Stefania Deval was born on November 17, 1988, in Trento, Italy. No one knows what Stefania Deval does, but her Instagram profile shows that she enjoys various activities, including sports and going to the gym. He has many Instagram pictures where he demonstrates specific exercises during his workouts.

Donnarumma’s wife enjoys staying in shape and has never missed an occasion to do so, even during the lockdown. She is not a prominent figure, but her marriage to Antonio Donnarumma has given her celebrity. Further, Antonio Donnarumma was born in Italy on July 7, 1990, a professional footballer from Italy.

Donnarumma is a goalkeeper for Padova of Serie C Group A. His younger brother is a Paris Saint-Germain player. From 2017 through 2021, the brothers played together for Milan.

Donnarumma and Deval Love Life

Stefania and Donnarumma have been together for over a decade, while they started dating after they met in 2009. While the footballer was a member of Milan’s spring team and a Miss Italia contestant, the couple met at the home of their familiar friend.

In a magnificent wedding, the Italian player married his beautiful fiancee. They married on August 18, 2017, and their first child, Mattia, was born on January 17, 2018, when they await the second, accompanied by a pink ribbon on their door.

The Stunning Marriage Ceremony of Antonio and Stefania

Donnarumma, an AC Milan backup goalkeeper, wedded Deval in a Christian wedding in Massa Lubrense. In an open-top vintage vehicle, they headed to their poolside celebration at a luxurious hilltop house near Sorrento. After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds were having a photographed ceremony.

The bride’s dress featured gorgeous golden needlework that sparkled as she moved in the sunlight. Likewise, the beautician pulled her hair back into a beautiful upstyle and added glamour to her stunning look. After leaving the church, the bride and groom continued their celebrations at their reception.

The beautiful couple gave their full try to make their wedding ceremony look fabulous. After Mattia’s parent’s wedding at a gorgeous home near Sorrento, the couple climbed into a classic automobile and proceeded to their reception. Then Stefani changed up her style by taking off her lace top.

Mattia, the couple’s 18-month-old son, was there at one time at the altar. They had a longtime romantic link, that’s why there was no misunderstanding between the couple’s parents about the couple’s lovely son.

As the couple departed the old church, which had been decked with stunning white blossoms, family and friends showered confetti at them. They all came to her wedding as relatives, most important for her wedding ceremony and happiness.

Decoration of Italian Footballer Wedding

The festivities proceeded in the luxurious Villa Eliana, which features a huge patio and pool with views of the Gulf of Naples. Antonio and Stefani adorned the event with scatter pillows featuring their monogram, demonstrating their attention to detail.

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The same tangled ‘A’ and ‘S’ appeared in other design parts and was once projected into the pool’s floor. The cast design looked beautiful, which took everyone’s eye. As the newlyweds exited from the chapel after the wedding, friends and relatives tossed confetti at them.

Stefani wore three distinct outfits during the day to ensure she remained the center of attention at all times. They have a beautiful married life and have been blessed with two children who made a lovely small family.

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