Chasey Calaway is a famous kid. She is the daughter of two-time champions, The Undertaker and Sara Frank. Her parents have still not explained anything about her academic achievements and history.

Furthermore, The Famous Kid was born on 21st November 2002, making her 21 years as of 2023 in the United States.

Moreover, She has dark brown hair with light brown eyes, and she was born under the birth sign of Scorpio.

The Celebrity Kid’s Family

Chasey’s father has three wives. In 1989, he married Jodi Lynn and divorced her in 1999. After a year of separation, he met Sara Calaway, who became his new better half. They married in the year 2000. However, things did not go as planned, and the couple divorced in 2007.

Mark is currently married to Michelle McCool, and they have a happy life together. They tied the knot in 2010. Chasey is the youngest of three siblings, one biological and two half-siblings. She has two sisters and a brother. Her sisters are Kaia Faith and Gracie Calaway, and her brother is Gunner Vincent Calaway.

Her biological sister is Gracie. On the 15th of May, 2005, she was born. Their maternal grandparents’ names are Carrol E. Frank and Karen Frans. Chasey’s paternal grandparents are Catherine Calaway and Frank Calaway. Their professional lives, however, have yet to be exposed.

Career and a Net Worth of The Celebrity Kid

Chasey Calaway has yet to decide on a particular professional route. She is, nonetheless, interested in a variety of topics. On the other hand, her father began his wrestling career in 1977 after joining CWA Wrestling. She is a complete tomboy, according to insiders.

The Celebrity Kid’s net worth is unknown. Chasey’s current net worth has yet to be updated. She does, however, live a lavish lifestyle with her parents. As a result of his television and wrestling careers, her father, The Undertaker, has $17 million.

Chasey’s Father: The Undertaker

Mark Calaway, also known as The Undertaker, is an American actor and former professional wrestler born on March 24, 1965. Wrestling enthusiasts see him as one of the best professional wrestlers. Calaway was given the moniker “The Undertaker” and presented as a horror-themed Deadman.

Furthermore, Mark had already married his first wife, Jodi Lynn, in 1998 before dating Sara. From his first marriage, Mark has a son named Gunner Vincent Calaway. After the marriage of Undertaker and Miss Calaway, Sara began to build a name for herself in the wrestling world.

Taker was said to have been burned alive, but he managed to escape.

Relationship and Instagram of The Celebrity Kid

Moreover, Calaway is a lovely young lady. She enjoys spending time with her younger sister. Additionally, She enjoys reading motivational books and watching web series as well. Ms.Calaway hasn’t had a boyfriend yet. Furthermore, She is passionate about furthering her profession.

Moreover, Chasey has an Instagram account on her social media profiles. Her Instagram account has approximately 2,000 followers. She’s also on Twitter, where she has a sizable following. However, she is yet to get a Wikipedia page in her name.

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