Diane Ladd is a female movie star, cinematographer, producer, and novelist from the United States. She received the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the 1974 movie Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Her family was in Laurel for Thanksgiving with relatives when she was born.

Ladd was born on the 29th of the last month of 1935 in the United States. Mary Bernadette Ladner, a housekeeper and television personality, and Preston Paul Ladner, a surgeon who marketed chickens and cattle goods, are her parents.

She’s acted in more than one hundred twenty movies and tv shows.

Mary’s Daughter Relationship

Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd married in 1960; he was a former athlete from outside Chicago. She was an opinionated Mississippi belle, and the former couple met on the set of Orpheus Descending in New York.

The pair’s second child was born in the same year they married. Their first daughter died in 1961.

The actress’s third child was born in 1967, which they named Lauren Dern, and the second child, Diane Elizabeth Dern.

After two years of raising their two beautiful children, the couple split up. But they said they were still a good friend and had a good relationship as a friend.

Lauren Dern and her mother featured in three movies and one HBO series. William A. Shea, Jr. was the second husband of Diane Ladd.

They got married in the same year he divorced his first husband. The beautiful pair stayed together for seven years and divorced in 1976.

Robert Charles Hunter is a corporate executive, author, lecturer, and advisor. He is the partner of Diane Ladd, with whom he has a beautiful marriage.

In 1999, the lovely couple tied the knot. And Ladd’s two daughters are still together, making her the luckiest woman.

Robert Hunter’s Wife Career & Net Worth

Bruce’s ex-husband has entered the CBS serial opera ensemble. She was the 2nd  female star to play Kitty Styles on the lengthy afternoon drama. She subsequently starred in Chinatown as an assisting character.

Lauren’s mother, actress Mary Lanier, starred in two films in 1992 as a flirtatious. She earned an Oscar candidate for Best Actress in a Featured Role. In the television miniseries, she played psychic Mrs. Druse.

Ladd co-starred with her daughter, Laura Dern, nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Rambling Rose.

It was the first time that Ladd and Dern were selected for both mother and daughter roles in Rambling Rose. In the same year, Golden Globe Awards nominated them both.

Hunter’s spouse has worked in the theater as well. In 1968, she made her Broadway debut. In 1976, the Drama Desk Awards nominated her. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Ladd, Laura Dern, and Bruce Dern earned adjacent stars.

She is now starring in a Hallmark Channel show. She has made a net worth of $10 million.

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Preston Paul Lanier Father
Mary Lanier Mother
Robert Charles Hunter Husband
William A. Shea, Jr. Ex-husband
Bruce Dern Husband
Laura Dern Daughter
Diane Elizabeth Dern Daughter