Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole is the famous daughter of the famous Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. While Ceslie-Ann isn’t currently pursuing a public career in music herself, she captures attention due to her familial ties to the cherished Hawaiian singer.

Beyond the spotlight cast by her father’s legacy, details about Ceslie-Ann’s pursuits remain largely undisclosed. However, she again came into the spotlight for a criminal act. She became the most wanted woman in Hawaii in 2016.

So, what did Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole do? What happened to her? And, what is she doing now? Let’s uncover all the truth in this article. Likewise, continue to scroll down for all the information.

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Daughter, Ceslie-Ann: Age, Wiki, Early Life

Meet Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole, or as friends call her, “Wehi.” She came into the world in 1983, gracing Hawaii with her presence. Now at 41, she stands as the lone kid in her family, her parents being the renowned Israel and Marlene Kamakawiwo’ole.

Childhood picture of Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole.
Childhood picture of Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole. Source: Pinterest

Ceslie-Ann’s heritage is a vibrant mix, proudly representing her American nationality. Her grandparents, Henry Kaleialoha Naniwa Kamakawiwo’ole Jr., and Evangeline Leinani Keale Kamakawiwo’ole add layers to her roots, connecting her deeply to Hawaiian culture and history.

Growing up in Hawaii, Ceslie-Ann probably had some pretty amazing experiences, being part of such a rich musical and cultural legacy.

Why Was She In the Wanted List? What Crime Did She Do?

What Happened to Ceslie-Ann? People have been curious about the alleged crime that led Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole to draw police attention and potentially land on a most-wanted list. Those familiar with her character have previously described her as kind-hearted and affectionate.

However, perceptions changed once she gained notoriety as a supposed criminal. The incident in question reportedly involved the theft of a Mercedes SUV on February 25, 2015, from Alai Wai Boulevard. Upon the owner’s return around 7:00 am, the vehicle was discovered missing and reported to law enforcement at approximately 3:20 pm.

Subsequently, authorities initiated surveillance to track the stolen vehicle. Reports from the public aided in locating a vehicle matching the description on Komalo Street, Waipahu. Upon reviewing local surveillance footage, authorities identified Ceslie entering the stolen vehicle around 4:00 pm and driving away.

Following this, a warrant of $20,000 was issued for Ceslie’s arrest. Furthermore, her alleged violation of Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) prompted a search by law enforcement. Moreover, she gained notoriety after live footage allegedly showing her stealing a car was broadcast on KHON2 news.

Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole: Marriage, Husband, and Kids

So, about Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole’s love life? Well, word has it she’s hitched and has five kiddos! But she’s kinda private about her family, not spilling much on her husband or most of her kids.

Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole's two kids.
Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole’s two kids. Source: Pinterest

But here’s the scoop: two of her little ones, Kiara and Elijah Parker-Kamakawiwoole, are all about music, just like their grandpa.

Yep, both of these kids dig strumming the ukulele. When asked how she feels hearing her kids play, Ceslie-Ann (also known as Wehi) got all emotional, saying how it’s bittersweet to see her dad’s musical spirit in her own kiddos.

She’s just so moved by the reflection of her dad in her children every single day.

Her Father, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Was a Famous Musician

Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole’s dad, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, was quite the music star. He was born on May 20, 1959, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Once he settled in Mākaha, he teamed up with Louis Kauakahi, Sam Gray, and Jerome Koko, along with his brother Skippy, to form a band known as the Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau. These guys brought together both modern and traditional musical vibes.

The band dropped albums like No Kristo and others including Hoʻoluana, Kahea O Keale, Keala, Makaha Sons of Niʻihau, and Mahalo Ke Akua. But it was their 1984 release, Puana Hou Me Ke Aloha, that really put them on the map.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole died because of respiratory problems.
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole died because of respiratory problems. Source: Pinterest

Sadly, Ceslie’s uncle Skippy passed away at just 28, leading her dad to step away from making music.

Then, in 1990, Israel struck out on his own, releasing his debut solo album, Ka ‘Ano’i, which grabbed awards for Contemporary Album of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year. His 1993 album, Facing Future, even hit No. 25 on the Billboard charts.

Ceslie-Ann’s dad snagged honors from HARA at the Annual Nā Hōkū Hanohano awards and bagged several other accolades for his music career.

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Cause of Death

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Ceslie-Ann’s father, faced a lifelong struggle with obesity, starting from his childhood. His weight reached a staggering 757 pounds, roughly 343 kg, on his 6 feet 2 inches frame.

This excessive weight caused him ongoing health issues, leading to frequent hospital visits and enduring chronic respiratory and heart problems.

Tragically, after a prolonged battle with obesity and related health complications, Israel passed away on June 26, 1997, due to respiratory failure. He left this world at the young age of 38. His funeral was attended by a staggering crowd of 10,000 mourners.

In honor of his impact and music, fans gathered on September 20, 2003, to pay tribute to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. As a lasting tribute, a bronze statue was erected at the Waianae Neighborhood Community Center on O’ahu.

Details on Her Parents’ Marriage

Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole’s parents shared a deep bond, having been childhood sweethearts. Their love story led them to tie the knot in the late months of 1982.

Their wedding, a modest affair, brought together their closest friends and family. Interestingly, this same year marked the loss of Israel’s elder brother and bandmate, Skippy.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole with his wife and daughter.
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole with his wife and daughter. Source: Pinterest

The affection between Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole’s parents remained strong until her father’s passing, resembling a real-life fairytale.

In an interview with the Honolulu Advertiser, Ceslie’s mother shared that their love was unconditional. She fondly recalled that even before the singer gained fame or wealth, he would gift her roses daily, reflecting the depth of their bond.

What Is Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole Net Worth?

Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole maintains a very private profile and hasn’t disclosed information about her income sources. Also, know the net worth of other celebrity daughters Leslie Carol Shatner and Molly Elizabeth Brolin.

In contrast, her late father, Israel, had a net worth of approximately $500 thousand. It’s speculated that after Israel’s passing, his assets might have been inherited by his daughter and wife.

However, due to Ceslie-Ann’s privacy regarding financial matters, her personal net worth or income details remain undisclosed.

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