Diane Duquesne is a French short movie actress who has gained huge popularity in a short period. Upon completing acting courses in 2016, short movies like Dring of the Dead, Vardogar, and The King’s Daughter, established her in the industry. Before that, she has worked on a few films.

So, you might be guessing who exactly is the actress in reality? What’s her net worth? Is the actress currently single? What is the actress doing now? Where does she live? Get to know all these answers in the following sections.

Is the actress, Diane Duquesne In Relationship?

The Dring of the Dead actress seems to be living a low-key life. As such, many of her details remain hidden from the public. Also, the actress’s relationship status is refrained from sharing.

Diane with her boyfriend, Rodrigue.
Diane with her boyfriend, Rodrigue.
Source: Instagram

However, she has posted a picture with @rodriguesamleny on her IG feed, who seems to be her current lover. Although she has not clearly stated her relationship status, we can speculate that Rodrigue might be her boyfriend with whom she has shared a few cozy pictures.

Thus, given her secretive nature, her past affairs and boyfriend’s name is also not specified. The short film actress was currently busy practicing Master Practitioner of Intuitive Therapy, which she graduated in February 2021.

How old is Dring of the Dead actress, Diane Duquesne?

Even though the actress has not shared her actual date of birth, she celebrates her birthday in May every year. She even posted on her IG account celebrating her birthday with her friends. She there captioned it, saying 32 Printemps. Currently, the actress is in her early thirties.

Diane celebrated her 32nd birthday with her friends.
Diane Duquesne celebrated her 32nd birthday.
Source: Instagram

Also, the short film actress has not shared her details, like where was she born who her parents are? Is she the only child or has siblings. So is the case regarding her early education. But, the actress learned an acting course for a year at Xavier Laurent in 2016.

The institution provides American-based acting methods like Adler, Strasberg, character relationships, and emotional preparation. Likewise, the actress worked for Mr. productions for a year as a comedian. At present, the actress has been working freely since 2011.

What’s the net worth of Dring of the Dead actress?

The Dring of the Dead actress has never clearly stated anything about her income or net worth. She has kept her life away from the media sphere. She might have earned $206 per day as a short film actress. Accordingly, the actress has earned a good fortune from acting in short films.

Dring of the Dead actress posed with a cat for a photo.
The Dring of the Dead actress posed for a photo with a cat.
Source: Instagram

Duquesne has acted in more than ten short films in her decade-long career. She appears to be very hardworking and dedicated in her professionals. Her other assets, like her cars, house, etc., remain out of sight. Therefore, she is leading a modest life and currently resides in France.

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