Danuel Pipoly, the American former actor, carved his place in cinema with unforgettable roles. He is best known as Piggy in the acclaimed 1990 adaptation of “Lord of the Flies.”

Moreover, Pipoly’s performance earned him accolades, including a nomination for Best Young Supporting Actor. His on-screen presence and talent captivated audiences, establishing him as a standout in the industry.

Beyond Piggy, Pipoly’s contributions extended to diverse projects, showcasing his versatility and dedication. With a knack for leaving a lasting impression, his work continues to be cherished by fans worldwide.

How Old Is Danuel Pipoly? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Danuel Pipoly’s story starts in the bustling streets of New York City on March 11, 1978. His journey through the world of cinema began early, leaving an unforgettable mark with his talent. He cherished his family life in the United States during his younger years.

Young Danuel Pipoly.
Young Danuel Pipoly. Source: Pinterest

Continuously, the details about his parents and siblings remain a mystery, hinting at his inclination for privacy. However, one thing that’s known is his pride in graduating from Crescenta Valley High School.

Despite his remarkable career, Pipoly’s personal life stays mostly out of the limelight. As a 45-year-old, he holds close to his American nationality and identifies with a white ethnic background.

Behind the roles and the screen, there’s a person whose beginnings shaped a passion for storytelling and left an enduring impact on film.

Relationship Status: Does He Have a Wife?

Danuel’s life off-screen remains a mystery, especially when it comes to his romantic side. He’s chosen to keep his personal life tucked away from the public eye. Likewise, the details about his relationships, including whether he’s married or has children, are scarce.

While he’s made an impact through his on-screen roles, Pipoly seems to cherish privacy when it comes to matters of the heart. His choice to keep this part of his life private adds an air of intrigue, leaving fans curious but respectful of his desire for a more secluded personal life.

Movies and TV shows of Pipoly

Danuel soared into the acting scene with a breakthrough role in the 1990 adaptation of “Lord of the Flies.” His outstanding portrayal as Piggy not only captivated audiences but also earned him acclaim, landing him nominations for Best Young Supporting Actor—a pivotal start that forecasted a bright career.

Danuel Pipoly as Piggy in the movie “Lord of the Flies.”
Danuel Pipoly as Piggy in the movie “Lord of the Flies.” Source: Pinterest

Building on the triumph of “Lord of the Flies,” Pipoly continued to shine in various film and television projects. His talent graced productions like the 1994 film “The War” and the 1996 TV series “The Adventures of Sinbad,” showcasing his versatility and contributing to his growing reputation in the entertainment realm.


  • 1990:
    • “Downtown” as Skip Markowitz
    • “Lord of the Flies” as Piggy
  • 1991:
    • “The Torkelsons” as Benvolio
  • 1992:
    • “The Giant of Thunder Mountain” as Zeke MacGruder
  • 1995:
    • “3 Ninjas Knuckle Up” as Kid #3

Wher Is Danuel Pipoly Now?

Danuel Pipoly’s impact on acting remains profound, especially through his unforgettable portrayal in “Lord of the Flies.” His early success echoes a lasting contribution to entertainment.

Danuel Pipoly is now all grown up and is in his 40s.
Danuel Pipoly is now all grown up and is in his 40s. Source: Pinterest

Presently, Pipoly seems to have stepped away from the spotlight, prioritizing personal life and family matters. Though absent from recent acting endeavors, his talent and dedication still resonate within the industry, leaving behind a trail of memorable performances.

Fans hold onto hope that he might return to the screen, adding more chapters to his already storied career.

What Is His Net Worth?

Danuel Pipoly has amassed an estimated net worth of around $500 thousand, primarily from his acting career, which featured notable performances in both film and television. Also, know the net worth and career details of other actors like Gus Halper, Clarence Gilyard, Bobb’e J. Thompson, and Nick Barrotta.

While his recent job and income details aren’t publicly available, he may earn through other endeavors. Despite the lack of recent financial specifics, Pipoly’s contributions to the entertainment industry have undoubtedly played a significant role in his accrued wealth.

Social Media Presence

Danuel Pipoly keeps a notably low profile in the realm of social media, with no active or public presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It appears he might engage with these platforms in a private capacity, keeping his interactions and updates out of the public eye.

Additionally, Pipoly tends to steer clear of media appearances, indicating a preference for a more private lifestyle away from the spotlight. His choice to remain largely elusive from media platforms aligns with his inclination towards a more personal and secluded life.

Physical Appearance (Height & Weight): How Does He Look?

While there isn’t comprehensive public information available about Danuel Pipoly’s physical attributes, it’s known that he stands around 5 feet 5 inches tall.

He has brown hair and captivating blue eyes, characteristics that likely contributed to his on-screen appeal and charisma during his acting career.

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