Peter Riley is a real estate agent in Vancouver, Washington, and a former data analyst. He works in the Northwest region of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Moreover, he rose to prominence as the husband of Emily Compagno, a well-known television personality.

Emily Compagno is an American attorney, television host, and retired National Football League cheerleader. She works as a Fox News Channel contributor. She is a co-host of Outnumbered and a regular on Gutfeld!, a late-night talk show.

Compagno and Riley Love Life

Riley and the Gutfeld host met while they were both teenagers. While nothing romantic was brewing, they fell in love when they were 16. They happened to meet paths on a Seattle sidewalk.

Compagno and her spouse planned an Italian wedding to honor her family’s southern Italian heritage. The day after their wedding, she shared a photo of her husband’s wedding ring, which he neglected to put on the ring.

Peter Riley and Emily Compagno in their home with their dog
Peter Riley and Emily Compagno in their home with their dog
Photo Source: Instagram @realemilycompagno

Some people suggested she married the wrong guy in their comments on her article, while others thought she married the wrong guy. They each support different sports teams, but it has never interfered with their love life.

But some supported her husband, claiming he hadn’t forgotten where he’d put it and hadn’t misplaced it. They even asked her to give him some leeway.

Emily And Peter Married Life

Emily and Peter married in Italy on September 13, 2017. The wedding ceremony was held in a private location. When I arrived at the hotel in Villa Cimbrone, no guests were present. Their secret marriage’s cause is still unknown.

For the wedding dress, The couple chose Jos and Tree WoodSmith of JOS Studios to create their intimate wedding. Furthermore, Suzanne Hanley created a stunning gown for the bride out of airy layers of nude silk chiffon.

Emily’s family dressed Emily’s date in a custom-tailored navy tuxedo with gold cufflinks passed down from groom to groom. He completed his ensemble with Compagno’s watch. ‘ti amo per sempre,’ which translates to ‘I Love You Forever,’ was engraved on the watch.

They held an event in the Tea Room Pavilion, decked up in flowers and accompanied by a lone violinist. Compagno walked down the petal aisle among the roses in Tomaso Albinoni’s intoxicatingly gorgeous composition.

More Information About The Couple’s Wedding Ceremony

The husband and wife wrote the vows on their own, and the lovely duo exchanged the rings at the end of the touching and joyful ceremony. The newlywed pair spent the entire day exploring Ravello, a little 5th-century town.

Peter Riley and Emily Compagno at their wedding ceremony
Peter Riley and Emily Compagno at their wedding ceremony
Photo Source: 49Ultra

The pair enjoyed a private dinner and celebration in the magnificent Crypt while watching the sunset. Moreover, The sea could be seen from the private villa. Matroid Baldo Durazzo, the villa’s Michelin-starred restaurant, prepared a four-course lunch for them.

The charming two danced a lot late at night. They took a speedboat journey to Positano from the Amalfi Coast the following day after a festive breakfast, stopping for swims and lunch.

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