Brittany Perrineau is an American actress and former model, who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. She is famous for her memorable roles in films such as “Felon” (2008), “Lost” (2004), and “Saving Face” (2004), showcasing her versatility and skill on the screen.

In addition to her successful career, Brittany is also famous for being the wife of acclaimed actor Harold Perrineau. Likewise, Harold is famous for his iconic portrayals of Augustus Hill in HBO’s “Oz,” Michael Dawson in ABC’s “Lost,” and Link in “The Matrix Reloaded.”

Beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Harold Perrineau is a devoted family man. At the age of 57, he finds joy in his family life, where he happily embraces the joys and challenges in his home.

How old is Brittany Perrineau? Her Age, Wiki/Bio

Brittany Perrineau is an American actress, born Brittany Robinson in 1976 in the United States, making her 47 years old as of 2023. However, specific details about her full birthdate, parents’ names, and educational background have not been disclosed publicly.

In terms of her ethnicity, Brittany’s ancestry is Caucasian, but further details about her family background have not been made public. As a private individual, she may have chosen to keep personal information, including her academic history, away from the public eye.

How Long is Harold Perrineau married to Brittany Perrineau?

In the dazzling world of entertainment, some stars shine just as brightly in their personal lives. One such couple is the talented actress Brittany Perrineau and the renowned actor Harold Perrineau, whose love story has spanned over two decades.

Brittany Perrineau and her husband Harold Perrineau are together for over two decades.
Brittany Perrineau and her husband Harold Perrineau are together for over two decades. Source: Instagram

Though they prefer to keep their private life out of the spotlight, their unwavering bond is evident in the way they celebrate moments together, like the birth of their children. Having taken their vows on August 27, 2002, their enduring love serves as an inspiration, proving that true love can thrive amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.”

She Is The Mother Of Three Daughters

Harold and Brittany Perrineau’s family is a testament to their enduring love and close-knit bond. They are proud parents to three wonderful children, each with their unique personalities and talents.

Their eldest child, Aurora Robinson, was born on September 23, 1994, making her entrance into the world eight years before her parents’ marriage. She has grown into a remarkable individual, likely paving her own path in life.

The 'Lost' actor Harold Perrineau with his wife and three daughters celebrating Christmas.
The ‘Lost’ actor Harold Perrineau with his wife and three daughters celebrating Christmas. Source: Instagram/@haroldperrineau

Their second child, Wynter Aria, was born on May 7, 2008, and has now reached the age of 13. It’s evident that she has a creative flair, as Harold proudly shared that she had sewed her own ice princess costume for Halloween in 2018.

Their youngest, Holiday Grace, was born on March 21, 2013, and is now 8 years old. With loving and nurturing parents, she too is blossoming into her own unique self.

While Harold and Brittany maintain a degree of privacy regarding their personal life, they occasionally share glimpses of their family moments with their fans. On Halloween 2018, they posed for a heartwarming group shot, exuding happiness and love.

Although their eldest, Aurora, might have been away due to work engagements, it’s evident that the Perrineau family cherishes the time they spend together.

What Happened To ‘Lost’ Star Harlod and Brittany’s Daughter Aurora Perrineau?

Following in the footsteps of her talented parents, Aurora Perrineau ventured into acting and secured a role in the movie adaptation of the beloved 1980s cartoon “Jem and the Holograms.” However, the 2015 film brought unexpected and intense criticism her way.

Aurora portrayed the character Shana, a dark-skinned character with kinky hair. Many fans were disappointed with the casting, arguing that Aurora, with her light skin and biracial background, wasn’t the right fit for the role. In response to the backlash, her father, Harold Perrineau, came to her defense in a heartfelt open letter for The Wrap, expressing his anger at the attacks on his daughter.

#MeToo Moment

Despite facing this challenging situation, Aurora displayed incredible strength and resilience in both her personal and professional life. In 2017, she courageously came forward with a #MeToo moment, accusing “Girls” writer Murray Miller of sexually assaulting her when she was 17 years old.

Harold publicly supported his daughter’s bravery, praising her as a warrior, and used his platform to advocate for the #MeToo movement.

Aurora’s pursuit of justice didn’t come without its obstacles. The case against Miller faced challenges due to the expiration of the statute of limitations and reported inconsistencies. Nevertheless, Aurora’s decision to speak up was about seeking justice and creating awareness, rather than seeking monetary damages.

Net Worth- Her Movies and Tv Shows

As of the latest available information, Brittany Perrineau’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $500,000. Same to Catherine Rusoff, Harold’s wife has a short-lived career in the entertainment world. Throughout her acting career, she has only appeared in three movies and tv shows named Felon (2008), Lost (2004), and Saving Face (2004).

Brittany Perrineau is an actress best known for 'Lost.'
Brittany Perrineau is an actress best known for ‘Lost.’ Source: Pinterest

While specific details about her annual earnings or the total amount accumulated throughout her career remain undisclosed, it’s evident that her net worth as a former actress has been positively influenced by her successful journey in the entertainment industry. Also, know about another celebrity wife Gia Olimp.

In contrast, her husband, Harold Perrineau, boasts a net worth of $8 million. His extensive acting career, filled with notable roles in popular TV shows and films, has played a pivotal role in his financial success.

Widely recognized for his outstanding performances in television series such as “Lost,” “Oz,” and “Constantine,” as well as blockbuster movies like “The Matrix” trilogy, Harold’s talent and hard work have contributed significantly to his impressive wealth.

Brittany’s Husband Harold Perrineau’s Real Estate

Harold Perrineau, known for his successful acting career, has made notable real estate transactions over the years. In August 2006, during the peak of “Lost’s” popularity, he purchased a home in West Hollywood, California, for $2.05 million. After listing the property for sale multiple times starting in 2015, he finally sold it in April 2021 for $3.08 million, making a significant profit from the initial purchase.

Shortly after selling his West Hollywood property, in July 2021, Harold acquired a newly-constructed home in Encino, California, for $3.3 million.

Furthermore, in January 2018, he invested in a 2,600-square-foot apartment located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, paying $1.2 million for it. He later decided to sell the property and listed it for $2 million in November 2021. Eventually, he accepted an offer of $1.9 million in May 2022.

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