Devin Sardi is renowned for being Lory Del Santo’s son. She is an actress and director known for The Lady 2: L’Odio Passionate (2015), The Lady (2014), and Les séducteurs. Lory is currently a well-known television personality.

Devin’s mother is presently a famous personality in the media as the co-host of the TV show Festival Bar in 1975, Tagli, Ritagi e Frattaglie in 1981, and Missione Seduzione from 2010 to 2011. 

She is famous for Vita Emerald, La Gorilla, Ecco Noi esempio, Geppo il folle, Dear Father and Gardenia.

Know About Lory Del Santo’s Son, Devin Sardi

Devin Sardi was born in 1992 in Italy. He is famous to her mother, Lory Del Santo. Furthermore, Devin has not revealed his date of birth details. Sardi was born and raised in Italy by her parents. he is an Italian citizen

Silvio Sardi is his father’s name, and Lory Del Santo is his mother’s. He also has two siblings named is Conor Clapton and Loren Del Santo; however, his brother Conor Clapton is dead.

Furthermore, he has not revealed his brother’s death details. Conor is Lory’s Ex-husband Eric Clapton’s son.

According to a media source, Devin completed his High School education with honors at the university in his hometown.

What are Devin Sardi’s Parents” s Careers and Net worth

Sardi’s mother is a well-known Italy television star. Devin is also a professional Photo Grapher.

Del Santo began her career as Valletta in the 1975 Festivalbar edition. She made her first film appearances in the late 1970s, primarily in sensual comedy pictures, and in 1980 she competed in the Miss Universe pageant. Del Santo rose to fame in the early 1980s due to her appearances on famous television shows such as Antonio Ricci’s Drive-In and Renzo Arbore’s Tagli, ritagli e Frattaglie.

She decided to give up her work in the entertainment world to focus on her personal life. However, in 1989 and 1990, she toured with Walter Chiari as the lead in a theatrical production.

She was hired for another theater tour in the autumn of 1991, but she accepted for personal reasons.

Devin Sardi and his mother wearing a black dress
Devin Sardi with his mother, Lory Del Santo
Photo Source: @DicyTrends

The celebrity kid’s mother is presently a famous personality in the media as the co-host of the TV show Festival Bar in 1975, Tagli, Ritagi e Frattaglie in 1981, and Missione Seduzione from 2010 to 2011. 

She is popular in the film industry with Vita Emerald, La Gorilla, Ecco Noi Esempio, Geppo il Folle, Dear Father, and Gardenia.

Devin is still too young to work. According to his mother’s net worth, Lory has amassed a lot as an actress throughout his successful television personality career.

In addition, In 2023, the Italy television Actress will have around $1 million to $5 million.

Relationship between Devin Sardi parent’s

According to his mother’s relationship, she married Eric Clapton. Furthermore, Lory announced her pregnancy news to her fans, revealing that she is 15 months pregnant. Conor Clapton was the name given to the couple’s first child.

However, The couple announced their separation. This former couple officially divorced. Lory has not revealed her divorce information because she wants to keep her personal life.

Devin Sardi mother wearing a pretty dress
Devin Sardi’s mother, Lory Del Santo, stars in the camera
Photo Source:@The Sun

Lory Del Santo is divorced. However, As of 2023, she is currently dating Silvio Sardi; the Italian TV Actress made the relationship official by posting an Instagram photo. The pair is the parents of two children. Devin Sardi is the first child, while Loren Del Santo is the second.

However, she has not revealed her husband’s information yet. We hope she’ll tell her new husband’s details in the coming days. Nowadays the couple is happy with each other.

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