We are pretty sure that you are among one who is a regular audience of WWE. Ain’t you? And, if you are, then Charlotte Flair isn’t the new name for you. Flair is an American professional wrestler. Moreover, she is mainly known as the daughter of Ric Flair.

Charlotte Flair Husband

If you are wondering what could be the marital status of the 34-years-old professional wrestler then let us make it clear that she is already married.

Have a look at the snippet of Charlotte
Have a look at the snippet of Charlotte Flair
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Yes, she is a married woman. But, you might be surprised to learn that Charlotte Flair is married twice. Want to know, who she tied the knot? Let’s find out.

Charlotte With Riki Johnson and Bram

Riki Johnson is the first husband of Charlotte Flair. Moreover, they married in 2010. Unexpectedly, their married life didn’t go well, and later decided to part away in 2013. Even though they have been wives and husbands for more than three years, they don’t share any kids.

Charlotte Flair with her ex-husband, Bram
Charlotte Flair with her ex-husband, Bram
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Shortly after her divorce from her ex-husband Riki, Charlotte married Bram in 2013. Bram was part of the Ascension in the WWE. Likewise, her first marriage, her second marriage also didn’t go well. According to Sportskeeda, Charlotte divorced Bram shortly after his 2015 arrests. Likewise, she also doesn’t share any kids with Bram.

Is Charlotte Dating After A Split From Bram?

It seems that Charlotte Flair is in a romantic relationship as she updates flirting posts on Instagram. Moreover, her fans have already speculated that she is dating someone.

Charlotte and Andrade are engaged in early 2020
Charlotte and Andrade are engaged in early 2020
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Recently, Andrade, the WWE Superstar has posted a tweet congratulating her girlfriend, Flair after the match. Surprised? What’s more surprising is that they have been dating since last year and have already engaged in early 2020.

Net Worth of Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is a professional WWE wrestler. Moreover, she is the daughter of Legendary wrestler, Ric Flair. That makes the people curious concerning what could be the net worth of Charlotte. And, the public already speculated that her net worth is in six digits. But, is it true?

The American professional wrestler, Flair fighting against her opponent
The American professional wrestler, Flair fighting against her opponent
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According to Thesun, her net worth is estimated to be around $2million. Her source of income is from her professional career as a wrestler. Moreover, in 2015, she was officially signed with the WWE. And, as per Tuko, her annual salary from the WWE is $550,000.

Since she is a professional wrestler and has been active in the WWE for more than five years which suggests that she might earn more than her average salary. Not to mention, her father Ric’s net worth is around $3 million. Having such incredible fortune, definitely, she and her family are living a luxurious life.

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