David Lemanowicz is a standout in sports and military circles, known for his hockey skills and service to the nation. Beyond the ice, he’s the husband of the famous actress and model, Jill Wagner. They share a life that mixes the excitement of sports with the glamour of Hollywood.

David isn’t just about hockey coaching and military service; he’s also a family guy, cherishing moments with his wife and daughter. His journey from the hockey rink to military service to family life paints a picture of someone who excels in both sports and personal happiness, making him a compelling figure to follow.

Who Is Jill Wagner’s Husband, David Lemanowicz? Wiki, Bio, Age, Early Life

David Lemanowicz, born on March 8, 1976, hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, making him 48 years old as of 2024. A Pisces by zodiac sign, he proudly represents his Polish heritage, born into an immigrant family.

In interviews, David reflects on his upbringing, describing himself as fortunate to have been raised in a community driven by passion and dedication, values that shaped his character. Growing up as the only child in a Christian household, he developed a strong foundation rooted in both faith and a competitive spirit.

Education/College Background

David Lemanowicz pursued his higher education following high school, attending the University of Toronto, where he earned a degree in international relations.

Continuing his academic journey, David joined the University of Texas-Pan American through the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), graduating with a degree in Global Security. To further enhance his leadership skills, he completed a specialized leadership course at Fort Louis.

How Did Jill Wagner Meet David Lemanowicz?

The story of David Lemanowicz and Jill Wagner traces back to their youthful encounter. Jill, at 17, and David, 20, met during David’s visit to North Carolina for hockey business. Sneaking out of her house, Jill took the risk to meet the young athlete, and their connection was instant.

However, after three dates, David vanished, attributing his absence to typical 20-year-old behavior. Years passed, and fate intervened, bringing them face to face again in Afghanistan.

David Lemanowicz and Jill Wagner.
David Lemanowicz and Jill Wagner. Source: Instagram/@jillwagner

Jill, part of a USO Tour, and David, an Air Force officer deployed overseas, had a serendipitous encounter at a dinner event. Uncertainty arose as David wasn’t entirely sure if Jill matched the image from a USO picture, prompting him to verify her identity online before reaching out.

Despite both being in relationships with other people at the time, their lives intersected once more in 2016. In a spontaneous twist of fate, David walked into a restaurant in Los Angeles where Jill was after her recent breakup.

David, visiting his daughter, and Jill, seeking solace with her friends, found themselves reunited unexpectedly. This unexpected reunion sparked a rekindling of their connection, weaving their stories together once more after years apart.

Marriage Details

In 2016, after bumping into each other, David Lemanowicz and Jill Wagner felt their old love bloom again. They got engaged that July and said “I do” in 2017, starting their happy-ever-after. Now, they live on a cool Tennessee farm, making memories together.

Their love story is so romantic, it’s like it’s from a movie! Hallmark thought so too. They wanted to turn David and Jill’s amazing journey into a film. Back then, it was still in the planning stage, but who knows? Maybe soon, everyone can watch their incredible love story on the big screen!

How Many Children Does David and Jill Have?

David Lemanowicz and Jill Wagner share two daughters. Their first daughter, Army Gray, arrived on April 17, 2020, and her name has a cool story. She was conceived on the 4th of July, so Jill thought a patriotic name would be awesome.

Also, since David was in the Army, it honored that part of their lives. Army Gray’s middle name, chosen by Jill, is cool because it’s strong but also soft and smart.

David Lemanowicz with his wife Jill Wagner and their daughters.
David Lemanowicz with his wife Jill Wagner and their daughters. Source: Instagram/@jillwagner

A year later, on August 19, 2021, Daisy Roberta joined the family, completing their trio of daughters. But before these little ones, there was Lija, David’s daughter from his previous marriage.

At 12, Lija loves being a big sister. She helped out with Army Gray and was super excited about Daisy Roberta. Jill thinks Lija is the best big sister ever, taking her duties seriously and lovingly.

Previous Marriage: Who Is His Ex-Wife?

Information about David Lemanowicz’s ex-wife, Gina, remains relatively private. After meeting while he was studying in Toronto, they tied the knot in 2005 and resided in Edinburg, sharing their lives with four dogs.

Unfortunately, their marriage faced challenges, leading to their eventual separation. However, specific details about Gina or their life post-divorce are not widely available.

He Is a Former Hockey Player

David Lemanowicz kicked off his hockey gig in 1991 with the Kelowna Spartans, cruising through till 2007-2008 with the Rio Grande Valley Bees. But his top-notch time, he says, was with Spokane from 1992 to 1996, even though it doesn’t match up.

After that, he jumped around a bit, playing for other teams before hitting up the University of Toronto in 2001. While studying International Relations, he also played for their team for the first two years. Then came coaching for a bit and a stint with the Mississippi Riverkings in Memphis from 2004 to 2005.

In 2009, he went back to school, aiming for a master’s in Global Security Studies at the University of Texas-Pan American. It’s a bit of a mix-up, but his hockey and school life seem pretty packed and exciting!

He Was Also In the Army

David Lemanowicz, a Canadian native, made an unexpected move by joining the US Army Reserve. Commissioned as a Lieutenant in 2010, he had aspirations beyond the military, aiming for a day job in federal agencies like the FBI or DEA, as he revealed to The Spokesman-Review.

He said,

“They grew up in such an oppressive society that it made me think how good we have it in First World countries. […] I never really thought about, ‘Oh, I want to make a ton of money.’ It’s just the way I was wired and socialized as a boy.”

Raised by immigrant parents in Vancouver, British Columbia, David explained that their background influenced his decision to join the Army. He highlighted the contrast between their oppressive upbringing and the freedoms of First World countries, shaping his values.

David Lemanowicz is a retired Army.
David Lemanowicz is a retired Army. Source: Instagram/@jillwagner

In a notable ceremony on October 22, 2020, David was promoted from Captain to Major. The unique event took place atop the US consulate in Canada. Moreover, it was a special request made by the Major himself, who was in the country with his family, including his wife, Jill Wagner, and their daughter, Army Gray.

Jill shared the event on Facebook Live, expressing her pride and excitement, mentioning her role in assisting David with donning his new rank’s pin, signifying his elevated position within the Army.

About Jill Wagner, The Hallmark Star

Jill Suzanne Wagner came into the world on January 13, 1979, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Growing up, she was raised by her dad, David Wagner, and her grandmother, as her mom sadly passed away when she was born. She is a Hallmark actress like Pascale Hutton, Jon Michael Ecker, and Ryan McPartlin.

Jill Wagner is an American actress known for appearing in Hallmark's movies and TV shows.
Jill Wagner is an American actress known for appearing in Hallmark’s movies and TV shows. Source: Instagram/@jillwagner

With an older brother named Brandon, Jill’s family has a strong military connection, as her dad served in the Marines. Even though she graduated from North Carolina State University with a business degree, her passion for the arts never faded.

Jill made her mark in various movies like “Autumn Dreams” and “Hearts of Winter.” You might have seen her on TV in shows like “Teen Wolf” and “Handcrafted America.” Oh, and she even crossed paths with Ashton Kutcher on “Punk’d”!

Net Worth

David Lemanowicz’s main bread and butter came from his thriving hockey career, bringing in the bulk of his earnings. His net worth clocks in at a cool $9 million.

Meanwhile, his talented wife, Jill Wagner, holds her own with a net worth of $4 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. Together, they’re basking in a joyful and content life.

Height and Weight of David Lemanowicz

David Lemanowicz stands tall at 6 feet 2 inches (187 centimeters) and weighs around 194 pounds (88 kilograms). His distinctive features include light brown hair and captivating blue eyes.

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