Chris James Holdsworth is an American former mixed martial artist who competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. James was the winner of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate.

Chris Holdsworth is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Marc Laiman. The Ultimate Fighter was regarded as one of the hottest prospectuses in the North American grappling circuit when he was “just” a purple belt; the former World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi IBJJF Champion (2007) moved on to become a successful mixed-martial arts (MMA) fighter, reaching the world’s top MMA promotion.

As for his family background, he comes from an athletic background full of fighters. Although he hasn’t mentioned his parents’ names, he has shared his share of childhood stories.

Networth of The winner of The Ultimate Fighter

The former fighter is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) coach who is expected to make millions and live a lavish life. During his MMA career, he earned a yearly income of $128,000. 

Chris and his friends holding their Mixed Material Art's board.
Chris is in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
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Suppose we go through the average salary of MMA around $53,887. As we know that James is famous for his achievements, so he has a luxurious life with a massive amount of assets.

Relationship of American former mixed martial artist

Unlike Holdsworth, his personal life and relationship are hidden. As far as things are, James is not involved in scandals, rumors, or controversies. It seems that Holdsworth is more interested in his career and professional life.

James is wearing a blue uniform of his Mixed Material Arts and resting on the floor.
Chris is resting after practicing.
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Thus, he must be happily single. Even if you do deep research on his social media accounts, Chris hasn’t mentioned his relationships.

As for his early years, he is not involved with anyone; thus, all we can do is wait for him to break the news on this one. Anyways, to look into Holdsworth as a normal person is quite unexpected. He has always been the different one with skills and talents.

Let’s know more about Chris Holdsworth.

On October 24, 1987, Chris Holdsworth was born in Van Nuys, California – United States of America. As for his family background, he comes from an athletic background full of fighters.

Although he hasn’t mentioned his parents’ names, he has shared his share of childhood stories.

Chris Holdsworth in his childhood with his adorable momma
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Martial arts were part of Holdsworth from an early age, first through taekwondo as a child. His father was a MA enthusiast, and his older brother practiced American freestyle kickboxing. Even though his TKD experience was limited, he was surrounded by martial arts from his infancy.

At the age of 8, Chris’ older brother was gunned down, and his passing would be a catalyst for Holdsworth’s dedication to martial arts.

Starting from his grandfather to his brother, they are all fighters. His grandfather used to be a great boxer of his time, while his father was a fighter and a Vietnam War veteran.

As for his mother, she works TSA at the Burbank Airport. Additionally, his older brother was also a fighter who was, unfortunately, shot and killed when he was eight. 

Chris Holdsworth with his family members in a same town enjoying their 2 days out.
James spending time with his family
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During his early years, Holdsworth practiced taekwondo initially, while his brother used to learn kickboxing.

When he lost his brother at an early age, it fuelled his passion for sports. Therefore, he devoted himself to fights and pieces of training guided by his father.


In October 2010, Chris entered the MMA arena as a professional through Team Alpha Male. He featured in four fights with the teams, which were all titled as his victories through submission. 

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)- In the UFC, Holdsworth had three matches in total, including against Davey Grant, Chico Camus, and TJ Dillashaw.

During the match against Chico Camus on May 24, 2014, initially, he was expected to face Kyung-Ho Kang. However, Kyung-Ho Kang withdrew from the match, and Chico Camus replaced him. Thus, James won the UFC 173 via a unanimous decision.

Why did Chris Holdsworth stop fighting?

Chris has never taken a vocal role in the drama between Team Alpha Male (TAM) and former teammate T.J. Dillashaw.

Still, after seeing his name get dragged through the muck ahead of the Nov. 4 grudge match between Dillashaw and UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt at UFC 217, Holdsworth is done standing idly by while others discuss his story.

Dillashaw addressed an allegation made by Garbrand that he injured Holdsworth with a cheap shot during a TAM training session before Holdsworth’s successful run on The Ultimate Fighter 18.

In a joint interview alongside TAM founder Urijah Faber, Garrabrant alleged that Dillashaw struck Holdsworth with an illegal knee to the head in practice and left Holdsworth with a concussion. Faber noted that the incident wasn’t isolated.

It happened twice, according to Faber, who added that Dillashaw “would try to hurt people” in training sessions when he was still on the team.

Despite being an undefeated UFC prospect, Holdsworth ultimately took an indefinite hiatus away from MMA in 2014 due to lingering concussion-related issues.

The 30-year-old jiu-jitsu ace still has yet to return, having instead transitioned into a coaching role at TAM.

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