Schofield’s family is one of those I find quite stressful writing about. To the new readers of the Schofield family, Bodhi Schofield is the son of Susan Schofield, born mentally disabled. Bodhi Schofield is probably the third family member of the Schofield family I am writing about.

Bodhi was born and raised in Los Angeles, United States. He suffered and was diagnosed with severe autism. Furthermore, Bodhi has a disorder of violent outbursts and self-harming behaviour, which leads his family to trouble.

Bodhi Schofield is struggling with severe autism.

Bodhi was struggling with severe autism from the age of six. The disease was first identified as a mental illness by Dr Emile Kraepelin in 1887.

A second child of Susan and Michael is also not verbal. He can’t express his feeling or what he thinks in his words.

January Schofield: Childhood schizophrenia girl tried to kill her baby  brother - Mirror Online
Childhood picture of Bodhi and his sister Jani Schofield. Source: The Mirror

On the other side, because of his violent outbursts and self-harming behaviours, he has been hospitalized five times at a UCLA psychiatric facility in just one year. Dr Mark De Antonia, who is checking up on Bodhi, said, “What led us to Bodhi’s diagnosis was he was having auditory and visual hallucinations that were bizarre and morbid.

Who is Jani Schofield?

Jani Schofield is the elder sister of Bodhi Schofield, who also is mentally disabled and suffering from schizophrenia.

It is a severe and devastating mental condition characterized mostly by sensory hallucinations. This is completely rare to suffer from schizophrenia at this age.

Photos: Jani struggles with schizophrenia - Los Angeles Times
Bodhi’s sister Jani Schofield. Source: Los Angeles Times

While in 2009, Jani became featured on the popular show called The Oprah show. As she was suffering from childhood schizophrenia. People who suffer from such diseases sometimes cause a person to behave violently. While Jani also tried to commit suicide several times.

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Bodhi Schofield Parents

Bodhi is lucky to be born to such supportive parents, father Michael Schofield and mother Susan Schofield. His father, Michael, is a professional college professor.

Moreover, at the same time, mother Jani is full-time taking care of her both child.

Edge of the abyss
Family photo of Bodhi Schofield. Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Bodhi’s parents, Michael and Susan, have been in marriage since 1994. Also, they had to face marriage problems several times but didn’t think of their separation as both of them knew their separation could make their kid’s condition even worse.

We can admit that Bodhi’s parents are very caring and supportive of their child. Being a parent of both disabled children, They don’t even send their children to a psychiatric institution. And committed to looking for them for their entire life.

More of the Schofield Family

Moreover, Bodhi’s parents are hopeful for recovering kids’ diseases. The couple also started to run a non-profit organization called Jani’s Foundation.

Besides all these parental hurdles, they also have some worries remain. Our second fear is that our children will never be entirely independent. What are they going to do when we are dead and gone? Who will provide the support? Bodhi’s mother, Susan, said.

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