Beth Shuey McGuire is famous for being the ex-wife of a former football player and head coach of the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League, Sean Patrick Payton. Beth rose to fame after marrying celebrity sports personality Sean Patrick. Payton and Beth share two children from their failed marital relationship.

Beth, an amazing personality, was born in 1968 in Morocco, Indiana, United States. The former wife of an NFL coach is the daughter of her mother, Joyce Antcliff Shuey, and father, Tom Shuey. She grew up along with her younger sister Debbie Shuey Doyle. Beth completed high school at North Newton Junior-Senior High School and graduated with a bachelor’s degree with a marketing major from Indiana State University in 1990.

Does Beth Shuey marry for the second time after ending her marital relationship with Sean? Here are the details of author Beth Shuey’s current marital status. Also, read the net worth details of Beth Shuey in the following sections.

Beth Shuey McGuire, The Former Wife Of Sean Patrick Payton

Among American football fans, Beth Shuey is known for being the ex-wife of a former American football player and head coach Sean Patrick Payton. The news of Beth and Sean’s divorce shocked fans because they spent their life together as a husband and wife for over a decade.

Beth first met Sean while studying at Indiana State University. At the time, Payton served as an assistant coach for the University’s football team, Indiana State Sycamores football. Soon after the first encounter, Shuey and Payton started their romantic affair and tied the wedding knot on July 11, 1992.

Beth Shuey McGuire with her ex-husband Sean Payton in the year 2010 at the super bowl after defeating Indiana Pollis Colts.
Beth Shuey McGuire with her ex-husband Sean Payton in 2010 at the Super Bowl after defeating Indiana Pollis Colts.
Source: Getty Images

However, the pair decided to part ways in 2014. The decade-long relationship between Beth and Sean didn’t work out, but during their period together, Beth and Sean welcomed two children. Beth and her former husband, Sean, first welcomed their daughter Meghan Payton on March 21, 1997.

Later, Beth and her ex-husband Sean welcomed their youngest son Connor Payton on May 31, 2000.

In addition, after filing a divorce from her former husband, Sean, Beth filed for the main custody of her two children. Both got joint custody of their children. Additionally, Sean and Beth are equally close to their children even after parting ways.

Moreover, both Payton’s siblings love to share the moments they shared with their parents on their social media. Beth is a proud mother as both her children, Meghan and Connor, follow in their father’s footsteps, and Beth shows signs of pride in her children.

Little Information on Beth Shuey’s and Her Ex-husband Sean Payton’s Children

Beth and her former husband’s eldest child Meghan Payton is a sports reporter. Meghan is successfully standing on her own feet, sharing the same interest with her father, Sean. Eldest of the Payton siblings, Meghan has been an enthusiast since childhood on sports. When Meghan was studying at Argyle Liberty Christian School, she joined the cheerleading team at 14.

Beth Shuey with her children Meghan Payton and Connor Payton.
Beth Shuey with her children Meghan Payton and Connor Payton.
Source: Facebook @Beth Shuey McGuire

To further pursue an interest in a professional career, the celebrity child Meghan Payton did a bachelor’s degree in Media Production and Sports Broadcasting at Pepperdine University. She graduated in 2014. The 25-year-old Meghan successfully landed a job on the NFL Network as a sports news reporter.

Currently, Meghan is happily engaged to her fiance Christopher Titone, the writer of the hit Netflix movie Home Team (2022), based on her father.

Likewise, after the father and sister, Connor Payton, the family’s youngest child, is also pursuing his father’s footsteps. Connor is a passionate American football lover. While studying at Liberty Christian School, he was a member of the Liberty Christian Warriors football team. Currently, he is studying at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

Connar Payton with his father, Sean Patrick Payton, who is a notable American football player and head coach.
Connar Payton with his father, Sean Patrick Payton, who is a notable American football player and head coach.
Source: Instagram @connor_payton_

Moreover, the 22-year-old, Connar has been a very supportive son. Connar is a huge fan of American football and his father.

On January 26, 2022, he shared a childhood picture of himself with his father, Sean, on his Instagram profile with the caption,” Love you forever Who Dat Nation thank you for showing me what football and being a fan is all about, will always be grateful NOLA.”

Beth Shuey McGuire’s Marriage Life With Her Second Husband, Jamie McGuire

After divorcing Sean, Beth recently tied the knot with James “Jamie” McGuire in September 2020. Beth and Jamie are happily enjoying their married life. However, both of them are extremely private about their marital life.

But Jamie and Beth sometimes share pictures on their official Facebook and Instagram account.

Beth Shuey McGuire tied the knot with her second husband, James "Jamie" McGuire, on September 2020.
Beth Shuey McGuire tied the knot with her second husband, James “JamieMcGuire, in September 2020.
Source: Facebook @Beth Shuey McGuire

Beth is content with her current marriage and partner because following the marriage, she decided to add her husband’s last name ‘McGuire.’ In social media, Beth goes by the name Beth Shuey McGuire. Mr. and Mrs. MsGuire happily reside in Raleigh, North Carolina, sharing a perfect marital bond.

Kirsten Kutner is married to an entrepreneur and real estate developer, Greg Norman.

The 5-foot-7-inch (170cm) tall Beth’s husband, Jamie McGuire, is a residential real estate and golf course community specialist with more than 20 years of experience and works with Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston.

Beth Shuey McGuire with her current husband, Jamie McGuire, and step-daughters Maggie McGuire and Molly McGuire
Beth Shuey McGuire with her current husband, Jamie McGuire, and stepdaughters Maggie McGuire and Molly McGuire
Source: Facebook @Jamie McGuire

Just like Beth, her current husband, Jamie, is a father of two daughters. He shared Maggie McGuire (b. October 2000) and Molly McGuire (b. August 2008) with his former wife, whose identity remains undisclosed. Both Jamie and Beth brought their children together in their marriage. To add on, Beth happily shared a wedding picture with her children, stepdaughters, and husband Jamie on her Facebook account [cover photo].

For the information, after separating from Beth, the 59 aged Sean exchanged his wedding vows with his second wife, Skylene Montgomery. Sean and Skylene have been married since June 21, 2022.

Beth Shuey McGuire’s Net Worth

The details of Beth Shuey’s net worth are unclear, but as per assumption, she enjoys a $500 thousand net worth. Beth Shuey McGuire is an author by profession. She recently published a book titled ‘The Beautiful Ashes’ with Victor Fadool on September 12, 2022.

The book is available for $24.99 Hardcover and $19.99 Paperback at Amazon.

Beth Shuey McGuire and her friend Victor Fadool published the book 'The Beautiful Ashes' on September 12, 2022.
Beth Shuey McGuire and her friend Victor Fadool published the book ‘The Beautiful Ashes’ on September 12, 2022.
Source: Instagram @beautifulashesbook

Likewise, before becoming an author, she served as a Divorce Care Leader and a one-on-one Care Coach at Cross Timbers Church in Argyle, Texas, as per the article on the Beautiful Ashes website. Beth and her co-author/friend Victor have also released Beautiful Ashes Podcast.

On the other side, Beth’s former husband, Sean Payton, enjoys a $24 million net worth. His salary is $9.8 million per year. He added wealth from his successful career as a player and coach. The exact information on Beth and Sean’s divorce settlement is unknown. But she might receive alimony.

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