyder. At the same time, their first child passed away at the age of 3 years in 1922.

Anne Fuller with her husband and daughter. Source: UO Blogs

On the other hand, her second daughter is a professional dancer and choreographer. Moreover, there is no more information available regarding their personal life.

How rich is Anne Fuller?

As per the availability of Anne Fuller on Social media and news portals, it can be determined that she is quite low-key on media. Therefore there is no information regarding her professional or what she does for a living.

Furthermore, she kept her net worth and earnings off of news portals or media till the date, as the designer’s wife is quite conservative and doesn’t like to stay in touch with the press.

On the other hand, Anne’s husband Buckminster is one of the most successful architects based in the USA. According to Wikipedia and our research, the designer holds a net worth of $4 million approximately.

Moreover, his major source of revenue is from being a well-established architect. At the same time, Anne’s husband has several income resources that generate a satisfying sum of money.

Is Buckminster Fuller alive?

Sadly the answer is no. One of the prominent designers and architects is no more with us. Buckminster Fuller passed away at the age of 88 in 1983.

If you are curious about what might cause the death of Buckminster, it is because of suffering from a heart attack. At the same time, Buckminster’s creations will always be remembered. Also, look at a popular celebrity father of actress Kate McKinnon, Michael Thomas Berthold.

Death of Anne Hewlett

It sounds quite a misery to hear about Anne Hewlett’s death. After the death and burial ceremony of Buckminster’s passing. Their death time difference was only 36 hours.

On July 3, 1983, at the age of 87, the wife of a well-known architect passed away in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA, where her dead body was buried when she passed away.

In addition, the stunning couple has been together for 66 years.

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