Coban Abrego is a former YouTube gaming commentator from the United States. He was born in the United States on July 27, 1995. In the Sonic and Super Mario series, he is popular as cobanermani.

We don’t know what his younger sister’s name is. His family is unknown. He collaborates with several other YouTubers, including Vash12349 and RogersBase. His zodiac sign is Leo, according to astrologers.

The Former Gaming Commentator is a well-liked celebrity popular for being a YouTube star. And many people used to admire him for his skillful career. He is on the list of well-known YouTube stars.

Professional Career of The Former Gaming Commentator

His debut videos, which he posted in 2010, were a series of Sonic Colors videos. For his viewers, he has also played Uncharted and Street Fighter. In addition, SullyPwnz, a fellow player, appears on his channel.

Though he also played Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and Street Fighter IV. His Youtube Channel was popular for its gaming videos of games from the Sonic and Mario series. The theme song for his intro is The Palace from Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Coban Abrego Driving his car
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In one of his videos, he revealed that he went from Dallas Airport to LA for his E3 flight, hinting that he is a Texas resident. His YouTube account has over 1.3 million subscribers.

In the Sonic Riders episode, he also adds that he wants to be a Sonic voice actor someday and that he should join his father, who is also a Sonic voice actor. He likes to help his buddies in whatever way he can.

Relationship Status

Coban Abrego, like other celebrities, prefers to keep his personal and love life secret. So come back often as we will continue to add new dating news to this site. He has at least one previous relationship.

The Former Youtube Commentator has never been in a marriage relationship before. Abregos’ dating story has been the subject of a lot of speculation on the internet. Finding out who is dating Abrego is rather easy, but keeping track of his hookups and breakups is more difficult.

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Personal Difficulties of The American youtuber

He’s been dealing with many personal issues over the past several years, including issues with his family, friends, and ex-girlfriend. To the point that he’s gone dormant, and it’s unclear when he’ll return to Youtube.

On July 16, 2018, Cobi said he had quit YouTube and entered a mental health institution. Owing to suicide thoughts and being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, he was stressed.

Coban Abrego behind the green screen
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He stated that filming videos had become a burden in the same month since he did not feel prepared. As a result, his colleagues pushed him to upload again, even though he was exhausted. In February 2019, he reappeared and began sharing Youtube tales.

The Youtuber Suicide Controversy

On March 1, 2021, people were surprised when the news and debate around Coban’s desire to commit suicide became viral. When Coban had roughly 350 subscribers, he published a video, “2020 failed suicide plans & the channel is coming with me.”

Once Coban posted,” You’d never be successful in convincing me that I’ll ever be happy. It was my family and friends who murdered me.” However, his fan pages have confirmed that Coban is still doing fine days after the youtuber posted this speech.

A famous actress, Kidder, tweeted, “Coban Abrego, also known as Cobanermani456, is committing suicide,”. I’d appreciate it if you could RT this so that someone close to him or someone who can help him. He is not in good health and needs support.’

But slowly, this news was under control as he started getting the views and fame that he wanted. Now, we can assume that he is out of depression. The youtuber is now happy as he is one of the most successful youtuber of this generation.

Body Structure of The American Youtuber

Talking about the body structure of the Abrego, he is a handsome guy with normal tallness and normal weight. He has not revealed his height, weight, and body measurement details. But we can assume his normal body structure by looking at his images on his social media.

According to his well-wishers, he has a fantastic character with a good heart. He has dim earthy colored eyes and dull earthy colored hair. He often wore a cap and hat in his youtube videos, which made him seem more attractive and unique.

Net Worth and Income Sources

The 27-year-old American YouTuber can make a decent income from his work. He makes the majority of his money as a popular YouTuber. The Youtuber is from the state of Texas in the United States.

He made money by working as a professional YouTuber. In his channel, he features fellow player SullyPwnz. Cobanermani456, a YouTube game commentator specializing in the Sonic and Mario games, is popular as cobanermani456.

Coban Abrego starring at the selfie camera
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Over 1.3 million people have subscribed to his YouTube channel. Abrego is also a member of YouTubers and a well-known celebrity on Net Worth Results.

This popular YouTuber, On the other hand, Abrego, has a networth of $5 million by 2022. And we can assume that he is living lavishly.

Some Quick Facts about The American Youtuber

According to the astrologers, he is Leo. the Youtuber was born during the Pig Year. And as we already know, his main source of income is youtube.

The Youtuber was born in the generation of Millennials (1995). His nickname is Coban, and the sun is his ruling planet. Talking about the spirit animal, A salmon is Coban’s spirit animal.

He is also on the list of the top 21969 most popular YouTube stars as a most successful star. On July 27, he was born. Another 528 great personalities were born on the same day throughout the world!

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