Being a celebrity kid means getting lots of spotlight from birth. Likewise, Beckett Lansbury is one of them. He is best known as the only child of popular American actress Ally Sheedy and actor David Lansbury.

Moreover, an interesting fact is that Beckett, was born female, and later transitioned into a man. His both parents were very supportive of her transition. Recently his mother also revealed her journey on her son’s coming out as transgender.

Therefore, continue reading to find out more about her age, relationship details, net worth, transition journey, and career details.

How Old Is Beckett Lansbury? Age, Early Life

Beckett Lansbury was born on March 15, 1994, in America. However, his early life and education details are not much known as he has yet to reveal. He was born a girl and later transitioned to boy. When he was a girl his name was Rebecca Lansbury.

Beckett Lansbury with his mother before his transition as a boy.
Beckett Lansbury with his mother before his transition as a boy. Source: Pinterest

Moreover, Beckett is the only child of Ally Sheedy and David Lansbury. As of now, his parents are not together. Ally and David were married in 1992 but later ended the marriage in 2009. Details about their marital journey are missing as they mostly kept their personal life private away from the media.

What Is His Sexual Orientation?

Being a celebrity child already brings you a lot of media attention. Likewise, the news of Beckett’s sexual preferences has always been the topic of headlines for several decades. His mother, best known from “The Breakfast Club” Fist publicly revealed her then-daughter was a lesbian in 2010.

It was way before Beckett began his journey to transition. He now uses the pronouns He/They on his Instagram which is private. Ally has always been supporting her now-son on his journey of finding his identity.

Moreover, in June 2020, Beckett and his mother took part in the Parents magazine podcast, We Are Family. In there, they openly discuss parenting trans children. On the show, he also revealed he began taking hormones in 2015 to medically transition from female to male

Ally Sheedy and her son Beckett with John Fugelsang on his show in 2015 to share Beck's trans experience.
Ally Sheedy and her son Beckett with John Fugelsang on his show in 2015 to share Beck’s trans experience.
Source: Tewitter/@JohnFugelsang

At first, Beckett started to call himself bisexual when he first came out. As he was still young and didn’t know much about LGBTQ+, he only started contemplating his gender identity much later.

What Did Ally Sheedy Thought About Her Daughter’s Transition To Son

From the beginning, the “War Games” actress has always been open about her son’s journey as a transgender. Despite her support, she said that it was scary at first, as she also didn’t have much idea about the transition.

However, Sheedy started doing much research about it and learned about it, so that she could have a heart-to-heart conversation with her then-daughter about transition. Martie Allen is also a lesiban.

Ally Sheedy and her son Beckett Lansbury.
Ally Sheedy and her son Beckett Lansbury. Source: Twitter/@portroids

In an interview with PEOPLE, Ally talked about, she always had a great relationship with her son, from a young age.

She Said,

This is a good phase right now. He’s very independent. But I like it when I can help him with something, whether it’s advice or he needs a new mattress! I want him to be able to do what he wants to do with his life, have the freedom to make his own choices, and surround himself with a loving, supportive community. I’ve learned a lot. Beck doesn’t hide anything. And I feel very comfortable talking to anyone whose kid is just beginning the transition process. Parents need to educate themselves. It’s natural to have fears about your kids, no matter what. But in this case, Beck is in a great place in his life. I give him the room to run, and I just really try to watch.

His Mother, Ally Sheedy Had a Drug Addiction

Ally Sheedy, the acclaimed actress currently gracing our screens in “Single Drunk Female,” has bravely revealed a deeply personal and challenging chapter of her life. In an interview with Closer Weekly, she disclosed that her role in the film mirrors her own journey through addiction back in 1989.

In the movie, Sheedy portrays a mother whose daughter has just returned home after completing a rehabilitation program, mirroring her own real-life struggles. She candidly shared that her battle with addiction was specifically tied to sleeping pills.

It was a habit Sheedy developed during a toxic relationship. This relationship was further complicated by her partner’s drug addiction, which imposed a demanding, almost rockstar-like schedule on her.

Relationship Details of Beckette

Beckett Lansbury’s relationship status remains relatively private. Moreover, the process of transitioning from female to male has somewhat shielded the details of his potential better half.

Lansbury has openly identified as gay, yet specifics about his LGBTQ partner have not been widely discussed in the media. Beckett’s journey and openness about his gender identity serve as an important aspect of his public presence, while his personal relationships are kept out of the spotlight.

What Does He Do?

Beckett Lansbury has dedicated his professional life to teaching and working in sexual violence prevention. However, details about his career beyond these areas are relatively unknown. Also, know about another transgender activist Miya Ocego.

In contrast, his mother, Ally Sheedy, has had a prolific and successful career in the entertainment industry. Sheedy started her acting journey as a teenager, initially appearing in local theatrical productions. Her breakout in television came in 1981 with roles in TV movies like “The Best Little Girl in the World” and “Splendor in the Grass.”

Sheedy made her big-screen debut in 1983 with “Bad Boys” and starred in notable films such as “WarGames” and “The Breakfast Club” in 1985. “The Breakfast Club” gained cultural significance and was recognized by the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry in 2016.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Sheedy continued to build her filmography with roles in movies like “St. Elmo’s Fire,” “Short Circuit,” “Only the Lonely,” and “High Art.” Notably, she played the title role in the musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” becoming the first cisgender female to do so in 1999.

Sheedy’s career has included a wide range of film and television projects, cementing her status as a respected actress in the industry.

Net Worth

Beckett Lansbury, the son of a famous actress like Ally Sheedy, has had the privilege of a comfortable life. Despite transitioning to a career in teaching, he has managed to accumulate an estimated net worth of $300,000, reflecting his financial success.

His mother, Ally Sheedy, has enjoyed immense success in her own right, amassing a substantial net worth of $4 million. Her wealth has been primarily derived from her extensive and acclaimed career in stage and screen performances, as well as her endeavors as a writer, with notable works including “She Was Nice to Mice” (1975) and “Yesterday I Saw the Sun: Poems” (1991).

Both Beckett and Ally have their own financial achievements and continue to pursue their respective passions and careers.

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