Today, in this article, we have urged to write about such a personality who had only a day on earth to live for. Yes, that kid was Media Personality Richard Dickerson and Danielle’s son, Richie Dickerson. Richie was born one day before his death.


Richie Dickerson is the name that his parents had planned for him. But who knows, this name will only remain in memories. Riche was born on August 25, 2015. A one-day-old newborn kid died after a day of birth on August 26, 2015.

Richie also has two elder siblings named Daniel Dickerson and Naomi Dickerson. They were so happy to welcome their new family member. But that didn’t last long.

Cause of Richie’s death

Richie’s mother wrote in her post about the death of his newly born son; Yesterday I was blessed with the birth of my Richie Bear. Unfortunately, last night he took his place with the lord, and we said goodbye. Before the birth of Richie, her mother Danielle was told that there was an almost 53 percent chance of mortality.

As per the report, Richie’s stomach, gallbladder, spleen, and life could be seen outside his torse. He was later diagnosed with Omphalocele and tragically passed away just hours after his birth.

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About Richie’s dad Richard Dickerson

Richie Dickerson is professionally a television and media personality. This media personality is based in the United States of America. Besides, Riche is Danielle Milian’s husband, a hairstylist in the profession—born and raised in the USA in April 1985.

Richard started his career as a television show presenter. And he made out his career in this field as a media personality.

Hairstylist mother, Danielle Milian

Danielle Milian is a mother of three kids, including Riche Dickerson. She has been inspiring to her family members.

Being an inspired mother to the kid and a supportive wife to husband Richard, still thriving and established herself as one of the popular hair stylish in the glamour industry.

Nouveau-né : Danielle... - Les Stars enceintes - People 2 | Facebook
Richie’s mother, Danielle Millian, and his aunts. Source: Facebook

Besides her professional identity as a hairstylist, Danielle is the sister of popular actress Christina Milian. Hairstylist Danielle was born to one popular family.

She is the daughter of Carmen Milian and Don Flores and is a celebrity family member.

Net Worth and Earnings

How can one expect an earning of one day born baby, so the late son of Richard’s son has no net worth and earnings? If this never happened, he must do something that inspire people and the communities.

However, his media personality dad Richard Dickerson has a net worth of $50,00,00 approximately, which he collected that wealth from being in the media industry.

Christina Milian's sister Danielle loses newborn baby | HELLO!
In the picture, Richie’s mother Danielle and aunt Christina Milian. Source Hello Magazine

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