Introducing the Woman Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Life and Talents of Beena Patel, the accomplished partner of renowned comedian and political commentator Hasan Minhaj.

While often standing in the shadow of her famous husband, Beena’s own journey and talents deserve recognition. As a management consultant, she brings her skills and expertise to the forefront. Join us in exploring the intriguing facets of Patel’s life that extend beyond the spotlight.

How Old Is Beena Pated? Her Age, Parents, Early Life

Born in the United States, the captivating Beena Patel keeps her age under wraps, a mystery that adds to her allure. While her birth date remains private, her husband, Hasan Minhaj, born on September 23rd, 1985, is now 33 years old.

Having embarked on their journey as college sweethearts, it’s reasonable to deduce that Beena is in close proximity to her husband’s age. An American by nationality, her roots trace back to the Southern Asian realm, particularly India. Hailing from a Hindu family, she actively embraces the Hinduism religion, infusing its vibrant elements into her daily life.

Education: What Does Beena Have a Ph.D. In?

Besides being known as a celebrity wife, Been’s professional life has its own successful height. She has successfully earned a ‘Doctor of Public Health’ (DrPH) degree.

Following her high school graduation, Patel embarked on her educational journey at the University of California, Davis, in 2003. In 2007, she proudly walked away with a bachelor’s degree, a ‘Bachelor of Science’ to be exact, with her studies focused on Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior.

Beena Patel has a 'Doctor of Public Health' (DrPH) degree.
Beena Patel has a ‘Doctor of Public Health’ (DrPH) degree. Source: Instagram/@hasanminhaj

The talented star Beena’s thirst for knowledge led her to the University of California Davis School of Medicine from 2007 to 2008, where she pursued a ‘Master in Public Health’ (MPH). Her dedication to higher learning led her to The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2010.

Moreover, Patel’s academic prowess was duly recognized when she was honored with the esteemed ‘Ruth Roemer Award’ before proudly graduating from UCLA with a Ph.D.

Hasan Minhaj And His Wife Beena Patel Are College Sweethearts

Hasan Minhaj’s adoration for Beena Patel is evident, with their love story filled with charming anecdotes. While the exact origins of their romance remain veiled, they exchanged vows on January 2, 2015.

Minhaj shared in a 2016 interview that they adhered to a “very traditional” approach, choosing to move in together after their marriage. Although not explicitly stated, Minhaj playfully implied that Patel’s influence introduced him to the world of throw pillows and scented candles.

Beena Patel and Hasan Minhaj are together for more than two decades.
Beena Patel and Hasan Minhaj are together for more than two decades. Source: Instagram/@hasanminhaj

Their shared escapades around the globe reflect their strong bond; a recent trip to Cairo stands as a testament. Celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary in January, Minhaj took to Instagram to commemorate the occasion. Furthermore, he proudly hailed Patel as an “icon” last December when she was bestowed the Visionary Award by Jhpiego, honoring her exceptional work at Vituity Cares.

In a touching gesture, Minhaj surprised Patel with a uniquely designed ring in 2020. The diamond-crested band, conceived with their life narrative in mind, holds the promise of becoming a cherished heirloom, passed down to their children. Also, know about comedian Erik Griffin‘s love life.

She Has Two Children

Hasan Minhaj and Beena Patel’s family has grown with the addition of two precious babies, although their path to parenthood was marked by hurdles. In April 2018, they embraced parenthood with the arrival of their daughter, and in March 2020, their son completed their family.

While the children’s names remain shrouded in privacy, the couple enthusiastically shared the news of their births on Instagram, a platform they often use to express their joy and milestones.

Beena Patel and Hasan Minhaj share two children.
Beena Patel and Hasan Minhaj share two children. Source: Instagram/@hasanminhaj

Their journey toward building a family was not without its challenges. Minhaj candidly opened up about their fertility struggles in a conversation with Jimmy Fallon in 2021. The couple encountered difficulties on their path, with Minhaj himself undergoing surgery as part of their efforts to conceive.

These challenges, however, have only intensified the significance of the moments they now celebrate. They delight in their children’s birthdays, enthusiastically attend dance recitals, and have even brought their little ones onto the stage during Minhaj’s shows, embracing both the trials and triumphs of parenthood.

Is Hasan Minhaj’s Wife a Doctor?

Patel received a Doctor of Public Health in 2013 and has since worked with homeless patients and is a management consultant for MedAmerica.

During her pursuit of education, Beena Patel embarked on a diverse career journey, contributing her skills to various organizations. She initiated her professional path as a clinical research coordinator at ‘Retinal Consultants in Sacramento, California. In this role, Patel engaged with prominent pharmaceutical entities like ‘Lucentis’ and ‘Avastin.’

Beena Patel is a professional management consultant.
Beena Patel is a professional management consultant. Source: Instagram/@hasanminhaj

Her trajectory then led her to ‘Cave Consulting Group,’ where she assumed the position of clinical operations analyst and account manager in October 2008. Within this role, she collaborated closely with esteemed healthcare quality establishments such as the ‘National Committee for Quality Assurance’ (NCQA) and the ‘National Quality Forum’ (NQF).

Having departed ‘Cave Consulting Group’ in August 2010, Patel joined the ‘UCLA Center For Health Policy Research,’ a Los Angeles-based think tank, in October of the same year. Concurrently, she became a program director for the ‘Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team’ at the ‘VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System’ in West Los Angeles.

In October 2013, Patel transitioned to ‘MedAmerica’ as a practice management consultant. Her career trajectory evolved further, as she embraced the role of transformation consultant at ‘MedAmerica’ in June 2017, a position she continues to hold today.

Net Worth: What Does She Do?

The exact net worth of Beena Patel is not known. However, given her extensive and diverse career in various healthcare and consulting roles, it’s reasonable to assume that she has likely accumulated a notable amount of wealth.

On the other hand, her husband, Hasan Minhaj, is an accomplished figure in the entertainment industry. Likewise, he enjoys a net worth of $4 million. Hasan’s roles as a comedian, actor, writer, producer, and his work on shows like “The Daily Show” and “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” have contributed to his financial success. Also, know about another comedian Benjamin Walker‘s net worth.

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