Chris Carlos: A Georgia-based millionaire, astute investor, and philanthropist. As a partner at Republic National Distributing Co., he plays a pivotal role in one of America’s top liquor distributors. Beyond business, his generosity shines through support for local charities.

Yet, his life is more than wealth and benevolence. Moreover, his high-profile relationship with Instagram model Juliana Carlos thrust him into the spotlight. Likewise, their headline-making encounter with an NBA figure added another layer to his intriguing story.

Join us as we delve into the life of Chris Carlos, exploring his family legacy, entrepreneurial journey, philanthropic endeavors, and the captivating personal chapters that have captivated public attention.

How Old Is Chris Carlos? Wiki, Age, Early Life

Born in August 1965, Chris G. Carlos, now 58, is a proud Atlanta native. His roots run deep in a family of entrepreneurs, with his grandfather’s legacy dating back to 1935 when he founded Dixie Wine, later known as the National Distributing Company.

Parents- He Comes From a Well Off Family

The Carlos family’s influence extends far beyond business. They established the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University and have made substantial donations to numerous nonprofits and charities.

Chris Carlos, husband to Juliana, is the son of Michael C. Carlos, the former Chairman and CEO of NDC, and Thalia N. Carlos. Sadly, his father succumbed to cancer in December 2002, while his mother passed away due to a stroke in May 2011.


Chris Carlos’s educational journey began at Woodward Academy, culminating in his graduation. Subsequently, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Florida, solidifying his path in the world of winery business.

Relationship Details of Chris Carlos and Juliana Carlos

Chris Carlos and Juliana Carlos embarked on their love story in early 2019 through a serendipitous blind double date arranged by mutual friends. Their connection blossomed over the course of a year, leading to an engagement announcement in August 2020.

Chris Carlos with his wife.
Chris Carlos with his wife. Source: Instagram

During a picturesque vacation at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Mexico, Chris Carlos made a heartfelt proposal, captured in a video shared by Juliana. Their love story reached its pinnacle when they exchanged vows during a Christmas wedding in 2020.

Despite their significant age gap, with Chris in his 50s and Juliana in her mid-20s, the couple has found a way to bridge the generations. Today, they split their time between Atlanta and Florida, blending their unique life experiences.

Juliana, known for her presence as an Instagram model and beauty vlogger, also runs a YouTube channel where she shares her makeup tutorials, adding another dimension to their dynamic relationship.

He Was Married Before

Before his marriage to Juliana Carlos, Chris Carlos had two previous marriages. His first wife was Merry Leigh Hodges, with whom he shares three adult children. Some reports suggest that some of his adult children may have their own families, making Chris a grandfather.

Merry Leigh Hodges and Chris Carlos’ children occasionally make appearances on his Instagram account, often alongside Juliana, indicating a harmonious family dynamic. Also, know about another billionaire businessman’s wife Claudia Heffner.

Chris’s second wife, Nicole Jockisch Carlos, is a former Hawaiian Tropic model, and the two have a son together, adding another layer to Chris’s complex family history. Chris Carlos’s life journey includes a rich tapestry of relationships and experiences, which continue to shape his fascinating story.

Professional Career

Chris Carlos is a renowned businessman who has made a significant mark in the world of alcoholic beverage distribution. Currently, he serves as a partner at Republic National Distributing Co (RNDC). Moreover, this company holds the prestigious title of being the second-largest distributor of premium wine and spirits in the United States.

Furthermore, Chris Carlos, a University of Florida graduate, began his career in the wine industry as a merchandiser in Jacksonville, Florida. Likewise, he joined the National Distributing Company in 1985 and climbed the corporate ladder, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations. Moreover, he even launched NDC’s beer division in Atlanta and held the position of Executive Vice President of Georgia within the company.

How Rich Is He? A Look Into His Impressive Net Worth

Chris Carlos is undoubtedly a wealthy individual with substantial financial resources. His reported net worth stands at an impressive $80 million, a testament to his successful career and investments. Also, know the net worth of another millionaire T.D. Jakes.

Moreover, as a partner at Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), the second-largest distributor of wine and spirits in the United States, Chris is associated with a company that generates nearly $11 billion in revenue.

Chris Carlos is a millionaire businessman.
Chris Carlos is a millionaire businessman. Source: Instagram

In addition to his business success, Chris and his wife, Juliana, enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. They reside in a $25 million penthouse in Miami, showcasing their affluence. Likewise, Chris also owns multiple properties across the United States.

Beyond his personal wealth, Chris is known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in support of conservative political interests. His ability to donate liberally reflects his financial standing and his commitment to the causes he believes in.

It’s worth noting that Chris Carlos has been featured in the New York Times in the past, where he was described as “a wealthy investor who is a member of one of Atlanta’s most well-known and philanthropic families.” The article highlighted his water usage during a drought period, shedding light on his affluent lifestyle.

Chris Carlos and Juliana’s High-Profile Clash at the 2021 Hawks vs. Lakers Game

In February 2021, Chris Carlos and his wife, Juliana, found themselves at the center of a basketball controversy during a game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Los Angeles Lakers. The incident unfolded when the couple, seated in VIP seats, engaged in a heated exchange with Lakers star LeBron James.

Juliana Carlos claimed that LeBron James initiated an altercation with her husband, Chris, during the game. They exchanged insults, leading Juliana to stand up in defense of her spouse. However, security personnel and ushers quickly intervened and asked the couple to leave the game prematurely.

Following the incident, Juliana took to Instagram to share her perspective on what transpired. She mentioned that Chris had been a long-time fan of basketball and had possibly had some prior issues with LeBron. She clarified that she didn’t have any personal issues with the Lakers shooting guard.

Juliana explained that her confrontation with LeBron arose because she believed he was saying something to Chris. Security footage later contradicted her claim that LeBron used strong language in response to her. However, The Athletic reported that in a clip of the incident, LeBron was seen referring to Chris Carlos as “old’ steroid ass.”

In the aftermath of the game and the altercation involving the Carlos couple, LeBron James addressed the situation on Twitter, referring to Juliana as “Courtside Karen” and indicating that she was very upset. The incident garnered significant attention and added a memorable chapter to Chris Carlos and Juliana’s public profile.

Juliana Carlos’ Apology on Instagram for the Game Incident

In the wake of the February incident at the basketball game involving Chris Carlos and LeBron James, Juliana Carlos took to her Instagram story to issue a public apology. She acknowledged the rapid escalation of events and expressed regret for her actions, particularly for losing her composure and removing her mask in the heat of the moment.

Juliana explained that what should have been a simple exchange between two adults had spiraled out of control, driven by her instinct to stand up for her husband, Chris.

In her message, Juliana Carlos admitted to becoming defensive and using offensive language, and she declared her willingness to take full responsibility for her behavior during the altercation.

LeBron James also weighed in on the incident, stating that he and Chris had exchanged words during the game, but he later commented that Chris Carlos had “gone a little bit out of bounds.” He downplayed the incident, suggesting that the fans didn’t deserve to be removed from the game and attributing their behavior to alcohol.

Chris Carlos: A Generous Philanthropist

Chris Carlos is not only a successful businessman but also a dedicated philanthropist who actively supports various charitable causes in his community. Similarly, his philanthropic efforts include contributions to local charities and nonprofits such as the Atlanta Ballet and the Atlanta Zoo.

Chris Carlos is also a philanthropist.
Chris Carlos is also a philanthropist. Source: Instagram

Moreover, Chris has played a significant role in supporting Emory University’s Carlos Museum, which houses an extensive collection of ancient artifacts from around the world, named in honor of his father.

In addition to his involvement with cultural and educational institutions, Chris Carlos serves as a trustee of the Atlanta Ballet, where he contributes to the promotion and preservation of the art of dance in Atlanta.

Moreover, his commitment to the Atlanta community has earned him recognition as the “Philanthropist of the Year” by the Atlanta chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

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