Annie Bakes: The name that once graced the world of modeling and celebrity marriages. From a chance encounter with a modeling agent at just 16, she soared to fame with her exquisite looks and charm. She is best known as the former spouse of the multi-talented Dennis Rodman.

However, Annie has made waves in both the modeling industry and beyond. Not just a pretty face, she’s also an author, with her book “White Girls Don’t Bounce.” Today, she’s a proud mother and has found love with a police officer.

But despite her stints in the spotlight, Annie Bakes remains refreshingly down-to-earth, showing that sometimes, true stars shine brightest when they keep it real.

Annie Bakes: Age, Wiki, Early Life

Annie Bakes was born on January 31, 1965, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She is currently 57 years old and an Aquarius. Her real name is Anicka Bakes, and she attended the University of Pennsylvania for her education.

However, there is little information about her personal life. It is known that she was raised by a single mother who faced obesity and supported her family by cleaning her classmates’ houses. Annie’s journey from her humble beginnings to her successful career and personal life highlights her resilience and determination.

Marriage of Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman

Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman’s relationship began in 1986, and their love quickly blossomed. By 1987, they were living together, as Dennis played for the Detroit Pistons, and Annie joined him in the city.

Annie Bakes is famous as the ex-wife of former NBA player Dennis Rodman.
Annie Bakes is famous as the ex-wife of former NBA player Dennis Rodman. Source: Pinterest

A year after moving in together, Dennis proposed to Annie, a decision driven by his love for her, despite his straightforward nature. Their bond grew stronger with the birth of their only child, Alexis Rodman, in September 1988.

Their journey continued when Dennis purchased a plot of land in Oklahoma, envisioning a future together with Annie and their daughter Alexis. After a few years of being in a committed relationship, they took the next step and exchanged vows on September 28, 1992, solidifying their union.

Why Did They Got Divorce?

Annie and Dennis Rodman’s marriage, despite its outward appearance, was far from perfect. The couple’s relationship eventually deteriorated, leading to their divorce in 1992, citing irreconcilable differences as the official reason. However, the true reasons behind their split became public knowledge in later years.

Annie disclosed that her seven-year relationship with Dennis was a tumultuous and difficult experience. During their time together, she revealed that she became pregnant seven times, with four abortions, two miscarriages, and one live birth as the outcomes.

Furthermore, Annie mentioned that Dennis had transmitted various diseases to her, including body lice, chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhea. Their relationship was also marred by instances of violence, adding a darker dimension to their troubled marriage.

Annie Sold House For Her Daughter’s School Fee

After her divorce from Dennis Rodman, Annie Bakes faced significant financial difficulties, making it challenging to provide for her daughter’s basic needs. The strain on their family led to her daughter experiencing anger issues, ultimately requiring counseling to address the emotional challenges.

Dennis Rodman with his daughter Alexis Rodman.
Dennis Rodman with his daughter Alexis Rodman. Source: Pinterest

The financial crisis became so dire that Annie had to make the difficult decision to sell her ex-husband’s sports memorabilia to cover her daughter’s tuition fees. Among the items she sold were Dennis’s signed jerseys from his time with the Pistons, the Bulls, and the Mavericks.

This decision reflected the extent of the financial hardships she faced during that period.

A Look Into Her Career

Annie Bakes’ career in the modeling industry began with a promising start. She initially worked on print commercials and also found success as a model for various lingerie and swimwear brands. Additionally, she ventured into the adult modeling industry.

Despite her efforts and hard work, her income was insufficient, and she struggled to make ends meet. To supplement her income, Annie also took on work in nightclubs.

However, her modeling career took an unfortunate turn when she was involved in an accident that left her with scars covering her body. Fortunately, when she began her relationship with Dennis Rodman, she no longer had to worry about financial challenges, as he provided for their family.

Annie Bakes’ Turbulent Beginnings to Modeling Success

Annie Bakes had a difficult relationship with her mother, marked by insecurity and childhood torment. Eager to escape her family and begin anew, she made a bold decision at the age of 16 to run away from home and chase her dream of becoming a model.

Her plan proved successful, and she entered the modeling industry at a very young age. Starting with small-time gigs, Annie gradually worked her way up the industry ladder, where she eventually found success as a model.

Bakes’ Response to Dennis Rodman’s NBA Success: Her Book “Worse Than He Says He Is”

Annie Bakes wrote a book titled “Worse Than He Says He Is” in response to her ex-husband Dennis Rodman’s NBA success and the controversies surrounding their relationship. After their divorce in 1992, Dennis continued his NBA career, winning three more championships with the Chicago Bulls and becoming even more famous.

Dennis Rodman and his former wife Annie Blakes were together for over 5 years.
Dennis Rodman and his former wife Annie Blakes were together for over 5 years. Source: Pinterest

As the public interest in Dennis Rodman grew, Annie felt compelled to share her side of the story.

In 2005, she signed a six-figure deal with Dove Books to publish her book, which provided a detailed account of their relationship. Her book, “Worse Than He Says He Is,” was a direct response to Dennis’s book, “Bad as I Wanna Be.”

It allowed Annie to share her perspective on their tumultuous relationship and the challenges she faced during their time together.

Where Is She Now? What Is She Doing?

As of the latest available information, Annie Bakes is residing in California. While there have been reports suggesting that she may be married to a police officer, these claims remain unconfirmed. It is worth noting that Annie was in a relationship with someone in 2011, but her current relationship status is not widely known.

Additionally, Annie has indicated on her Facebook account that she is involved with PETA, which suggests she may be working for or associated with the organization.

Dennis Rodman, her former husband, is reported to be living a retired life and is not currently married to anyone.

Net Worth

Annie Bakes’ current estimated net worth is approximately $300,000. Despite her modeling career being cut short due to an accident, she was able to earn a significant income during her prime. After her modeling career, she worked as a hostess and continued to make a decent income.

In comparison, her ex-husband, Dennis Rodman, has a net worth of $500,000. During his NBA career, Dennis earned a total of $27 million in salary, which, after adjusting for inflation, is equivalent to around $43 million today.

His highest-earning season was 1996-97 when he earned $9 million, which is roughly $15 million today. During that season, he was the 10th highest-paid player in the league.

It’s good to hear that Annie is now living a comfortable life with her daughter and her new husband. Also, know about other celebrity former partners Tyisha Hampton and Samantha Hegseth.

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