Chris Heria competed in the Street Workout World Championship for his country. He is a self-taught fitness trainer who is a member of the BarStarzz exercise squad.

Net Worth Of Chris Heria

Chris’ wife is unknown since his marital status is unknown. However, he does have a kid called Zen Heria and looks to be a single father. The fact that he is a prominent person yet is extremely private makes his followers curious about his relationship status.

As of 2021, Chris Heria has a net worth of $7 million. Many fitness establishments, such as The Miami Trainer and Calisthenics Academy, provide his services. His huge Net Worth comes from social media platforms and fitness clubs. As of 2022, his annual salary/income exceeds $100,000.

Chris Heria
Chris Heria with his son Zen Heria
Image: Instagram

Chris’s debut video, “Chris Heria- The Real Story Vlog1,” was released in 2018. He continues to post videos of his life, work, and successes and failures. “7 minute Fat Burning Morning Routine You Can Do Every Day” is Heria’s most popular video.

Professional Life And Waist Vest Of Chris Heria

He is a professional fitness trainer, but after graduating from high school. Athlete Heria has traveled around the United States for fitness competitions, seminars, workshops, and other events. He visited Russia, Norway, and Finland in addition to the United States.

After returning home from his global travels, he founded Calisthenics Academy in his hometown. His academy emphasized Calisthenics training, which drew many individuals, prompting him to create the Calisthenics Evolution Institute and ThenX.

Chris Heria
Chris Heria
Image: Instagram

His look implies that he is a tattoo enthusiast. Among the tattoos in his collection are. On his left hand, a woman’s portrait is Albert fish on his left forearm, a flower on his neck.

I will be heard the words on his chest with the sea monster and Albert Einstein in his right hand. Callisthenics Athlete Chris’s tattoos are meaningful to him, as he has an asymmetric design on his left shoulder and the phrase “define this mess” on his knuckles.

Chris Heria Went Through Years Of Legal Battles With His Girlfriend Over Their Son

Surprisingly to many, Chris Heria had to fight a battle to see his kid. Chris Heria has endured years of adversity that few his age can claim. Father of Zen was just 19 when his then-girlfriend became pregnant in 2011.

Trying to turn a new leaf, he enrolled in a real estate school to obtain a license and create a better life for his girlfriend and their child. He proposed to his girlfriend in the hopes of making her his wife. But she flatly refused. Also, know about Penny Taylor.

Chris Heria
Chris, Zen and Zen’s mother
Image: Instagram

The fitness trainer didn’t press the issue any further, feeling that it was important for his future child to grow up in a safe atmosphere. After a few months, his child’s mother phoned again and offered him an ultimatum: marry her or risk never seeing his child again.

Christian Heria stated that he would not marry her but was still prepared to be there in the child’s upbringing and be the provider. She immediately blocked all of his attempts to reach her. Heria traveled to Miami with his new girlfriend while waiting for everything to settle down. During the way, they were assaulted by a swarm of thugs.

Things Continued To Weaken For Chris Heria

Chris Heria, who had been fighting since he was a child, wounded one of his opponents. His perseverance improved the goons, who abandoned him after threatening to discover his residence and kill him.

Several more months later, on his way to work, Heria was stopped by five police officers, who arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder.

Chris Heria
Zen with his father, Chris
Image: Instagram

The charges were unfounded, but it took Heria several court appearances and a huge sum of money to clear her name.

Throughout the trial, he toured the world to stay healthy and spiritual. The voyage, he admits, helped him cope with the difficulties in a good manner. Heria’s years of spiritual and physical discipline paid off. He could not only clear his name of the attempted murder accusation, but he could also see his son, Zen.

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