Brigette Lau is a prominent American entrepreneur, renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to the tech industry.

As a founding partner at Firework Ventures, Lau has displayed a keen entrepreneurial spirit, driving innovation and fostering growth in the startup ecosystem. With her extensive background as a senior software engineer at Navio Systems Inc., she has garnered invaluable expertise in technology development and implementation.

Likewise, beyond her professional achievements, Lau’s personal life has also captured public attention, notably as the former spouse of Canadian capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya. In this article, we delve into the multifaceted journey of Brigette.

Brigette Lau and Chamath Palihapitiya’s Marriage

Brigette and Chamath had a failed marriage that ended in divorce. The couple had a private wedding ceremony with close friends and family in attendance. They had been in a long-term relationship prior to their marriage.

Brigette Lau and Chamath Palihapitiya went their separate ways after being together for a long time.
Brigette Lau and Chamath Palihapitiya went their separate ways after being together for a long time. Source: Pinterest

During their marriage, Brigette and Chamath were blessed with three children. However, specific details such as their names and birthdates are not publicly known.

Brigette and Chamath officially ended their relationship in 2018 after a final court hearing. The reason behind their divorce has not been disclosed. It appears that their marriage did not have a happy ending, unlike the relationship between Nick and Danielle Wright.

Regarding the custody of their children, Chamath, Brigette’s ex-spouse, shares joint custody with her.

Net Worth-How Much Does She Earn?

The estimated net worth of Brigette as of now is $2 million. Her primary source of income is her work as a self-employed entrepreneur. While she has achieved financial success and recognition in her career, the exact details of her earnings and sources of income are not publicly available.

It is worth noting that Lau’s ex-husband, Chamath Palihapitiya, is a prominent capitalist, CEO of Social Capital, and a former senior executive at Facebook. His estimated net worth is reported to be around $1.2 billion, highlighting his significant financial accomplishments.

What Does She Do Now?

Brigette, currently a co-founder and General Partner at Firework Ventures, continues to make an impact in the venture capital industry. In her role at Firework Ventures, Lau not only invests in promising startups but also actively collaborates with them, providing guidance and support.

Brigette Lau is a co-founder and General Partner at Firework Ventures.
Brigette Lau is a co-founder and General Partner at Firework Ventures. Source: Pinterest

Firework Ventures focuses on backing startups that promote access and opportunity, aiming to drive economic and social mobility for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Previous Work

Before her venture capital journey, Lau gained valuable experience in the tech industry. She worked as a sales executive at IBM, where she developed her skills in client relations and business development. Additionally, Lau worked as an engineer at various Silicon Valley startups, immersing herself in the fast-paced and innovative startup culture.

She Also Worked At Her Ex-Husband’s Company Social Capital

Lau’s background in both sales and engineering has provided her with a well-rounded perspective in navigating the complexities of the business world. Her career also includes notable achievements at Social Capital, where she served as the Founding Chief Operating Officer (COO).

In this role, Lau oversaw and managed the non-investing functions of the firm, contributing to its success through her expertise and leadership.

Education Background

Brigette Lau has an impressive educational background, showcasing her commitment to learning and personal development. She completed her studies in Computer Engineering at the prestigious University of Waterloo (1999).

To further enhance her understanding of business and management, Lau pursued an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business (2007).

Brigette Lau Wiki/Bio

Brigette is a private individual, and there is limited publicly available information about her personal life. While she was born and raised in the United States, specific details about her birthdate, family background, and siblings are not known as she has not disclosed them.

The entrepreneur Lau is not active on any social media platforms.
The entrepreneur Lau is not active on any social media platforms. Source: Pinterest

Lau maintains a low profile and prefers to keep her personal life private. Like Nicole Frangipane, she is not active on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

As a result, Brigette remains a mysterious figure, with little public insight into her personal life and activities.

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