Ashley Salazar is a former MTV season 2 ”16 and pregnant” participant. Further, she became a teen mum at the age of seventeen. But, she and her partner were too young to provide for their baby. They were just a high school student.

So, Salazar decided to give her baby for adoption. It was a heartbreaking decision for a new mum, and the situation was also not favorable for them to be together. Likewise, we have brought all the detailed information about where her baby is, who adopted her and did she visit her daughter often.

Who is the father of Ashley Salazar’s baby?

Ashley Salazar was in a relationship with Justin Lane, who she met in high school. They soon fell for one another and started to date. Before completing high school, she soon became pregnant with Justin. Even so, Justin was not ready for this.

Ashley with former partner Justin and their daughter
Ashley with her children’s dad Justin Lane.
Source: Instagram

He then blocked all the contacts with Ashley, who was forced to go through all the sufferings alone. She knew how hard it is to become a single mum as she was also single handly raised. Moreover, Ashley couldn’t decide what to do. She was in dilemma whether to go for adoption or give yo her dream to move to New York for further studies.

Eventually, she gave her baby for adoption. In December 2009, Ashley gave birth to a baby girl called Callie Danniele. Her uncle and aunt adopted the baby girl. Ashley then moved to New York to pursue her dreams. Later, she moved back to Texas to be closer with her daughter.

How did Ashley receive fandom and popularity?

Ashley was born to an army family. Her father was a soldier who fought the Vietnam War for 13 months. Her father was just eighteen at that time. He served the country for six years and sacrificed his life. Then, her mother raised her single handle.

Ashley Salazar takes selfie inside a car.
Ashley takes a selfie in her car.
Source: Instagram

What’s more, she was born on December 1, 1991, in Mckinney, Texas. She was studying in high school when she found out about her pregnancy. Salazar’s partner completely boycotts her during pregnancy. She then applied for the reality TV show Teen Mum 16, and pregnant. The show relates to the everyday struggles of teen mums in their pregnancy.

In December 2010, her documentary was aired featuring 90 minutes of Asley’s struggles of becoming a single mum. Fans were pleased to see the show, which eventually helped Ashley gain huge popularity and fame. She even wrote a book ”Bittersweet: 16 and pregnant” which further helped her increase fame.

Ashley is the mother of a second child with her partner Justin Lane?

Ashley and Justin always had an on and off-relationship from the beginning. After being a single mum to their first child, the duo again reunited in 2014. Soon they got engaged in October, the same year. Followingly, the next year they announced they were expecting their second child.

Ashley with her two children.
Ashley with her two children, Callie and Phoenix.
Source: Instagram

Unfortunately, Ashley had a miscarriage. The duo copes with the grief together and continues their relationship. Again in 2017, they announced their happiness of becoming second-time parents. This time all went well, and she gave birth to a baby boy, Phoenix Roy.

Despite this, Justin broke up with Ashley and moved to Florida. Ashley again became a single mum to her newborn child. This time she didn’t let anything come in between her motherhood. Currently, she lives life with her son in Texas. Besides, her daughter and son also share a good sibling bond and are seen together having fun on her social media page.

Social media handle

With 24.8k followers on Instagram, Ashley is a social media influencer with the page being verified. All credit goes to the documentary aired in 2010. Likewise, she has a massive fan following on her Twitter account, 53.1k followers.

Ashley also has a Tiktok account @ashleyslzr, with just 534 followers. The TV personality seems not to have a Facebook account. As a result, she is not found on the FB page. She also has another Instagram page, @ashslzr, which has 4,398 followers where she posts her personal life with her current boyfriend.

Ashley Salazar’s New Boyfriend Is Adam Lewellyn

The reality Tv star seems to be happy at the moment because of her current love affair. She often posts together on her social media sites and never praises him. Adam Lewellyn is the newfound love of the reality TV star.

Ashley with her new found love, Adam
Ashley with her new love, Adam.
Source: Instagram

The couple has been together for more than two years now. They often travel a lot and share a healthy relationship. Adam also shares a good bond with Ashley’s children. We Hope Ashley’s heart is not broken this time, and they lead their lives happily together.

How much net worth does Ashley Salazar have?

Salazar mostly claimed her fame through a reality TV show. From a very young age, Ashley led a tough life of becoming a teen mum and more than that, and she is a single mum who survived all the life bearings herself.

Ashley cute selfie in a beanie
Ashley’s cute selfie in a beanie.
Source: Instagram

After featuring in MTV show, her popularity instantly rose to a high level. Salazar also wrote a book on teen pregnancy sold at $7.49 per book on Amazon with a four-star rating. As of now, Ashley’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

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