Danny Jones Penniman, the adopted son of rock and roll pioneer Little Richard, inherited a musical legacy that echoes the iconic sounds of the 50s. Little Richard’s son, born from his marriage to Ernestine Harvin, collaborated with his father during the legendary rocker’s final years.

Danny has been contributing to the enduring impact of classics like “Tutti Frutti” and “Long Tall Sally.” Steeped in the rich history of rock and roll, Danny Jones Penniman continues to navigate the musical landscape, carrying forward the spirit and rhythm that defined his father’s era.

This article delves into the life and contributions of Danny Jones Penniman, a link to the golden age of rock.

How Old Is Danny Jones Penniman? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Born in 1959, Danny Jones Penniman, the adopted son of iconic rocker Little Richard and Ernestine Harvin, adds an air of mystery to his life by keeping his birthday undisclosed. At 64 years old in 2023, his zodiac sign remains a secret.

Little Richard, born Richard Wayne Penniman, adopted Danny at the age of one, and details about his biological parents remain elusive. Despite the divorce of his foster parents, Danny maintains a sense of pride in his upbringing.

While his mother leads a quiet life, Danny, though adopted, cherishes his connection with his foster parents.

Little Richard Adopted Him In 1984

In 1984, Little Richard adopted Danny Jones Penniman after his biological mother approached Richard, seeking a better life for her son. Danny reflected on his upbringing, stating that his father encouraged him without passing judgment, providing support amid challenging circumstances.

In a interview with Rolling Stone, he told,

 “I had six sisters and three brothers, living in a poor neighborhood, doing whatever. My mom asked him: Could he take care of me? Because she didn’t she want me turning out like the rest of my -sisters and brothers, and he agreed to it.”
Danny Jones Penniman and his father Little Richard used to share a close bond until his passing.
Danny Jones Penniman and his father Little Richard used to share a close bond until his passing. Source: Pinterest

Little Richard’s parenting style, according to Danny, involved imparting wisdom through cryptic yet impactful statements. On the road with his legendary father, Danny absorbed life lessons, including the importance of financial control.

Despite the unconventional approach, these teachings gained clarity as he navigated through life. Little Richard, a trailblazer in rock and roll, passed away at the age of 87 in 2020, leaving behind a musical legacy and a bond with his adopted son.

Who Is Danny Jones Penniman’s Biological Parents?

Danny Jones Penniman’s biological mother is Creola Jones. However, nothing much is known about who his biological father is.

Little Richard became acquainted with Creola in the 1980s, during a period when he shifted away from his rock and roll lifestyle and devoted himself to the church. Their bond grew as Richard attended masses in Los Angeles.

Danny fondly remembers Richard’s visits during his second-grade years, with neighborhood friends gathering to see him. Little Richard, in a playful gesture, would bring a bag of coins and toss them into the air, creating a scramble for the money among the excited children.

These memories highlight a different side of the legendary musician’s life, characterized by generosity and connections with those close to him. Also, know about other celebrity sons like Zuri Kye Edwards and Rafa Cannavale.

Is He Married? Who Is His Wife?

Danny Jones Penniman has maintained a notably private personal life, leaving his marital status undisclosed. While reports suggest that he has been involved with several females, there is no verified information available about his dating life.

In contrast, details about his adoptive parents’ love life are more public. Little Richard and Ernestine Harvin first crossed paths at an evangelical rally in October 1957. They exchanged vows on July 12, 1959, in California. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 1964.

Ernestine attributed the separation to the challenges posed by Richard’s celebrity status, describing the difficulties it brought to their lives. Despite the divorce, Danny’s connection with both his adoptive parents remained a significant part of his life.

A Look Into Danny’s Professional Life

Danny Jones Penniman has made a name for himself as a professional musician and rapper in the United States. While information about his albums is currently unavailable, his prominence in the music industry is acknowledged.

Despite being a star in his own right, Danny lacks a Wikipedia profile as of now, adding an element of mystery to his professional life.

Danny Jones Penniman's father Little Richard was one of the most legendary musicians in history.
Danny Jones Penniman’s father Little Richard was one of the most legendary musicians in history. Source: Pinterest

In contrast, Little Richard, Danny’s adoptive father, was a legendary American musician, singer, and songwriter. With a career spanning seven decades, Little Richard was a highly influential figure in popular music and culture.

His hit single “Long Tall Sally” (1956) achieved the remarkable feat of reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Rhythm and Blues Best-Sellers chart (Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs). Till he was alive, Richard solidified his impact on the music scene, which made him a pioneer in R&B and hip-hop in the United States.

Little Richard’s Cause of Death

In October 1985, after finishing “Lifetime Friend,” Little Richard returned from England to film a guest spot on Miami Vice. Following the taping, he was involved in a car crash in West Hollywood, California, resulting in a broken right leg, broken ribs, and head and facial injuries.

In 2007, Richard began experiencing problems walking due to sciatica in his left leg. In November 2009, he underwent hip replacement surgery. Despite returning to performing, ongoing hip issues forced him to play while seated. In September 2013, he suffered a heart attack, but prompt action saved his life.

By 2016, reports suggested that Little Richard’s health was deteriorating. On May 9, 2020, at the age of 87, he passed away at his home in Tullahoma, Tennessee, after a two-month illness related to bone cancer.

Tributes poured in from prominent musicians, and he is laid to rest at Oakwood University Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama.

Danny Penniman Was With His Dad Richard Until The Time of His Passing

In the final years of Little Richard’s life, Danny Jones Penniman remained by his side, living and working with him in Tennessee. During this time, Little Richard shifted his focus towards his life in the church.

In May 2020, when Little Richard passed away, Danny took on the role of confirming his father’s death.

Where is he now? Following Little Richard’s death, Danny has seemingly maintained a private life, with details about his activities and ventures kept mostly confidential. Moreover, he is not active on any social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

The close bond between father and son during Richard’s later years reflects the enduring connection they shared.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Danny?

As of 2023, Danny Penniman’s net worth is reported to be around $500,000, according to some sources. This figure may vary, and details about his salary and other earnings remain undisclosed. As a professional rapper, he is presumed to generate a significant income from his musical pursuits.

In contrast, his late father, Little Richard, amassed considerable wealth throughout his prolific career. At the time of his death, Little Richard’s net worth was to be $40 million, reflecting his enduring success and influence in the music industry.

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