Cadyn Rotunda is the daughter of the famous late WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt, who was like a giant in the wrestling world. She’s part of this cool wrestling family, which makes her kind of a celebrity too, but she’s not out there in the spotlight like her dad.

From what we know, Cadyn seems to keep things pretty low-key. Growing up with a dad like Bray Wyatt must be pretty awesome, though.

Imagine having all those wrestling stories and maybe even getting to hang out backstage at WWE events! Keep scrolling to find out about her age, mother, siblings, net worth, relationship, career, and many more.

How Old Is Bray Wyatt’s Daughter Cadyn Rotunda? Age, Siblings, Early Life

Cadyn Rotunda was born in the US back in 2010. She’s the daughter of Bray Wyatt, the wrestling superstar, and her mom is Samantha Rotunda. Her mother is a real estate agent from Florida.

Cadyn is 13 years old now and is in eighth grade. She’s got this awesome family with a mix of American backgrounds.

Cadyn Rotunda with her sister.
Cadyn Rotunda with her sister. Source: Instagram/@samsellsthesouth

The celebrity daughter has a sister named Kendyl, who is her partner in crime. Similarly, she’s got two step-siblings, Knash Sixx and Hyrie Von, from her dad’s relationship with JoJo. Her uncle is Bo Dallas and her aunt is Mika Rotunda.

Likewise, her grandparents are Mike and Stephanie Rotunda. Cadyn has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Her Father, Bray Wyatt Passed Away in 2023

What happened to Bray Wyatt? Bray Wyatt, also known as Windham Rotunda, has passed away. He was only 36 years old when he died in his sleep on August 24, 2023, in Brooksville, Florida, USA.

What was the cause of Bray Wyatt’s death? He dies because of a heart attack. Likewise, it’s said that he had a heart condition and had seen a doctor earlier that day.

Bray was a famous wrestler loved by many fans. His friend Triple H confirmed the news on social media, and we’re sending love to Bray’s fiancée, JoJo, and their kids, as well as his other children from his previous marriage.

TMZ reported that Bray didn’t have a heart device on him when he passed, which is sad news.

Parents (Samantha Rotunda and Bray Wyatt) Relationship Details

Cadyn Rotunda’s parents, Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) and Samantha Rotunda, first met in college at Troy University. They fell in love and got married in 2012, starting a family with two daughters.

But things turned rocky when Wyatt allegedly cheated on Samantha. In 2017, after five years of marriage, Samantha filed for divorce, saying Wyatt cheated. She wanted spousal support, child support, and custody of their kids.

Wyatt fired back, accusing Samantha of spreading lies on social media to ruin his career. Their divorce ended badly, showing how their once-happy relationship fell apart.

Furthermore, Samantha has also moved on with Dan Pixley, a landscape laborer.

Divorce Settlement

During the divorce, Bray Wyatt’s ex-wife said he spent $11,000 on his new girlfriend instead of paying her. He agreed to pay her $14,735 every month plus $50,000 for legal fees, but he’s only been paying $6,000.

Bray bought his girlfriend expensive stuff, like $5,006.27 on mini horses, $533.93 on jewelry, $112.79 at a Miami bar, and $171.20 on women’s swimwear. Later on, they had a settlement and were co-parenting the Cadyn until the passing of Wyatt.

Was Bray Wyatt Married To JoJo? Was She Bray’s Wife?

Bray Wyatt’s girlfriend was Jojo Offerman, who is also a WWE wrestler. She was born on March 10, 1994, and is the daughter of professional baseball player Jose Offerman.

Bray Wyatt with his finance JoJo and all of his children.
Bray Wyatt with his finance JoJo and all of his children. Source: Pinterest

Jojo made her debut on the reality show Total Divas in 2013. Alongside her wrestling career, she worked as a ring announcer for WWE, including on RAW. She and Bray Wyatt were in a serious relationship before his tragic passing.

Wyatt proposed to Jojo, and she said yes. On April 28, 2022, Jojo announced their engagement on Instagram, sharing a photo of her stunning ring and expressing her love for Wyatt.

Sadly, the untimely passing of Bray ended their relationship. The duo were planning to tie the knot on December 6, 2023.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Cadyn Rotunda is still a teenage girl, busy with school and not working anywhere. She enjoys her parent’s wealth, just like Mya Lynn Lesnar and Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, daughters of WWE wrestlers.

Cadyn Rotunda enjoys her parents' money.
Cadyn Rotunda enjoys her parents’ money. Source: Instagram/@samsellsthesouth

Her dad, Bray Wyatt, who was a famous WWE wrestler, had about $2 million when he passed away. Besides his WWE salary, he made money from social media, special events, and deals with brands.

At first, Bray Wyatt made around $1 million a year from WWE, including bonuses and stuff. But in 2022, he got a big raise, making $4 million each year from WWE. That’s a lot more!

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