Mary Dagen McDowell, aka Dagen McDowell, is a Fox Business Network reporter, commentator, and Fox News Channel business correspondent. She was a regular guest on FNC’s Hannity show and Imus in the Morning on the radio. She is the wife of Fox News producer and economic analyst Jonas Max Ferris.

Dagen McDowell Is Married To Her Husband, Jonas Max Ferris

Most of the pair work in the same field and are passionate about their work. They also have similar family backgrounds. Unlike her first marriage, Dagen is happier with her current spouse. This is also true for Jonas Max Ferris.

Normally, a woman takes center stage in these partnerships, but that is not the case with this pair. As Dagen’s spouse, Jonas became quite popular. Also, know about Gisselle Bravo.

Dagen McDowell
Dagen McDowell and her husband, Jonas Max Ferris
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Since they’ve been together for over a decade, but the pair has no children. Dagen had also kept her prior husband’s name a secret. Mr. Ferris is an economist and a financial advisor. His appearances on Cashin’ In, a Fox Business Network program, pushed him into the limelight.

Who Was Dagen McDowell’s First Husband?

American anchor tied the knot to her first husband for an extended period before marrying her loving spouse Jonas. However, this romance did not continue long. The couple filed for divorce in 2004. However, she has not fully disclosed details of her first marriage life, and the cause of her divorce remains a mystery.

However, some reports claim that Dagen saw her current spouse, Jonas, while she was married. This illicit affair was eventually the cause of their divorce. Nonetheless, there has been no substantive evidence in this respect.

Net Worth Of Dagen McDowell

Dagen started her career in 1996 and has amassed quite a fortune. Dagen’s net worth is around $5 million. Her net worth is similar to Alannah Myles. Similarly, her spouse, Jonas Max Ferris, ‘s net worth is also approximately $5 million.

Dagen McDowell
Dagen with her rescued dog
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According to Glassdoor, the annual pay for a FOX News Analyst is $71,286. FOX News analyst salaries range from $57,814 to $87,000 per year. This estimate is based on four FOX News Analyst salary reports supplied by workers or calculated using statistical methods.

After, rewards and other forms of compensation are taken into account. An Analyst at FOX News can earn an annual salary of $99,350.

Career Of Fox News Journalist Dagen McDowell

McDowell moved to New York to work as an international financial journalist for Institutional Investor magazine. Even though her work had nothing to do with her college degree, McDowell was picked after passing the reporting exam. Despite being new to the field, McDowell managed to keep up with the job.

I haven’t always had a perfect Resume. “I’ve always been able to go ahead that way if you stand up and work hard and do a good job,”

McDowell says.

Dagen McDowell
Dagen McDowell
Image: Instagram

After working as a financial writer, this beautiful anchor began his television career at Fox. She has featured as a guest business correspondent on regular Fox’s Your World With Neil Cavuto episodes. She then facilitated a business analysis.

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