Debi Segura is a retired American journalist best known for her work as a former sports correspondent for CNN in the 1980s. She recognizes herself as Mexican-American ethnicity, and her ancestral family has been in New Mexico for at least three hundred years. In addition, she has featured on the TV documentary series named 60 Minutes in 2007.

Debi Segura, Wife Of Lou Dobbs

Debi Segura’s husband’s name is Lou Dobbs. And they have eight years of the age difference. Lou is a producer and actor known for his role in State of Play and Moneyline. Also, this is the second marriage of Debi with Lou. There were lots of highs and lows in their marital relationship.

However, the couple worked on minimizing the lows, and hence their relationship was saved from getting worse. The couple shared the wedding vows in 1982 after being together for some time. You may also like to read about other famous Journalists such as Norah O’Donnell and Jay Shaylor.

Debi Segura
Debi Segura’s husband’s name is Lou Dobbs.
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Her husband, Lou Dobbs, is a popular Television host of Fox Business Networks’s Lou Dobbs Tonight. Together, they have four children. Hillary Dobbs, Chance Dobbs, Heather Dobbs, and Jason Dobbs. Additionally, from her previous relationship, Lou Dobbs is the father of two more children, Buffie Dobbs, and Michelle Dobbs.

As of now the family of six live on a 300-acre horse farm in Wantage Township, New Jersey.

Lou Dobbs Previous Relationship

Before getting married to Debi, Lou married his high school sweetheart Kathleen Wheeler. The ex-husband and wife decided to get a divorce after being together for fourteen years of marriage. Likewise, Kathleen and Lou got divorced in 1981.

Moreover, they share two children.

What Is The Net Worth Of Debi Segura?

Debi Segura is a famous journalist who has worked for reputed channels such as CNN, CBS, etc. As a News Anchor at CNN, she might earn an average salary of $85,757 while top earners earn more than $149,729,

She had also worked for several brand endorsements and commercials during her time. However, we can speculate that she has an enormous net worth. We can assume that it’s around hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Debi Segura
Debi Segura and Lou Dobbs shared four children.
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Besides, her husband Lou Dobbs is a Millionaire. He has an estimated net worth of around $20 million as of 2022. He is a very working person and has been very successful in his journalism career. Also, he is recognized as one of the top Journalists in the history of America.  

From 2011 to 2021 he hosted “Lou Dobbs tonight” which became the very best-rated show on the Fox business community.

Debi Segura Arrest

In 2003, Debi Segura was arrested at the Newark Airport when a fully loaded and unlicensed .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol was found in her handbag.

Debi Segura’s fingerprints were taken, and the Port Authority cops photographed her. However, she was released without bail after being charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Debi Segura’s husband, Lou Dobbs, said that his wife needed the gun for security at the sprawling horse farm in rural Sussex, New Jersey because the house farm is in a very isolated area that doesn’t have a street light.

More Information About Debi Segura

Debi Segura, also famous as Deborah Lee Dobbs, was born on 29th September 1953 in California, United States. Her father’s name is Henry Segura, but the details regarding her mother are still unknown. Moreover, any further information regarding her early life, parents, siblings, education, and childhood is still under the radar.

Debi Segura
Debi Segura and Lou Dobbs.
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Debi Segura is of American ethnicity. As of now, she is enjoying her retirement life with her husband and children. There is not much information regarding her children’s profession revealed to the public.

Once they disclose the information, we will surely update our web. In addition, she doesn’t have a functioning presence on any social media accounts.

Lou Dobbs Husband

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