Bertie Highmore, a rising actor, stepped into the limelight as the younger brother of on-screen talent Freddie Highmore. His brother Freddie is recognized for his roles in “Finding Neverland,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “August Rush,” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles.”

On the other hand, Bertie has begun carving his own path in the entertainment world.

His contributions to these beloved movies have showcased his burgeoning talent, hinting at a promising career ahead. With a knack for captivating performances, Bertie Highmore stands poised to make his mark in the ever-evolving realm of film and television.

How Old Is Bertie Highmore? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Born on February 8, 1995, in London, England, Bertie, originally named Albert Samuel Highmore, emerged into the world as the younger sibling to the renowned actor Freddie Highmore.

Freddie Highmore with his mother.
Freddie Highmore with his mother. Source: Pinterest

Edward Highmore and Sue Latimer proudly claim parentage to this 28-year-old Aquarius. Bertie’s father, Edward, treads the entertainment path while his mother, Sue, navigates the industry as a talent agent.

Bertie’s educational journey led him through primary school in Hampstead Garden Suburb before he pursued higher studies at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.

While his English nationality is evident, his ethnicity remains undisclosed as he embraces his rising career in the entertainment world, distinguishing himself through his own unique talents and contributions.

Is Bertie the Twin Brother Of Freddie Highmore?

Bertie Highmore and Freddie Highmore, despite often being mistaken for twins because of their uncanny resemblance, aren’t actually twins.

Bertie follows in his brother’s footsteps, being three years younger than Freddie. Their shared passion for acting and similar looks might contribute to the misconception, but they’re not twins.

Relationship Details- Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Bertie Highmore, recognized for his rising stardom in the entertainment world, has notably been associated with several prominent figures within the industry. In 2011, he was romantically linked with Emma Roberts, a well-known American actress and singer celebrated for her versatile performances.

Prior to that, in 2009, Bertie was reportedly in a relationship with Dakota Fanning, an acclaimed actress renowned for her roles in “I Am Sam,” “Hounddog,” and “The Secret Life of Bees.” Additionally, his romantic history also included a rumored connection with Sarah Bolger, a popular Irish actress, back in 2006.

Bertie Highmore is currently single.
Bertie Highmore is currently single. Source: Pinterest

Despite these past involvements with individuals of significant stature in the entertainment sphere, it seems that Bertie presently maintains a private life. Likewise, he is not publicly associated with anyone romantically, evidently focusing on his burgeoning career in the industry.

Moreover, Berties is not active on any social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, just like Arija Bareikis.

Acting Career- Movies and TV Shows of Bertie Highmore

Bertie Highmore’s journey into the realm of acting began at the age of 4, as he stepped into the family legacy of performance. His cinematic debut transpired in 1999 with a role in “Women Talking Dirty.” It was a film that also served as an introduction for his older brother Freddie, with the two portraying on-screen siblings.

Bertie Highmore and his brother in the movie "Women Talking Dirty."
Bertie Highmore and his brother in the movie “Women Talking Dirty.” Source: Pinterest

Sharing the screen with accomplished actresses Helena Bonham Carter, mother of Billy Raymond Burton, and Gina McKee, Bertie showcased his early talent.

Despite this early exposure, Bertie subsequently took a step back from his acting pursuits, allowing his elder brother Freddie to take center stage in the world of entertainment. While Freddie continued to rise in prominence, Bertie’s presence in the acting scene shifted.

Freddie Highmore’s notable films like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005), “August Rush” (2008), and “The Spiderwick Chronicles” (2008) featured Bertie alongside stars of the industry, including Johnny Depp, Keri Russell, and Sarah Bolger.

Bertie’s early involvement in the film industry and his collaboration with accomplished actors marked the beginning of his own unique journey within the realm of entertainment.

What Is He Doing Now?

Bertie Highmore has forged a career in the finance sector, marked by his academic prowess and professional achievements. He attended the prestigious institution, LSE, where he honed his skills. During his academic tenure, Bertie gained valuable experience interning at Goldman Sachs in London, a prominent financial institution.

Post-graduation, Bertie embarked on his professional journey, commencing his career at Susquehanna International Group, a renowned global quantitative trading firm, where he dedicated a year to gaining industry expertise.

Bertie Highmore was a member of the LSE Students' Union.
Bertie Highmore was a member of the LSE Students’ Union. Source: Facebook/@LSE Students’ Union

Subsequently, Bertie transitioned to Blenheim Chalcot’s investment team, where he contributed his expertise between 2018 and 2020, showcasing his business acumen and investment insights.

Presently, Bertie holds pivotal roles at two prominent companies. At Blue Wire Capital, he assumes the critical position of Head of Investments, contributing his expertise since 2020 to foster early-stage innovation within the company.

Simultaneously, Bertie serves as an advisor at Creator Fund, a company with a focus on investing in university-based start-ups across Europe. For two years, he has been lending his strategic insights and guidance to support and nurture these promising ventures.

Apart from his impressive career in finance, Bertie boasts multilingual abilities, fluently communicating in English, French, and Spanish, enhancing his capabilities in the global business landscape.

Net Worth- How Rich Is He?

Certainly, Bertie Highmore’s financial details, including his net worth, salary, personal assets, and endorsements, have remained undisclosed in recent research. While it’s possible that his net worth could be substantial, specifics about his financial standing haven’t been publicly revealed.

Contrastingly, Bertie’s older brother, Freddie has a net worth of $8 million, reflecting his successful career in acting. However, Bertie’s financial details, including his income sources and personal assets, have intentionally stayed away from the public eye.

Body Measurements- Height and Weight

Bertie Highmore stands at an approximate height of 175 cm, equivalent to 5 feet 9 inches, and weighs around 71 kg.

His distinguishing features include light brown hair and brown-colored eyes, complementing his appearance and contributing to his on-screen presence.

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