Diane Addonizio was born and raised in Red Bank, New Jersey. Diane studied classical studies at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, where she met her future husband, Howie Long.

She went on to study law at the University of Southern California. Diane practiced law in Los Angeles for a while after graduating from college.

Howie Long got birth on the sixth of the January of 1960. He is a movie star, games commentator, and fellow lineman of the American football defense.

He was a 13-year veteran of the NFL, spending his whole career with the Raiders in Oakland and Los Angeles.

Diane Addonizio & Howie Long Love Life

In the early seventies, the two formerly interacted in university when they were still students at Villanova University. Long had Addonizio as a one-year junior.

It all started when Howie invited Diane to watch a football game on TV. She accepted the offer. Consequneklty, he turned to Howie’s dorm room.

They eventually grew to love one other’s company and began to spend more time together. They quickly became good friends, and it wasn’t long before they recognized they had feelings for each other.

Howie’s grandma got him a 12-inch black-and-white television. A screen with a line and an antenna made from a clothes rack. They were watching a Dallas Cowboys game.

Randy White got being tested with at cornerback at the time. He got a running start on one play, and wham, he knocked the ball carrier’s helmet off. He began to applaud. ‘Did you notice that? Diane had to think he was insane.

Long’s partner had to spend some time getting to know the weird and volatile Howie she adored.

When she first started dating, she was irritated when she didn’t get any Valentine’s Day presents from her boyfriend. But she grew to love Howie even more as he explained the reasons for it.

Diane’s husband didn’t give us a Valentine’s Day card when we started dating together. That irritated her, and she expressed her displeasure to him.

He went on to say that holidays had never meant anything to him. When everyone else at Villanova went home for the holidays or the summer, he was the only one who stayed in the dorm.

Diane and Howie Married for Over Four Decades

A lovely relationship is about more than just love and trust; it’s also about forgiveness and commitments to never give up on each other. This quote exactly describes Howie and Diane’s lives. For more than three decades, the pair has been married.

In a modest ceremony on June 27, 1982, the lovely pair said,

“I Do.”

The couple’s wedding arrangements got hidden behind a bridge where no light could shine. Their marriage has resulted in three kids, Christopher, Kyle, and Mathew, now adults.

Diane has put forth a lot of effort to keep her family happy. She even had the foresight to abandon her work to care for her family.

Furthermore, Diane has always supported Howie’s incredible career. Long’s wife stayed at his side during every storm.

She frequently attends award ceremonies and red carpet events with her spouse despite leading a secluded life.

On February 2, 2019, she and her husband Howie participated at the NFL Hall of Fame red carpet at the Fox Theaters in Atlanta.

The pair will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in 2022. In a world where celebrities got identified by their failed romances,

Diane and Howie provide reassuring proof that a long-term relationship is still possible. The couple’s first child is an NFL defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Their second son is an NFL defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles. Their youngest kid is a member of the NFL’s Chicago Bears.

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