Paula Andrea Bongino is a celebrity wife having millions of dollars in net worth. Her husband, Dan, is a radio host and former congress candidate.

Further, she is a mother of two beautiful daughters. Paula is also an entrepreneur who runs the business from her home with her husband. She is a web developer and a counselor on security and risk management.

How much net worth does Paula Andrea Bongino hold?

Paula Andrea Bongino has a net worth of around $2 million. So, how did she earn such a large fortune?

Well, Paula, by profession, is a web developer who designs websites working in her comfort zone at home. Apart from this, she is a businesswoman who sells martial arts supplies and apparel with her husband. Besides, she is also a security and risk management counselor.

Paula and Dan spend quality time together in the beach.
Paula and Dan Bongino spend time together alongside the beach.
Source: Instagram via Dan Bongino

But, she ran the home business only for three years and closed the company in 2015. It was a joint decision of the couple as her husband ran for the republican congressional senate. However, he couldn’t succeed in winning consecutively three times.

Her main source of income comes from web development. The web developer in the US makes an average income of $73,760, and the payment also varies from $53,520, the lowest salary, to $102,900, the highest-paid wage annually. Still, she chooses to live a modest life with her family in Florida.

What is the relationship between Paula and Dan Bongino?

Paula lives happily with her husband of more than twenty years. The pair met in New York City’s restaurant for the first time in early 2000.

At that time, Dan struggled in NYPD service, and Paula was the director of the web development company; soon after, they fell for one another and married.

Paula and her family celebrated Christmas together.
The Bongino family celebrated Christmas together.
Source: Twitter/bongino

Also, their wedding was held privately with only a limited guest list. The pair have two very beautiful daughters named Isabel Bongino, born in 2004 and Amelia Bongino, born in 2012. Dan never fails to admire and praise his wife in the media. He also often posts their photos on social.

So far, the couple has resisted any trouble, controversies and rumors. Their love and understanding are the results of their long-term successful marriage. The couple is often seen attending various events and organizations together.

A quick intro of Paula’s multimillionaire husband, Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino is an American citizen from New York City, born on December 4, 1974. Bongino is a radio host, right-wing political commentator, and a former secret service agent.

Besides, he has also worked as an officer in NYPD for four years. Furthermore, they served as a protective secret agent for Presidents like George W. Bush and Barak Obama.

Paula with her husband Dan Bongino.
Paula and Dan Bongino.
Source: Instagram/bonginoshow

Moreover, he is a regular Fox new contributor and former senate congress candidate who ran consecutively three times. He currently hosts The Bongino Show on Fox nation. The forty-seven-year-old man holds a net worth of $8 million as of 2021.

His primary source comes from radio and TV show hosts and an entrepreneur. Bongino is also an author who has written books like Life inside the Bubble, The Fight and Follow the Money.

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