Damian Rafael van der Vaart is a celebrity kid. He is the son of a football star, Rafael van der Vaart. Rafael is a former player for prominent clubs such as Real Madrid and Tottenham. Today, he is playing as an attacking midfielder for Denmark club Esbjerg.

Damian Rafael Van Der Vaart Relationship And Wife

As of 2022, Damian Van Der is 16 years; this is starting his love life. However, he had no relationship with anyone. Currently, he is single. We have gathered some information about Damian Van Der’s parents. So, let’s talk about his father and mother relationship.

Damian with his mother Sylvie Meis and father Rafael van der
Damian with his mother Sylvie Meis and father Rafael van der
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Damian Vand Der’s mother is Sylvie Francoise Meis. In addition, Sylvie is well-known as a Dutch television personality and model. Rafael and Sylvie married in 2005. After marriage, Sylvie gave birth to her first son, Damian, in 2006.

Unfortunately, the couples can,t find peace together. Therefore, they got divorced in 2013 in a legal process. Later, Rafael started to date Estevan Polman and have their one adorable daughter named Jesslynn van der Vaart. On the other hand, Sylvie exchanged vows with Niclas Castello.

Damian Rafael Van Der Vaart Net Worth

Talking about Damian Van Der’s net worth, there is no information regarding his worth. Besides, Damian hasn’t started any duties either; he is just a young kid who shares the fortune of his guardian. Assuming his father, Rafael’s net worth is Damian Van Der.

Damian Rafael van der Vaart practicing football
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Rafael’s net worth is $22 million approximately as of 2022. Indeed, he collected a great amount of fortune from his successful career. He earned most wealth from Real Madrid, Ajax Amsterdam, HSV Hamburg, Tottenham Hotspur, and the Dutch national football team “Oranje.” Also Read: Jamie Ertle

As we all know, heading to Damian’s mother is a great personality, and we can easily say that she had huge wealth in her safe. Sylvie Meis’s net worth is 4 million, similar to Julian Murray Stern. Above all details, Damian is the successor of their father and mother’s assets.

Damian Rafael Van Vaart Der Father

Damian Van Der’s father is Rafael Ferdinand van der Vaart. Furthermore, Rafael is well-known as the Dutch midfielder born on February 11, 1983, in Heemskerk, Netherlands. He is 38 years old according to 2021. He had played in many clubs and scored many goals.

Football star, Rafael Van Vaart Der
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Rafael scored 52 goals while playing for Ajax club (2000-2005), 30 goals with Hamburger SV (2005-2008), 11 goals with Real Madrid (2008-2010), 24 goals with Tottenham Hotspur (2010-2012), 16 goals with Hamburger SV (2012-2015), two gals with Midtjylland (2016-2018).

He hasn’t scored any goals with the Betis club (2015-2016) and Esbjerg fB (2018). However, he has contributed to sports, and we can hope that he will play football for another 3-to 4 years.

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Sylvie Meis Mother
Rafael van der Vaart Father
Rita Meis Grand Mother
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