Dorothée Lepère has emerged as a prominent figure in recent years, thanks to her connections with billionaire François-Henri Pinault. A French citizen and purported ex-wife of billionaire François-Henri was also in another highly publicized marriage to actress Salma Hayek, a Mexican actress.

Delving into the life of François-Henri’s alleged ex-wife, Dorothée unveils intricate details that have piqued public interest since Hayek’s union with the renowned tycoon.

How Old Is Dorothée Lepère? Age, Wiki, Early Life

Dorothée Lepère, born on November 11, 1967, in France, maintains a private life, keeping information about her family, including parents and siblings, scarce. Her former husband, François-Henri Pinault, is the sole son of renowned French businessman François Pinault and Maryvonne Pinault.

Post her divorce from the billionaire, Dorothée retreated from the public eye, living a discreet life. Even during her marriage to François, she was known for her reserved nature. Presently residing in Offaly, France, she relishes a life away from media scrutiny.

Dorothée Lepère and François-Henri Pinault: Marriage & Divorce

Dorothée and Francois shared their vows in a quiet wedding ceremony back in 1996, having been together for a while before that. Their marriage was a private affair, and it eventually came to an end in 2004.

Dorothée Lepère and François-Henri Pinault at the Paris fashion event.
Dorothée Lepère and François-Henri Pinault at the Paris fashion event. Source: Instagram

The reasons behind their unexpected split remained undisclosed, leaving their story with unanswered questions. Since their divorce, Dorothée chose a life away from the spotlight, preferring privacy over public appearances.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband continued to be a prominent figure in the media. Their journey together may have ended, but each chose a different path afterward—one seeking solitude while the other remained in the public eye.

She Is The Mother of a Son and a Daughter

Dorothée and François-Henri’s journey as parents began with the arrival of their son François in 1998, followed by the joy of welcoming their daughter Mathilde in 2001.

Young Dorothée Lepère with her only daughter Mathilde Pinault.
Young Dorothée Lepère with her only daughter Mathilde Pinault. Source: Instagram/@mathildepinault

Despite her private life, Dorothée cherishes a deep bond with both her children. She nurtures a close and loving relationship with them, embracing the joys of motherhood amidst her preference for a life away from the public eye.

Her Daughter Mathilde Is Already Following On Her Father’s Footsteps

Mathilde, following in her father’s footsteps, has a keen interest in the fashion realm. Displaying her passion, she graced an exclusive Harper’s Bazaar exhibition in February 2020. Similarly, also know about another billionaire’s daughter Christiana Wyly.

As the daughter of the chairman and CEO of the luxury fashion group Kering, it appears she’s carving a path akin to her father’s. Already making strides in the industry, Mathilde has collaborated with renowned brands like Olgana, Mitsuki, and Sadh Leven.

François-Henri Pinault's daughter is a horseback rider.
François-Henri Pinault’s daughter is a horseback rider. Source: Instagram/@mathildepinault

Beyond her fashion endeavors, Mathilde has a love for horse riding, showcasing her equestrian adventures on her social media platforms. Her diverse interests reveal a young soul embracing both the world of couture and the joys of horseback riding.

Did She Remarry? Who Is Her Current Husband?

After her separation from Pinault, Dorothée Lepère has maintained a private stance on her relationship status, reportedly embracing a single life.

Meanwhile, François-Henri Pinault moved on after their split and had a relationship with supermodel Linda Evangelista, dating from September 2005. However, their relationship ended before Linda gave birth to their son, James Evangelista, in October 2006.

François-Henri Pinault with his current wife Salma Hayek, a famous Mexican actress.
François-Henri Pinault with his current wife Salma Hayek, a famous Mexican actress. Source: Pinterest

Subsequently, Pinault married actress Salma Hayek on February 14, 2009, in Paris, and they remain together. The couple has a daughter named Valentina Paloma Pinault, born in September 2007.

Their enduring relationship has seen them renew their wedding vows twice, with ceremonies held in Venice and Bora Bora, attended by their daughter Valentina and Mathilde, François-Henri’s daughter from his previous marriage with Dorothée.

What Is She Doing? Where Is She Now?

Dorothée Lepère, François-Henri Pinault’s former wife, owns a freelancing company named Madame Dorothée Pinault, established on January 1, 2007. Her home business décor showcases her entrepreneurial spirit after earning a degree in interior design.

However, specific details about her company remain undisclosed, maintaining a sense of privacy around her professional ventures. Dorothée pursued her education at Louis Pasteur College, but further details about her academic journey are limited.

Her career in freelancing and home décor signifies her success post-marriage, highlighting her independent endeavors beyond her past relationship with the French business magnate François-Henri Pinault.

Her EX-Husband François-Henri Pinault Is a Billionaire

Dorothée Lepère, François-Henri Pinault’s former wife, currently resides in France with an estimated wealth of around $5 million. Her career includes owning a freelancing company, Madame Dorothée Pinault, specializing in home décor. Her entrepreneurial journey began after obtaining a degree in interior design.

In contrast, François-Henri Pinault, the CEO of Kering since 2005, boasts a staggering net worth of $7 billion, more than another billionaire Wes Edens. He’s part of the Pinault family, renowned for founding Kering, a luxury fashion conglomerate holding iconic brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Yves Saint Laurent.

François-Henri’s father, François Pinault, spearheaded Kering’s inception and holds a substantial net worth of $30.9 billion through his investment company, Artémis.

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