Casey Beane, daughter of renowned front office executive Billy Beane, has made her mark in both the real-life and reel-life narratives surrounding the Oakland Athletics. Immortalized in the critically acclaimed Hollywood film “Moneyball” in 2011, Casey’s storyline mirrored her father’s revolutionary approach to player recruitment and valuation. However, her impact extends beyond the silver screen.

Casey has been playing a significant role in her father’s enduring tenure with the Athletics, a testament to her influence and unwavering support. Beyond her association with the baseball world, little is public about Casey’s life post-movie fame.

From her current status of fame and relationships to her journey, this article delves into the captivating story of Casey and the intriguing chapters that follow her cinematic debut.

Casey Beane’s Early Life: Age, Family, Education

Casey Beane, the daughter of Billy Beane, was born in California in the early ’90s, specifically in the month of May. Her paternal grandfather had a military background and served as a commander in the Navy.

Casey pursued her education at Sage Hill School, attending from 2004 to 2008. After completing high school, she enrolled at Kenyon College in Ohio, where she studied from 2008 to 2012. Kenyon College is famous for its strong academic programs and is recognized as a prestigious institution.

As for her family, Casey has half-siblings named Tinsley Beane and Brayden Beane from her father’s marriage to his current partner, Tara Beane. It was during the time of Casey’s birth that Billy Beane made the decision to transition into the field of advanced scouting, a pivotal move in his career.

The Story Behind Her Parents

Casey Beane’s mother is Cathy Sturdivant. Billy Beane and Cathy Sturdivant, who had known each other since childhood and attended the same high school in San Diego, tied the knot in February 1986. Cathy, born in 1970, was a notable athlete herself, achieving the status of a three-time tennis All-American at the University of California-San Diego.

Billy Bean is an American former professional baseball player.
 Billy Bean is an American former professional baseball player. Source: Pinterest

Casey came into the world during the early stages of Billy’s professional baseball career, adding another chapter to their intertwined lives. While details about Cathy’s life beyond her athletic achievements and her relationship with Billy are little, her connection to the sports world and her shared journey with Billy Beane played a significant role in shaping Casey’s upbringing and connection to the realm of baseball.

Casey and Her Half-Siblings

Following the divorce of her parents, Casey’s father, Billy Beane, entered into a new chapter of his life. In 1999, he married Tara Beane, and together they welcomed twin children into the world. Casey became an older half-sister to a brother named Brayden and a sister named Tinsley Beane, born on January 15, 2008.

While Casey, Brayden, and Tinsley may not share a biological connection, their bond as siblings remains strong. Despite their different family backgrounds, they have formed a close relationship, highlighting the significance of love and harmony within a blended family dynamic. The unity and closeness between Casey and her half-siblings exemplify the strength and resilience of familial ties that extend beyond blood relations.

Casey Beane’s Relationship Status

As of the available information up to September 2021, there are speculations about Beane’s romantic relationship. On her seemingly inactive Facebook account are a few pictures of Casey with a man Jake Quaid, suggesting a possible romantic connection between them. However, the exact nature and status of their relationship remain undisclosed, as neither Casey nor Jake have publicly confirmed their romantic union.

Casey Beane with her boyfriend Jake Quaid.
Casey Beane with her boyfriend Jake Quaid. Source: Facebook

Adding to the mystery is Casey’s little activity on social media platforms. Her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other profiles are private or inaccessible to the public. This choice for privacy further obscures details about her personal life, including her relationship status. Therefore, without further confirmation or updated information, the specifics of Casey’s romantic life remain undisclosed.

How Much Is Billy Beane’s Daughter’s Net Worth?

Casey Beane’s exact net worth is not publicly available. It is expected to be significantly lower than that of her father, Billy Beane. Billy, with his successful career as a sports executive and ownership stakes in various sports franchises.

Likewise, Billy has a net worth of $20 million and an annual salary of $3 million. His financial success is attributed not only to his salary and position as an executive, but also to his minority ownership in the Oakland Athletics, Barnsley FC, and AZ Alkmaar.

However, due to Casey’s private life and typical job, her net worth is likely to be considerably lower than her father’s. As such, it is unlikely that she has accumulated wealth on a similar scale, and she may have a long way to go before reaching a comparable level of financial success.

Professional Career

Casey, the daughter of Billy Beane, is currently working as a director in the Client Relationship Group at Balyasny Asset Management LP in Chicago, Illinois. She joined the company in September 2019. Before her position at Balyasny, Casey worked at Citadel in Illinois, where she was responsible for managing investor relationships.

During her college years, Casey also gained experience in the healthcare field while working in Washington, DC. As of recent information, she resides in the Greater Chicago Area. Also, read to know about Rebecca Schull‘s professional career.

Bringing Casey Beane’s Character to Life in Moneyball

In the critically acclaimed film Moneyball, actress Kerris Dorsey beautifully portrayed the character of Casey, the daughter of Billy Beane. Known for her roles in films like Walk The Line and Just Like Heaven, Dorsey’s performance as Casey showcased her talent and on-screen chemistry with Brad Pitt, who played her father, Billy.

Actress Kerris Dorsey, as the character of Casey Beane, the daughter of Billy Beane.
Actress Kerris Dorsey, as the character of Casey Beane, the daughter of Billy Beane. Source: Pinterest

One memorable aspect of Casey’s character in the film was her singing. In a couple of scenes, Casey is shown singing for her on-screen father, played by Brad Pitt. The final scene, in particular, features a heartfelt moment where Billy plays Casey’s song while driving, a callback to an earlier scene where she sang the same song for him in a guitar store. The song, “The Show” by Lenka, was performed by Kerris Dorsey herself, showcasing her singing abilities at the age of 13 during the film’s production.

Interestingly, Casey noticed a humorous detail about her character’s appearance in the film. She realized that the hairstyle depicted in the movie was the same one she had in the third grade. This lighthearted observation brought a personal connection and added authenticity to Casey’s character on screen.

Kerris Dorsey’s portrayal of Casey in Moneyball added depth and emotion to the film, contributing to its overall success and critical acclaim.

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