Dana Lee Burgio, a Winter Springs, Florida native, garnered attention for her association with the late American professional wrestler Scott Hall. While many may not have been familiar with her before her marriage to the renowned wrestler, her life took a different trajectory once she became his spouse.

Before their union, Dana lived as an ordinary American woman, navigating the routines of daily life. However, her marriage to Scott Hall brought her into the limelight and piqued public interest. Despite their eventual separation, the tragic passing of Scott in March 2022 reignited curiosity surrounding his ex-wives, particularly Dana Burgio.

Join us as we delve into the life and experiences of Dana, shedding light on her journey beyond the shadow of her famous former spouse.

Early Life

Dana Lee Burgio, born in Florida, United States, spent her formative years in the Sunshine State alongside her family. The specific details regarding her date of birth remain elusive, with conflicting online sources suggesting she was born either in 1960 or 1963, placing her current age around 63 or 60 years old.

Unfortunately, little information is accessible regarding Dana’s parents, their occupations, or whether she has any siblings. However, it is known that she holds American nationality and identifies with white ethnicity.

Dana has pursued a solid education. She attended Winter Park High School in Winter Springs, Florida, although the exact year of her graduation remains undisclosed. Following her high school education, she enrolled in Seminole State College and earned her bachelor’s degree in 2004.

Dana Burgio and Scott Hall Married Twice

Dana Burgio’s relationship with Scott Hall, her late wrestling ex-husband, had an interesting timeline. They first crossed paths when Dana was just 17 years old while working at an Orlando bar. However, they went their separate ways at that time. It wasn’t until over eight years later that they reconnected at a different nightclub in the Orlando area. At this point, Dana was already married and divorced, and she had twin boys who were five years old.

Dana Lee Burgio and Scott Hall with their daughter.
Dana Lee Burgio and Scott Hall with their daughter. Source: Instagram @cassastrudel

Despite their past and the responsibilities Dana had as a single mother, she and Scott started dating again and eventually moved in together. After nearly two years of being in a committed relationship, they decided to tie the knot for the first time in Winter Park, Florida, in February 1990. During this period, Scott was working for Dusty Rhodes in various small communities across the Southeast.

In a 2016 interview with The Post and Courier, Dana reflected on their relationship, emphasizing the strong connection they shared.

Scott’s Wrestling Career Takes a Toll on His Marriage with Dana

The journey of Dana Burgio and Scott Hall’s marriage took a tumultuous turn when Scott delved into the world of professional wrestling. Dana revealed that the problems began to escalate when Scott adopted his wrestling alter egos, starting with The Diamond Studd and later Razor Ramon.

As Scott’s fame grew, so did his destructive behavior, wreaking havoc on their marriage and family life. Dana believed it was in their best interest to separate, and as a result, they officially divorced in May 1998 due to Scott’s battles with drug and alcohol addiction.

However, their love persevered, and they decided to give their relationship another chance. They reunited, remarried in March 1999, and attempted to rebuild their life together.

Unfortunately, their second marriage ended in an annulment just two years later, followed by an official divorce in October of the same year. Over the years, they experienced multiple cycles of reuniting and separating.

Dana Lee Burgio’s Children

Dana Burgio and Scott Hall’s union brought forth two children, Cody Taylor Hall and Cassidy Hall. Their first child, Taylor, was born on May 31, 1991, in Chuluota, Florida. Following his father’s footsteps, Taylor joined the United States Air Force and served in the 460th Security Forces Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado.

Scott Hall's son and daughter.
Scott Hall’s son and daughter. Source: Instagram @cassastrudel

In 2010, Cody began training with his father as a professional wrestler and made his debut match on July 14, 2012, at Belleview Pro Wrestling. Taylor continues to pursue a career in wrestling and has achieved notable success.

Cassidy, their second child, was born on March 27, 1995, in Winter Springs, Florida. She attended Winter Springs High School before transferring to the University of Central Florida, where she obtained a nursing degree in 2022.

Dana Lee Burgio’s Financial Standing and Net Worth

While it is acknowledged that Dana Burgio has been running her own company, “Your Angel,” since 2002, specific details about her financial gains, including monthly or annual earnings, remain undisclosed. Furthermore, it is unclear if she is involved in any additional businesses or employment ventures apart from her company.

Dana Lee Burgio enjoys a net worth of $500,0000.
Dana Lee Burgio enjoys a net worth of $500,0000. Source: Instagram @cassastrudel

As a result, estimating Dana’s exact net worth is challenging. However, some reports suggest that her net worth is at least $500,000, the same as Gaby Jamieson’s. It’s important to note that these estimations are speculative and should be treated as such due to the lack of publicly available information about her financial status. Also, know about celebrity ex-wife Suzanne Rawlings.

Whereas, her late ex-husband Scott Hall had a net worth of $3 million at the time of his death.

Burgio’s Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Running “Your Angel”

Dana Lee Burgio is widely recognized as a businesswoman who has taken charge of her own professional path. As per various sources, she is the mastermind behind the establishment and management of “Your Angel.” On her official Facebook page, Dana allegedly revealed that her company operates under the tagline “Never fear, your angel is here.”

Dana Lee Burgio is the businesswoman.
Dana Lee Burgio is the businesswoman. Source: Instagram @cassastrudel

“Your Angel” offers a diverse range of services aimed at assisting clients with various tasks. These services include running errands at clients’ homes, providing airport transportation, organizing parties, pet sitting, offering handywoman services, engaging in decorating projects, and delivering cleaning services. Additionally, Dana offers specialized skills such as bartending and creating mural paintings on walls.

Dana commenced her entrepreneurial journey with “Your Angel” in January 2002, and her business continues to thrive to this day. Her dedication and commitment have allowed her to provide a broad spectrum of services to her clients, establishing herself as a successful businesswoman in her chosen field.

What was the cause of Scott Hall’s death?

Scott Hall’s cause of death was attributed to complications arising from his hip replacement surgery. He passed away on March 14, 2022, due to these post-operative complications.

At the time of Scott Hall’s death, he and Dana Burgio were no longer married or together. They had previously divorced, and their relationship had gone through cycles of separation and reconciliation.

Despite their divorce, Dana made efforts to support Scott with his struggles with addiction. They remained in contact and reunited on multiple occasions, with Dana attempting to provide assistance and help him overcome his substance abuse issues. Their connection continued even after their official separation, reflecting a level of care and concern for Scott’s well-being.

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