On April 18, 1972, Christine Ruth Allred became Christine Brown after her marriage with Kody Brown. She was born in Taylorsville, Utah, The United States of America.

Christine’s parents were polygamists when she was born, but it’s unclear how many additional spouses her father had or how many siblings Christine has.

Mrs. Brown was the child of Rex Allred and Ruthann LeBaron. She has graduated from Taylorsville High School in 1990. Kody’s wife is an American author who wrote the Book of Yoga.

She is also an American TV personality who played on Sister Wives, The Story of an Unconventional Marriage by Kody Brown and My 4 Wives.

SisterWives, Christine Relationship

After graduation from high school, Kody Brown and Christine met each other in the same year. He and his wife Meri were chaperoning a teenage wilderness excursion at the time.

She began to get to know them. She became a good friend of Kody and later decided to have a relationship with him.

The author asked her dad to agree to have a relationship with Kody Brown, and he heartily agreed. When the couple had out for their first date, he proposed to her in the valentine of 1994, and that weekend he came to town with her first wife, Janelle.

Christine was married to Kody Brown on March 25, 1994, and became the third wife of Kody Brown after Janelle and Meri. She was not sad to be his third wife though she was joyful at that moment and said she was proud to be one of his wives.

The third wife of Kody always wanted to be a third because it sounded the easiest. They had six children together: Aspyn Kristine, Mykelti Ann, Gwendlyn, Ysabel Paige and Truely Grace, and Paedon Rex.

She announced on Instagram that they got split on November 2, 2021, after being together for 26 years.

Kody’s Third Wife Net Worth

Paedon Rex’s mother has also been in TV series episodes, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show, and WGN Morning News. After she quit the relationship with Kody, Christine’s Flagstaff, Arizona home got sold for $700,000.

The third Sister Wives is a reality star, and the celebrity net worth said that the star of her is highly worth $400k. As we got the info, She earned 25k-35k per episode of SisterWives since 2010.

She has built a house with a garage in the back of the basement, which is to be estimated at 1M on the day.

Sister Wives is a movie about a young man married four times and has 18 children. The progressive polygamist family faces several challenges, but they do so with honesty and love.

Christine is one of the sister wives who has also played in a real-life story movie.

Truely’s mother has a net worth of $500k before her divorce from Brown. And as of 2022, including her home, Coyote Pass property holdings, and the money she received from her divorce.

Also, she has made a net worth of $1M which is quite enough to raise her child properly, fulfilling her family needs.

Rex Allred’s Daughter More Info

Aspyn Kristine’s mother’s grandfather was the founder of the Apostolic United Brethren. She was up in a privileged household and remembers her youth fondly as an adult.

Her parents, she adds, were wonderful and exemplary polygamists who never quarreled.

“Janelle’s relationship with Kody, although they loved each other, it wasn’t romantic. It was easier for Christine to accept.

Kody with her was more romantic, and he cared about her much more, so I felt threatened.”

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