The full name David Raitt was born on 7 December 1894 in Buckhaven, Scotland. He is one of the most popular bandleaders and singer-guitarist from Scotland.

David Raitt hails from an incredibly rich musical performance heritage, including his father, John, known for his Broadway and movie stardom, and his sister, the legendary Bonnie Raitt, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer.

Personal Life

The popular musician David Raitt was born in Buckhaven, Scotland, on 7 December 1894. His mother, Marge Goddard (née Haydock), was a pianist, while her father, John Raitt, was an actor in musical productions.

He often played with his sister and brother, steve and bonnie, as a child. We have less information about steve, but Bonnie is also an American Blues singer, guitarist, songwriter, and activist. John Raitt’s job as a theatre actor meant Bonnie did not interact with him as much as she would have liked.

David grew to resent her mother, as she became the main authority figure of the household whenever John was away.

With the Baja band and his friend,
David source: Lively Times.

About David Raitt and his Career

David Raitt is an accomplished musician who can play almost anything. Still, this concert focuses on an Americana approach, with some traditional music, some of David’s original songs, and some of Barry Cloyd’s. Blues, folk, acoustic rock & bluegrass is their forte.

Barry is a well-respected local musician and entertainer whose latest CD, “Southland,” was an award winner for best Americana album.

David has been making music in Mendicino county for over 40 years. Originally from Buckhaven, Scotland, he began playing the drums, bass, flute, guitar, and a harmonica as a young boy. He was raised in a musical family headed by broadway legend John Raitt and pianist/singer wife marge.

David Raitt and his Baja Boogie Band performed “Watch Your Back” at the Halfway House Saloon” in Montana in 2014 on tour,
source: youtube.

David played in a series of a band as a teenager. Also, he played stand in the band with his sister Bonnie.

When she began her career in the East coast coffee houses, David moved to northern California, where he started ab family and a successful yurt building business.

He began performing in a series of band configurations building a steady, loyal following at clubs, festivals, and benefits all over the Mendocino and Sonoma country areas. Also, see Weston Koury.

As of the last few years, he has headlined blues festivals in Idaho, Montana, and in the Southern, Baja played shows in Nelson, B.C, and this summer played at the Calgary Blues festival.


David is one of the most famous guitarists from Buckhaven, Scotland. As for his relationship, there is not any information about it. But we can say that he was not dating anyone at that time. He was busy making his best career.

Let’s know about his father’s relationship; John Raitt was an actor in Musical productions such as Oklahoma! The pyjama game met David’s mother, Marge Goddard (née Haydock), who was a pianist. After living in a relationship for one year, they married, and they lived happily with their beautiful family.


The brother of the blues-influenced star Bonnie Raitt. But that’s not the reason David Raitt is so captivating on his solo debut-the man has talent.

The multifaceted musician plays the drums, bass, flute, guitar, and harmonica and sings wonderfully on this treasure trove of 12 songs. Read again: Chaney Jones.

And talking about his net worth, he was a famous bandleader. He was the richest and most popular guitarist in Scotland. As we can predict, his net worth is around $12 million.

Our viewers’ first income source was a musician and a guitarist.

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John Raitt Father
Marjorie Haydock Mother
Steven Raitt Brother
Bonnie Raitt Sister