Paolo Montalban is a Filipino-American actor known for his role as Prince Christopher in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. The star has been actively contributing to the film industry for 25 years. During his successful career, Paolo has achieved multiple feats.

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Is Paolo Montalban Straight or Gay?

Paolo Montalban has been very private about his love life. Moreover, the star hasn’t posted a single photo with his girlfriend on Instagram. Hence, we can assume that the 50-year-old actor is still single and does not plan on getting committed anytime soon.

Paolo Montalban is modeling.
Source: Instagram (@itspaolomontalban)

While many think Paolo is single and not interested in a relationship, a few assume that the celebrity is gay and hasn’t revealed this to the public. Is Paolo Montalban gay? We leave it for the audience to decide.

Although there isn’t significant evidence of the Hollywood star being married, the fans still assume that the Cinderella prince may maybe married and has kept his married life away from the spotlight to reduce unwanted media attention.

25 Years of Cinderella: Paolo Montalban and Brandy Reunite

Paolo Montalban shared a post in February 2022 stating that Prince Christopher and Cinderella finally reunited after 25 years. After Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella completed a huge milestone, the show set up the 25th Anniversary Reunion Special.

At this Reunion, all the Cinderella cast members were invited, and the show portrayed a nostalgic vibe. Moreover, Cinderella was the first film to introduce a Black princess with braids and a Filipino prince.

The Reunion, A Special Edition of 20/20, was aired on ABC on 23rd August 2022.

Paolo Montalban is attending the red-carpet event alongside Debra Martin Chase.
Source: Instagram (@itspaolomontalban)

This episode showcased how the show helped its cast members get a headstart in their film careers. Furthermore, this episode was more of an interview than an actual show where the actors and actresses were reminiscing their moments during the Cinderella shoot.

During one of the interviews, Paolo stated that this film changed the perspective of how people view things. Moreover, the star also mentioned that the children started believing everything was possible after they witnessed a princess that was different from the typical stereotype.

Paolo Montalban Movies and TV Shows

Paolo Montalban has featured in numerous movies and TV shows during his two-decade-long career. Therefore, we can say that the star has successfully impacted the Hollywood film industry. Megan Young is also a Filipino actress, similar to Paolo.

Montalban rose to prominence after his debut in the movie Cinderella in 1997. Furthermore, the producers quickly recognized his immaculate acting skills, and the star started receiving multiple movie offers within a short span.

Paolo Montalban is performing on the theatrical stage.
Source: Instagram (@itspaolomontalban)

In 1998, Paolo starred in Mortal Kombat: Conquest as Kung Lao. Moreover, the star was a Shaolin Monk who used his unique skills to fight and defeat his enemies.

The Hollywood celebrity has also had versatile roles in multiple films like The Great Raid (2005) and The Wright (2010).

Sadly, Montalban started receiving short roles after 2010. We can see the star playing in the series Madam Secretary (2015), which Barbara Hall and Morgan Freeman created. However, his role was only in two episodes.

Some of Paolo’s other projects include One Life to Live (2010), City of Dreams (2013), The Blacklist(2015), The Girl Who Left Home(2020), and Asian Persuasion, which is yet to release.

What is the Cinderella Star’s Net Worth?

Paolo Montalban has an astounding net worth of $1.5 million, identical to Ava James Dayoub. Furthermore, the star earned this immense fortune solely from his career in acting. The star gets a decent salary from his film projects and brand deals.

Paolo Montalban is enjoying his holidays on a boat in Miami.
Source: Instagram (@itspaolomontalban)

We can see Montalban enjoying his life, traveling, and spending time with his family. On his Instagram handle, Paolo posts pictures with his family and videos of him cycling, hiking, and doing all sorts of adventurous activities.

Despite having such a huge net worth, the veteran star is still down to earth and does not like to show off his fortune to the public. This kind, humble gesture is appreciated by the audience, and the support and love he receives are massive.

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